New Isuzu D-Max promises durability, too

    New Isuzu D-Max promises durability, too

    Isuzu touts the new D-Max’s 26.12kpl result in fuel economy test
    “HYPER-MILING” is the auto industry term for traveling the most distance on a specified amount of fuel. In a recent test, Isuzu Phils. Corp. (IPC) hyped up the hypermiling capability of the new D-Max pickup.

    IPC said its latest product has passed its first fuel consumption test by posting figures that set the benchmark for its segment.

    In testing conducted by the Automobile Association Phils. on November 13, a D-Max LS 4×2 with a manual transmission traveled 1,985 kilometers on a single full tank, or 76 liters of fuel—resulting in a 26.12 kilometers-per-liter result, according to IPC. It added that the test and its result were witnessed and certified by Smart Driving Corp.

    IPC credited the D-Max’s fuel efficiency to its turbo-charged and intercooled 3.0-liter, common rail direct injection diesel engine, as well as the truck’s body, which the company said is aerodynamic, having been tested in the wind tunnel of the Japan Railway Research Institute, the same facility used in developing the country’s famous bullet trains. The D-Max has one of the lowest coefficients of drag among pickups, IPC said.

    It noted that besides fuel efficiency, the new D-Max’s 3.0-liter and 2.5-liter engines are “extremely durable” as well, with components that “guarantee longevity” and which can easily be accessed for servicing.

    “The all-new Isuzu D-Max clearly benefits from Isuzu’s 70-year experience with diesel engines, having produced over 23 million diesel engines to date,” said IPC Executive Vice President Takashi Tomita. “This expertise means that reliability, durability and fuel efficiency hallmark any Isuzu product, and are traits that the new D-Max is already showcasing.”

    Tomita added that the AAP test result has fortified the D-Max’s well-deserved reputation for delivering excellent fuel economy.

    “That the new D-Max surpassed the already impressive record set by the previous model makes the feat even more notable. This pickup is truly a workhorse that’s ideal for people who need a vehicle for both business and leisure,” Tomita said.

    The latest D-Max, available in seven variants, was introduced locally in September. In October, the model’s sales surged 89.4 percent over the previous month, IPC said.


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