• Hyatt 10 oath: “Survive and survive together”


    As if to counter my thesis about the power of one, a force from the dark side has come to the fore to rescue Darth Vader (a.k.a. Butch Abad) from destruction and stall reform and renewal in the Aquino administration. Call it the power of ten. The Hyatt 10.

    If the commentary of Ellen Tordesillas on the Vera Files website is confirmed and corroborated, it would affirm what Kit Tatad first disclosed in the Standard—that President Aquino’s sisters pushed hard for the dismissal/resignation of Budget Secretary Butch Abad, and came very, very close to winning the day.

    But before PNoy could pull the plug, the infamous Hyatt 10 materialized from out of nowhere to stop him. He balked.

    Implications: What might have been
    The implications of this narrative are tantalizing: had Aquino heeded his sisters’ impassioned plea, he could have deftly eluded much of the flak and ignominy arising from the controversial Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP).

    The public would have had one evil genius on whom to pour its anger instead of two. And the Supreme Court would only have one bald head to debate with.

    Aquino would not have delivered anymore his bizarre and disastrous DAP speech on July 14 that put him in direct confrontation with the Supreme Court and made him a villain for the ages.

    His State of the Nation Address on July 28 would have been thematically and materially different, and he would not have had to distort too much the real state of the nation.

    And he and his sisters would not have had to shed tears before the cameras to squeeze some public sympathy. With Abad on the dock, public understanding would have been easier to win.

    And we will not be where we are now – mocked by Abad’s ubiquitous face on television and by his endless droning on how the DAP is good for the nation and for our souls.

    Hyatt-10-Oath20140809Hyatt 10’s strategy of blackmail
    What prevented this wonderful scenario from taking place for real?

    In Filipino, “pumasok ang Hyatt 10 sa eksena”. In plain English, the infamous Hyatt 10 entered the scene and grabbed the script.

    They blackmailed President Aquino into desisting from pulling the plug on Abad.

    In the same way that they tried to blackmail President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo into resignng during her crisis of survival in the Hello Garci controversy, this time around they blackmailed Aquino into keeping Abad in the fold, free to administer the DAP and share the loot generously with them, by threatening to quit en masse if Abad was fired.

    The strategy stopped the President from effecting the first essential step to surmount his own crisis of survival.

    In each case, Hyatt 10 employed the dark power of blackmail – do this or we will desert or snitch on you.

    Significantly, they did not get their way with President Arroyo. The lady was tough as nails and had a lot of fight in her.

    This time around, it appears that they got their way with the inexperienced President Aquino. But only for the time being. The sisterhood is still very much on court. And they’re on the lookout for allies, wherever they can find them – even the improbable and timorous vice president Jejomar Binay.

    Like a mafia family
    Conspiracies die hard. Like a mafia family, members of Hyatt 10 have evidently sworn an oath “to survive and survive together – at the expense of the nation if need be. And like the mafia, they calculated that they were making Aquino “an offer he could not refuse.”

    Where does a president find people like these who have such rotten values? How did they rise to such positions of influence in the ruling class?

    Hyatt 10 has a lot to answer for, but without having anything to offer in the way of serious achievements.

    Some conspirators have died or disappeared into obscurity? But those remaining are still quite potent.

    Their biggest accomplishment is being able to survive and thrive from one administration to the next. They lost out with Arroyo, and then negotiated a package deal with Aquino. Now, they’re sounding out vice-president Binay for a possible alliance.

    Butch Abad is the apparent leader of the group, because of his mastery of the dark arts and shamelessness. His authorship and implementation of the DAP has fattened the wallets of his fellow conspirators and party colleagues.

    Purisima is the finance secretary, self-proclaimed architect of the country’s return to fiscal stability (though much of the credit, says the World Bank, belongs to the central bank.)

    Teresita Quintos-Deles is the presidential peace adviser and architect of the Bangsamoro peace agreement and proposed law, which threatens to become the next albatross of the administration

    Mely Nicholas, commissioner on overseas Filipinos (immigrants, not OFWs), holds an inconsequential post,

    Dinky soliman, social services secretary and administrator of the P64-billion conditional cash trqansfer program (CCT), has the dubious mission of transforming the republic into a welfare state.

    Usually unnmentioned in the stories is Johnny Santos, former trade secretary and currently chairman of the Social Security System, who is content to enjoy the perks, allowances and privileges that the SSS board have awarded themselves for four years running.

    Why the group should wield so huge an influence over the president is amazing because none of the posts they held, except for Finance, is considered essential to effective governance and presidential success.

    If anything, Hyatt10 is just a lobby group for their selfish interests, and their remaining in government casts a long shadow over the remaining months of the Aquino presidency, preventing it from improving or cementing a positive legacy. The national treasury is at hazard while they are in place.

    It’s striking that throughout the ordeal of the president and the nation last month, the entire Hyatt 10, except for Abad, was not visible in defending the administration. when the going gets tough, they become invisible.

    None of these personages hold office independently of President Aquino.

    Cabinet secretaries and agency chiefs can be hired and fired at whim, because they are without constitutional power.

    Life without Abad and regeneration
    The Aquino sisters deserve commendation for their sensitivity and uprightness in moving to sideline Abad, soon after the high court handed its crushing decision on the DAP. Their counsel, had it been followed, would have spared the president and the nation considerable aggravation and distress.

    It’s possible that abad’s dismissal and the appointment of an able replacement would have done a lot to restore confidence and trust in the aquino administration and the government.

    Even now, it could set the stage for a dramatic and activist final 22months of the Aquino presidency.

    Absent theHyatt 10, Mar Roxas could finally find his bearings and launch a credible and single-minded campaign for the presidency.

    Absent the hyatt 10, the Liberal Party could reorganize as a real political party with members and true believers.

    Maybe life without Abad is the strategy that will work for roxas and the Liberal Party.



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    1. Hindi ko maintindihan bakit yong cabinet members ni Arroyo ang kinuhang kabinet members ni Aquino? Wala na ba talagang ibang magagaling sa Pilipinas, sila lang talaga?

    2. I don’t think there are much differences among all of them Hyatt 10, Arroyo, BS Aquino including the Aquino sisters. They are all products of political dynasts and concerned only of their family’s wealth and power. Let’s find a leader who will lead our nation progressively with its wealth being enjoyed inclusively among the whole populace and not only by few oligarchs. A nation that will be transformed in the way our rich neighbor countries are being founded.

    3. Horacio B. Freires on

      Now it’s revealed. . the hyatt-10 is the EBOLA VIRUS in the administration of Pnoy.

    4. Why they are not charged of corruption , if what the author is saying is true…or is he or she just plain against Pres. Aquino,s administration. Where aRe the evidence of corruption ??????former Pres. Orroyo is guilty becasue there is overwelming evidence….and why will Pres. Aquino will be afraid when his term up? What will be the charge…He is cleaning up the system. The supreme court included..We all know, the chief justices some of them if not all are not that honest and also corrupt..the author of this article is bias…..he/ she is pro Orroyo and against Aquino ,administration….

    5. Roldan Guerrero on

      They are not only 10 now, De Lima, Carpio- Morales, Pulido-Tan and Henares are the newest members.

    6. Cory appointed Binay as OIC of Makati with the blessings of her Elite compadres the Ayalas & Lopezes. he will still be under the clutches of the elite. All these presidential wannabes are just tools of the Elite families. Another example is Marcos – who was taken out of jail with the intervention of the Lopez clan to be groomed as future presidential candidate. The Party per se does not matter. It is the people pulling the strings behind them that do.
      This fall-guy story and Mr Palengke concentrating on the presidency is also hogwash. Mr Mar Roxas is actually busy filling his pockets left and right.
      So to say that the Hyatt 10 can blackmai the Presiden is way, way out there in stories that you tell grandchildren to put them to sleep,
      This is a story for the Masses to be able to sleep tight with an empty stomach.
      albeit a nightmare-filled sleep that the Masses can never seem to wake out of.

    7. Mukha lang ng mga Hayop 10, nakakasuka na. Soliman mukhang butangera, puede sumali sa beauty contest ng mga palengkera, Deles nakakalbo na mukha kamatayan at si Kalbong Abad nasa mukha ang pagiging ESTAPADOR. May araw din kayo..mga kawatan.

    8. I find this article strange. Hyatt 10 as being the reason for Aquino’s problems is a stretch. The Hyat 10, Binay, Ampatuan etc personalities can be traced to Cory Conjuangco Aquino’s presidency. All of them were appointees of Cory. Their self-serving modus-operandi were abetted and guided by the Liberal party. To say that without them the Aquino admin will be on the right path is like saying tigers will change stipes.
      They are actually 2nd gen to 3rd generation bureucrats honed under the politicians wing for half a century. These are the elite from the masa who became tools of our elite who will do the “dirty” work for them.
      Take for example Dinky Soliman – her parents were bureucrats who got kicked out from Davao for corruption in the 70’s. Lo and behold they were re-assigned to the muslim provinces. The daughter Dinky followed her parents “tuta profession”. Ampatuan was just a lowly bureucrat elevated to governorship as OIC of Maguinadano by Cory again.

    9. Chief Executive on

      Ang Hyatt 10, makakapal ang apog ng mga iyan, at di tinatablan ng kahit anong sabihin ninyo. Ubod ng sakim na mga magnanakaw at kapal mukha ang mga yan…isipin na lang natin ito mga kabayan: bakit sila magtityaga sa gobyerno eh ang tatalino ng mga iyan. Sa government nga naman madali ang magnakaw! Masarap ipakain sa family nila ang nakaw dahil libre eh. Pupunta sa ibang bansa, lahat ng pagkain (c/o people’s tax), pati eroplano, hotels tsk tsk – kawawang pinoy lalo na yung nasa ibang bansa, wala ng pag-asa umunlad kung sa pInas titira (walang work, walang jobs)… Puro kayabangan lang at lahat ng ipinagyabang sa SONA lumalabas na ng malinaw; puro kasinungalingan! Ang pumapalakpak, yun lang ang nakinabang! Tignan ninyo si Pacquiao, mas matalino sa mga clappers, di pumalakpak, kasi di nakinabang at may utak. Ang hyatt 10, malinaw pa sa ulap sa sikat ng araw – mga hayok sa kapangyarihan para makanakaw!

    10. Johnny Ramos on

      I have my doubt on the Garci tapes that were used by the Hyatt 10 as jump off point against GMA. Take note that FPJ bought the recording and mastering studios of Jose Mari Gonzales called Cinema Audio. This recording studio is located in Mandaluyong City near Shaw blvd. and about 4 blocks away where NBI Samuel Ong hid. This recording studio is capable of replicating any voice of any personalities during its existence. GMA after 2004 really did suffer credibility problem when media giant ABS demonized her, so the authenticity of the Garci tapes can no longer be challenge during that time.

    11. Alejo Rosete on

      To me it look like BS Aquino is the Tuta “Sick”cretary A BAD. Baliktad na eh.
      Kaso ang Pangulo ay kulang sa utak – kaya inuutakan siya ni A BAD.

      Yong mga Hyatt 10 na mga yan are the “Mafias” of this administration.

      Come hell on high water – fire them. Hindi nakakahalata si kalbong Presidente. Kapariho niyang kalbo ang nanguutak sa kanya.

      There is still time – fire Abad and let us what happens.

      The President will survive up to the end of his term.

      Abad and the rest should go.

    12. In any organization, rising from the ranks in a corporate ladder require competence and not merely tenure of the candidate. Continuing Professional Education (CPE) is a good example of uplifting ones competency. But this is not a guarantee that a candidate for a higher rank will always qualify. In case of an urgency to fill up a vacancy, less qualified individuals eventually gets the promotion. This is also true in the case of family owned companies where the relatives have the first shot at the highest posts available. This stage can be called promotion to a level of incompetency. This is what happened to penoy as his background and qualifications is not at par with the required qualities of a chief executive. He now has to rely on the Hyatt10 to fill in the competencies he lacks and is now hostaged by these group of people.

      Nobody is indispensable in this world, if penoy is to survive the remaining 22months in office, he has to take the bitter pill. Fire the Hyatt10 enmasse. There are younger, energetic and patriotic filipinos who can fill their posts, else he will go into the annals of philippine history as the most inept president he ever had.

    13. kapag ang isang tao ay ginutom, ito ay naghihimagsik… at kapag ito ay nabigyan na ng laya na kumain, ito ay magiging ganid at napakasakim..

      this is what the Hyatt 10 is doing now, during GMA’s term, they were denied the chance to participate in stealing from the public coffers and they rebelled, they failed in this regard because corruption is tolerable, somewhat. now that theyre in power, theyve let their greed reign free, instead of stealing, they are blatantly stealing without shame

    14. Mr. Makabenta Hyatt 10 may not exactly be the appropriate name , wont it be more fitting to call them the Mafia 10 of the Philippines.

    15. Eddie de Leon on

      You have identified the people who have the greatest guilt of injustice and betrayal in their souls!
      May the Aquino sisters prevail over them, who are masters of deceit.

    16. Samuel Santos on

      Let’s see who’ll finally prevail and have more influence on PNoy – the Aquino sisters or the Hyatt 10. Abangan!

    17. Yes sir, the moves of the Hyatt 10 (how many are they now) disengaged from the Gloria Arroyo because of 2 things, one, they cannot have power under the Arroyo administration because Arroyo is much smarter and intelligent for them to control her and second, they cannot make so much money with Arroyo as President. It is all about power and money which these ingrates want which they cannot get by in an Arroyo administration, Now, under the Thief Executive administration they have both, the power and the money. Claro or mas claro.

    18. Good reasons to get rid of A-BAD. I said earlier that incompetent PNoy is TUTA and play puppet of greedy A-BAD pulling the strings, whose aim is to fatten pockets. Get rid also of the big HYATT 10, PNoy. There is still time for you to recover from being arrested after your term. Do not let the Philippines economy for the Hyatt 10 only.

      • Leandel Canilatea on

        nagpatunay lang na parang gagamba si PeNoy na nasaputan na ng Hyatt 10, gusto man nya makawala sa pagkakasapot ay di niya kaya, una dahil sa natural na mahina sya at pangalawa, napaligiran sya ng mga predators sa katauhan ng hyatt 10…

      • Tama ka Henry. it is about time that Pnoy removed remnants of HAYOP 10 particularly Sikwataries Florencio ” BOTCHAmoy” aBAD, DOF Cesar Purisima, DSWD Dinky ” CommissionD2 CommissionDun at Taga pa ” Soliman, OPAP Teresita Deles, etc. Itong mga ito ay ang SALOT sa Bayan, Di Ba Ho Cla, Bayan?

    19. P. Akialamiro on

      It’s quite strange that the members of the Hyatt 10 find trust in someone else like Pres. B.S. Aquino. It is a fact that once a rat, will always be a rat; s/he has done it once and s/he can do it again, sooner or later. A rat has no integrity and “delicadeza”. If ever s/he has, s/he can always sacrifice it for personal gains. S/he is what is called “Kapalmuks”!