Hyatt 10 oath: “Survive and survive together”


Cory appointed Binay as OIC of Makati with the blessings of her Elite compadres the Ayalas & Lopezes. he will still be under the clutches of the elite. All these presidential wannabes are just tools of the Elite families. Another example is Marcos – who was taken out of jail with the intervention of the Lopez clan to be groomed as future presidential candidate. The Party per se does not matter. It is the people pulling the strings behind them that do.
This fall-guy story and Mr Palengke concentrating on the presidency is also hogwash. Mr Mar Roxas is actually busy filling his pockets left and right.
So to say that the Hyatt 10 can blackmail the President is way, way out there in stories that you tell grandchildren to put them to sleep,
This is a story for the Masses to be able to sleep tight with an empty stomach.
albeit a nightmare-filled sleep that the Masses can never seem to wake out of.

Sender: Jason Bourne,


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  1. Leodegardo Pruna on

    Hyatt 10, now called HAYOK OR HAYOP 10, would try to stick it out together but their bulging bodies because of greediness won’t fit them in a box. Enough is enough. God bless the Philippines.