Hypocrisy and Digong’s authenticity



Many are wondering why, despite the roughness, rawness and vulgarity of the President, he remains popular and enjoys very good net satisfaction ratings, even as his critics struggle in eroding his legitimacy.

The answer is simple. President Duterte is a work of art in authenticity while his critics stumble and fall in their hypocrisy.

Filipinos hate hypocrites. To be called a “plastic” is a label that automatically carries with it the consequence of being avoided. People regarded as hypocrites and “plastics” are never accorded trust or “tiwala.” They may appear amiable. They could be over-solicitous and extra-caring. They mask their hypocrisy with a façade that subsists on rehearsed, even contrived images. They appear “disente” and self-righteous.

Their evil and deception, their flaws and pretensions, lie beneath these pleasant surfaces.

On the other hand, someone who is considered as “totoong tao” is well respected, and is accorded full trust and confidence. People considered as such are recognized for their authenticity. Their inner selves are the ones that overcome whatever external flaws they may have. To an ordinary Pinoy, to be a “totoong tao” does not preclude one to have rough edges. Character flaws do not necessarily diminish the authenticity of someone, for this is one that is cultivated in the context of engaged relationships and “pakikipagkapwa.” Authenticity lies deep into the being of the person.

Thus, the goodness of a “totoong tao” or an authentic person’s is not eroded by flawed appearances and conduct. This is because there is no deception. Transparency and truthfulness prevail over pretensions and lie-telling.

This is what distinguishes the narrative of President Duterte from those of his critics.

And this is precisely the reason why, despite his vulgar mouth, offensive speech, confrontational stance vis-à-vis our international allies, and brutal war on drugs, the President remains popular. He still maintains very good net satisfaction ratings, with three out of four Filipinos expressing satisfaction. The President’s authenticity, with all his rawness and roughness, is able to overcome his negatives.

Ranged against the President is a diverse group of people, some of whom are sincerely concerned about the problems and are well-meant citizens. However, the sincerity of some is drowned out by a sea of dominantly hypocritical voices.

Critics, from civil society groups, to members of academe, to media, take aim at any misstep of the Duterte Administration. Yet these people are easily exposed for their being partisan groups, and are seriously compromised when one calls to attention their complicity with, or silence about the sins of the past Administration.

They attack the war on drugs, when the Administration they supported either actively, or through their silences, did not do anything to address it, and under whose watch the drug trade proliferated even inside the national penitentiary.

The President is also pilloried by his critics for his undiplomatic demeanor. He is being painted as irresponsible, untrained in diplomatic niceties. His reckless declarations, from cursing heads of states to threatening to pull out of the UN, is seen by his critics as seriously undermining our foreign standing in the community of nations.

Yet, these criticisms of the President lose their valence when they come from people who are either complicit or failed to act on the issues that are now gripes of the President, or are, in fact, anti-US themselves. It is pure and unadulterated hypocrisy for those who accepted and pushed unfair agreements with the US to criticize the President for fighting for fairer terms.

But the worst hypocrisy rests on those who in their youth fought against US domination, rallied against US interference, and branded themselves as critical of US presence. These former activists unfurled anti-US banners and burned effigies of Uncle Sam, and yet now have instantly turned critical of the acts of the President. They are scandalized by the vulgarity of the President’s words attacking the US, when before, they were critical of the vulgarity of the structures of violence that US hegemony has brought upon us.

In this pretentious discursive universe we find women activists who already have problems with beauty contests, who then petition the organizers of the Miss Universe Pageant to pull out of the country and make it appear that it is in protest against the President’s vulgarity and human rights abuses.

Found here is Leila de Lima. She tries so hard to take the moral high ground, and appears as a victim. Yet the memory of her being an attack dog of the previous Administration who helped in the political lynching of Chief Justice Renato Corona is still just too recent for her to overcome.

Also found here is Risa Hontiveros who was silent when de Lima violated a Court order and prevented Gloria Arroyo from leaving the country, but now protests de Lima’s inclusion in a look-out list.

These people should be reminded that in the discursive universe of the “totoong tao,” the raw and vulgar, but authentic, will always win.



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    You said it right like any true UPLB GUY.

    Am praying that he can get back Scarborough and not give it to the Americans for our own survival.

    If we did this, China will never attack us but will always help us. And this will provide us the political balance not to be exploited anymore by the Americans.

    Then let us give Scarborough to fishermen cooperatives with their commercial fishing boats to now provide cheaper fish to Manila and even Central Luzon if the government can just put a highway between Sta. Cruz, Zambales to exit in Mangatarem Pangasinan all the way to Tarlac, Cabanatuan and Isabel to give them cheaper fish which is the poor man’s meat.

  2. Reminds me of the comparison between a gold nugget (Duterte) and gold-plated jewelry (hypocrites). The former may not always look so nice but is far more precious than the latter which may look good (polished) but in reality has much lesser value.

  3. The LP yellow members/supporters are now going extinct. Their hypocrisy is exposed as their last showdown. They are like dinosaurs. In spite of their gigantic sizes they will inevitably become Fossils.

  4. Mr. Contreras thank you for being an open minded writer, hoping more will follow your good attitude towards what is the reality. Truth will prevail and truth really hurts sinners we filipinos knows who is telling the truth and who lied . De Lima, Trillanes, Hontiveros and their group are trying their best to win our trust once more but sorry we can not trust them anymore. they are all liars and now they have their own KARMA

    • You’re right, I wonder how that loser Hontiveros made it in the Senate? I suppose this Ninoy ass licker made it through the comelec Bautista magic.

  5. Simeon E. Anekang on

    Yes you said it all. That’s true, election is already over more than three months had passed. We need help from everybody – for all political parties and supporters, and if you feel sick of helping then please give others the chance to succeed in the promise of change.

  6. Danny Cascolan on

    In the universe of the tard’s mind which is twisted and proved dangerous and deceptive.
    Manila Times had good writers that became tards that did thought at the end of a tape hopefully their paper would stick. Ugghh.

  7. The president certainly has shock value. But. I think that what the people see is that deep down in his heart, he truly has the welfare of the people as the first priority.

  8. I have always respected your point of view, Mr. Contreras. You speak of the truth that’s why you’re never wavered by lies and hypocrisy. My hats off to you, Sir!

  9. Sabi ni Duterte dati:

    “I will ask the Navy to bring me to the nearest point in South China Sea that is tolerable to them and I will ride a jet ski‎. I will carry a flag and when I reach Spratlys, I will erect the Filipino flag. I will tell them (Chinese), Suntukan o barilan?”

    Duterte gave the impression na hindi siya magpapailalim sa China. Pero bakit ngayon eager na eager siyang makipag deal sa China?

    Hindi ba to counted as hypocrisy??

  10. I’ve only known this guy from FB and I don’t always agree in Mr. Contreras’ views albeit most of it I do, but I always agree in the truthfulness of intentions he put forward, with or without biases he makes sure that the intentions is anchored in the most possible honesty he could provide.

  11. I would like to point out “three out of four Filipinos expressing satisfaction.” is wrong. The correct figure almost 8 out of 10. You should not use “Net satisfaction rating” when expressing “satisfaction” of one camp, You should only use net satisfaction when comparing the satisfied vs the dissatisfied.

  12. His genuity made him win my vote. The second time I thought of changing my vote was when Miriam Santiago talked about moral excellence but then I realized, if I’ll vote for someone else am I assured that he/she is morally upright? A candidate always projects a clean character. But Duterte never pretended to be someone holy. He was so genuine all the way. He is not afraid of losing. He is not after winning the Presidency. He is after genuinely serving the Filipinos – something that we rarely see nowadays.

  13. Similar to misalignment when a PMA graduate or his widow gravitate towards the Left, align with the NDF and pursue the “liberation” tack , but become defenders of the party that liberally partitioned the fuel of their existence, pilak.

  14. Yup, Filipinos were fooled by these so called elitist, disente yellow minions. Uh oh, NOT anymore, these hypocrites are drowning in their own shit. Good for them.

  15. Excellent and well written, I agree… we know who they are and we don`t know how they won last election. I saw them on TV last night, try to come back to scene our ripe camatis are ready just for them in case I saw them on streets pretend to march. I will tell my friends and relatives in Phils. to prepare their hot water and ripe camatis just for this hypocrits/self righteous modern day Pharisees. .

  16. Digong’s mouth is a whiff of fresh air compared to the rotten heap of hypocrites aligning against him.

  17. Mr Contreras was a young faculty member when I was with UPLB, and I believed was generally a radical stuident and faculty member of UPLB College of Forestry. I never thought that he would take political science as a career, because he was a good social forestry professor. His political stand makes very good logic and true-to-his personality Speaks out of what he thinks it is right!

    • marinela currie on

      Well said……true and honest leaders never lose….they stay and work for a good cause…..Pres.Duterte is on the prime of his life…..he wants to serve his people and bring change to his beloved country.