• Hype of the century


    BEFORE anything, we believe that Floyd Mayweather deserves to be congratulated for winning against Manny Pacquiao. But unlike the billing, it was no “fight of the century.” Hype seems to be more appropriate in describing it.

    No one should fault Mayweather for his style of boxing. He played to his strengths, a style that has earned him the reputation of being one of the best defensive fighters in boxing. It goes against reason that he should have been more aggressive with Pacquiao, precisely because that is not his style. But Mayweather and his fans should not begrudge us for saying that he is a bore to watch – at least against the Filipino champion.

    We do not mean to play down his unbeaten record. We have no doubt that Mayweather deserves a spot in boxing’s hall of fame. But we take exception to his claim that he is the greatest, not with his “defensive” style. For us, that fight fails to even qualify as among the most important in boxing history – except perhaps for the heap of money that it made.

    Our beloved Pacquiao shares the blame for the disappointment. Certainly, his aggressive style of fighting makes for a more entertaining match, but as many boxing experts have predicted, power is meaningless if he fails to catch Mayweather. And fail he did.

    To be clear, we love Pacquiao. He fights with his heart. And as far as intentions go, we believe that he wanted a more entertaining match, one that would delight the millions of viewers worldwide. Unfortunately for him, Mayweather fought according to another, his own, game plan.

    Having said that, we also say that Pacquiao might as well retire, as many have suggested including his mother. The match with Mayweather was to be the toughest in his illustrious career, but it turned out to be a dud. No other fighter poses a bigger challenge than Mayweather. What is the point of a rematch? It is unfair, not to mention unrealistic, to want the American to abandon a style that has earned him an unblemished professional record.

    To be clear, we do not wish to take away anything from Mayweather’s victory. He won fair and square. He broke no rules. Also, we take exception to Pacquiao’ rosy appreciation of the fight, saying that he thought he won. He cannot complain about Mayweather running around, because the Filipino champ knew about that coming in. Even his coach and trainer, Freddie Roach, predicted it. The truth is, Pacquiao had no solution to Mayweather’s prancing.

    At least Mayweather was honest when he reportedly said that his heart was not into boxing anymore. He plans to fight one last time in September, then retire. Good luck, but who else can command the big bucks like Pacquiao? And if it is unfair and unrealistic for the American boxer to change his style for his last fight, we wonder who would watch that last match?

    Pacquiao should take a cue from Mayweather and ask if his heart is still in boxing. Given his entry into politics and show business, we suspect that Pacquiao’s heart lies elsewhere outside of boxing too. He tried his best against Mayweather. And people paid a lot to see it, but the fight did not live up to the hype. As they say, fool us once shame on you; fool us twice shame on us.


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    1. ken leslie on

      Fight of the century?? It was not even fight of the day. Over hyped and over expensive. Boxing is officially dead now.

    2. Pacquio is really a good fighter he did his best though but could not stand Mayweather style of boxing. And truly he should get the MESSAGE that indeed he could be a Pacman if he wins. It seemed that pride is swelling up in his head that he wants to be master of all. He wants to be president pa? He knows he is being idolized and am afraid he might win. As congressman he did nothing and it’s so much waste of our taxpayer money paying him and his staff. Losing this match is a way of knocking some sense into his head.

      • unfortunately a good majority are so dumb they could not distinguish their left hand from their right hand and these are the people that have voted into public offices the likes of pacman, his wife jinky, their relatives where every single one them are so dumb and illiterate they get a headache trying to read much understand one paragraph of text …and chances are these idiots will be voted to even higher public offices in the next elections

    3. Mon Avorque on

      Pacquiao should consider retiring from boxing and remove all his advisers and the people around him. He should also examine himself where his heart belongs. Is it still in boxing, politics or for preaching. There is no doubt that he is the better fighter than Mayweather. That fight was not about on who is the better one, but, it was a statement…a message. If he will only try to understand the message sent to him, I believe he will regain his status. He still has with him the killer punch, this made him become more confident on his skill. Though the God given skill was not taken back from him, he was given an injury. And that injury caused his defeat. He has lost his luck that if combined with his skill, he was unstoppable. Sadly, he insulted Mother Mary. The holy rosary that he wears before a fight resembled Mother Mary caring him. He was trying to send a message to the world that the rosary had no positive effect in him. It has nothing to do with his fighting career. He practically insulted the Mother of the Lord God Jesus. If he will not change his ways, more damage to come upon him.

      This is a good sample of a talent given by God that after attaining fame and fortune he turned to a different direction. Though God wont take back what he has given, he will just give you more to effectively make your talent useless. I hope and pray that Manny Pacquiao will soon realize on his mistake and rectify it before it becomes too late for him.

      • Good thought. It’s the reality, he turned back and he got what he aspired for.

      • Manny is still right! He discovered and heard the voice of God calling Him. He never heard Mother Mary calling Him in His testimonies which is very consistent! Let Him express his faith and his feat forced Mayweather to Thank God for the first time.

    4. Vicente Penetrante on

      It is the story of a good promotion – pushing the sale by intensive advertising – and the always gullible public.

    5. Nobody is blaming Mayweather about his style in boxing. It’s the Boxing Commission has to be blamed for all the lackluster fights involving championship fights in boxing why? If I you are already a champs what you do is box like an “amateure ” because the challenger has to KO the champs to win. Look at all the records of champion boxer in a rematch not a single of the lost if the know how to jab and retreat. This area of expertise in boxing that Mayweather had mastered.

      • Code Breaker on

        No sense at all.

        Pacquiao is all but lost but one thing keeps him smiling. He got his Retirement Plan. Rematch?? OMG