Husband helps Boots in raising funds for Mowelfund



Did you know that Ms. Boots Anson-Roa has found a “sugar daddy” in her husband Atty. Francisco “King” Rodrigo?

Before Tita Boots conducts a manhunt on us and lodges a libel complaint against us at the nearest fiscal office, as Trustee and President of Mowelfund (Movie Workers’ Welfare Foundation, Inc.) she has reached the point of having to ask her husband to donate an expensive, timeless piece of art in their residence to raise funds for a recent undertaking of the 43-year-old organization.

Yes, it’s Tita Boots—along with Mowelfund Chairperson Marichu Vera Perez-Maceda—who’s on top of soliciting donations—whether cash or in kind—whenever an important occasion is held.

For many years now, Tita Boots has been the frantic “bounty hunter” for more than a hundred Mowelfund beneficiaries who include stuntmen, bit players, technicians, checkers, makeup artists, cameramen, propsmen and other lowly, oftentimes jobless film workers (now we understand why Manay Ichu is pushing that the Metro Manila Film Festival reconsider both artistic quality and commercial viability come December the way it had always been as the Mowelfund—as well as the Film Academy of the Philippines—benefits from portions of gross profits of all official entries).

Not one to whine about the tasks entrusted to her (by its founder-Chairman Emeritus Joseph Estrada), Tita Boots even goes out of her way to personally invite other showbiz personalities to host fund-raising activities gratis et amore or ask them to part with their “little tokens” to be raffled off.

One of them—reveals our source—is topnotch comedienne Nova Villa who gave a sizeable sum after coming down from her comedic hosting stint. Dubsmash Queen Maine Mendoza, however, hatched an ingenuous way of giving her share: she donated a self-written poem she had mounted on a frame.

Wonder where Tita Boots gets all her energy. Aside from doing a regular soap on TV, she shuttles between her office at the Mowelfund at least twice a week and the schools where she regularly teaches.

That’s, of course, apart from being a happy, content and affectionate wife to her “sugar daddy,” er, muy simpatico husband.

* * *

GUESS WHO? How true that a hunk actor (HA) was overly drunk the night before he made news on the road? Reportedly, the HA on wheels was preparing for an upcoming TV role. Thank God, he only sustained minor injuries.

Our showbiz “talent supplier”-source, however, has this back story to share, “He’s among my regular actor-clients. Prior to the incident, he even contacted me to deliver the ‘goods.’ Asking me for ‘younger merchandise’ didn’t come as a surprise to me, what actually scared the daylights out of me was when he requested for males.”

Yes, the HA is gay, too. And how?

* * *

Few showbiz insiders could only recall an instance not so long ago about a multi-awarded actress (MWA) who recently hogged the headlines (for snubbing a guesting in a major TV segment which paved the way for her illustrious career).

Cash-strapped, the MWA had to borrow P5,000 from a non-showbiz friend (NSF) as she had to immediately send the money to her rumored partner (RP) by courier. In fairness, she was lent the sum only that the NSF had to send the money herself addressed to the RP.

The NSF silently told herself, “Kung kotse nga, wala siya, P5,000 pa?”

How sad for her stature.


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