Hypocrisy’s war with Uson, Sasot and Thinking Pinoy



I NEVER thought they would be so petty. But then again, it appears that there is no limit to how low they are willing to go just to paint Mocha Uson as a caricature.

Someone posted a meme of Mocha dining at Cibo to make it appear that she is inauthentic, that she could not effectively represent the masses if she could afford to eat there.

I have dined at Cibo, and I do not feel privileged by the experience.

I have friends who work in the NGO community, whose hearts bleed for the poor, and yet on occasions wine and dine in expensive places.

I teach at a university schooling the children of the elite and the privileged, and we consider it part of our mission to transform them into having hearts for the poor, and be their voice. The last time I checked, they are still elites, and would probably consider it a habit to wine and dine in places like Cibo.

And I am sure my university will take offense at any suggestion that we are a finishing school for hypocrisy just because our alumni eat at Cibo.

To be fair, that post may not truly represent the totality of the anti-Mocha sentiment, but it captured a major theme aimed not only at her, but all the others who share views that are either critical of yellow politics, or are supportive of the President, or both.

And these would include Sass Rogando Sasot and Thinking Pinoy.

Uson. Sasot. Thinking Pinoy.

These three form a formidable trio that gives the yellow apologists and the Duterte haters unending headaches. They are their nightmares that have been unleashed courtesy of a public so disgusted with being looked down upon as ignorant, uninformed, crude and vulgar.

The social media pages of Mocha Uson, Sass RogandoSasot and Thinking Pinoy have out-engaged major media platforms. That must have hurt a lot not only for Maria Ressa, but also the elitists whose politics is enabled by the kind of truth-peddling and facts-deploying that Rappler, The Inquirer, ABS-CBN and others profess.

Mocha, Sass and Thinking Pinoy defy attacks based on stereotypes for the simple reason that they possess in them a vast arsenal of counter-narratives that when deployed can mortally wound any hypocrite.

Mocha was slut-shamed, but the worst thing she ever did was to pose sexy, and run a sex-blog. She is far more decent than Leila de Lima who admitted to being the ex-mistress of a married man who was her subordinate, her driver-bodyguard, and who admitted to have financed his material comfort, including contributing to the construction of his house in Urbiztondo, Pangasinan.

Mocha is being accused of pretentiousness for attempting to speak on behalf of the masses, just because she ate in a pretentiously expensive restaurant. But that is actually in the same league as Leni Robredo’s claim that she fights for the laylayan, yet loves to flaunt her designer bags, and whose authenticity took a hit when she allowed her face to be photoshopped beyond recognition for the cover of a glossy fashion magazine whose market is definitely not that laylayan.

Sass RogandoSasot is being caricaturized for her sexual identity as a transgendered Filipina. But deploying this as insult effectively diminishes the politics of those who would fight for Leila and Leni as women under attack by politically incorrect patriarchy. Such attack effectively trashes with it #everywoman feminism, for an attack against Sass’sexual identity amounts to excluding her kind of woman in the battle for Leila.

Sass’ other source of power is her intelligence and academic rigor. No one can accuse her of ignorance, and of lack of familiarity with international politics. She may not have the degree yet, but she has the tenacity and the rigor of an excellent scholar of international relations, which by my standards, far exceeds even those who may have already obtained academic credentials. She took on Richard Heydarian like a professional when the latter demeaned her as just being a graduate student, by simply showing how it is to render informed political analysis that is based on well-articulated theory and well-researched data.

Thinking Pinoy is an anonymous social media presence, and people attack him for being unaccountable. They condemn his refusal to reveal himself as being trollish, and being a faker. But one only has to read his posts to realize that he is one well-researched, intelligent mind. He cites his sources, more than any journalist with a byline. He puts to shame the intrigue-fed journalism of people like Raissa Robles. To put Thinking Pinoy in the category of being an illegitimate source of political discourse can but invite a serious look at the one making the charge for being too fixated on names of authors, and not on substance of content.

In the final analysis, it is hypocrisy that binds those who attack Mocha, Sass and Thinking Pinoy.


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  1. Contreras is an excellent reason why I should read Manila Times.

    Hats off to you and to free speech without hypocrisy.

  2. Every word lingered.
    These 3 formed a group to counter attack those who spread misinformation to the public. I thank them for their dedication to the country. And to you sir for being one of the harbinger of light to the Filipino masses. Kudos!

  3. Sige lang LP, Leni, yellow supporters. Sige lang yellow media: Inquirer, Philippine Star, ABS, and GMA. Continue doing a NewYorkTimes and you will see a continuous decline in your sales. You might do a 50% off yet.

    The yellow narrative is dead. Democracy in free speech is well and alive. And it is beautiful. No longer do LAYLAYANs believe the lies of Aquino legacy. More so the lie that Leni can take on the presidency.

    As for Richard Heydarian…this early i am looking forward to BUYING bookS that Sass, TP…and ofc you Sir Antonio that will write in the future.

  4. And may I also add, Prof. Contreras, it is also envy to the highest degree that binds those who attack Mocha, Sass, and Thinking Pinoy.

  5. Christopher Torno on

    Those were exactly my thoughts, but I could not have articulated them better than you did. Thank you for your untiring efforts in getting your opinion out there, enlightening those who are confused and providing intellectual ammunition for those who want to engage in debate why we need to support this current administraion.

  6. Thank you for your clear logic, well-balanced views regarding personalities, both biased and unbiased… katukayo Mr. Contreras! Kudos to you on this!!!

    Of course, you would NOT expect those supposedly learned personalities, with Ph. D. of this science or highpalutin ones from this famous university of this country or that country…who have a more “closed mind” and would even look down on those that do not meet their ‘confined mind’ and one sided thinking and “standards”!!!

    Better of those with “normal” education who can think more clearly and see the world in a better perspective without bias mind!!!

    Keep up the good work, tukayo!

  7. Mocha spews fake news and incites hatred. She claims she represents the masa when in fact a lot of the masa has had enough of her lies.

  8. Thinking Pinoy and Sass effectively transformed the ignorant Filipinos into critical thinkers. During the pre-social media era, the Filipino people just accept the mainstream media news as the only absolute source of information. These carefully written “news” were shaped to force perception and influence our action on many important events in our country. This still happens to the farthest and poorest corner of our country were internet access is considered luxury and their only source of news is the free-to-air TV channels. Ask these people and you will be surprised on their perception of the issues in our country. Thankfully, the group of Sass, Thinking Pinoy and Mocha have dissenting and well researched argument which gives balance to mainstream media news. Their audience carefully craft their own conclusion on these issues and scandals and supports move and laws based on what they came to understand.

  9. The anti Duterte thinks so low of us Filipinos who supports him as if thry are the only rich kids that matters in this country. They forgot and refuse to accept the fact so many influentials and moneyed_people are there behind him with this things in mind: alleviate the helpless situation in the country, uplift the poor, patriotism, peace, security & prosperity FOR EVERYONE NOT ONLY THE ALREADY RICH but also THE NEAR RICH & THE POOR. PARA SA LAHAT!! But because of their focus on themselves, and how to reinstall their corrupt idols who only have their selfish interests at heart, they disregard the cries of the poor and the middle income group who were the inevitable force during the 2016 elections forcing and catapulting Pres. Duterte to lead this downtrodden nation. Our very last hope. The TRIO of Mocha, Sassot, & Thinking Pinoy who are at the forefront in this fight against hypocrisy & evil who would like to take back the reigns of power are backed by others, too: Dr. Badoy, Atty. Chiu, you Sir Mr. Contreras, the Tulfos, Tugade, Pinol, Taguiwalo, us, the OFWs, soo many one could not count. Should Digong be gone I don’t know what happens next. So we always pray & support him, and pray that the next one after him continues to have his convictions & heart.

  10. These three, Sass, TP, and Mocha must be grateful you’re covering their backs. But I sometimes wonder how you guys can sustain the relentless attacks by these highly-financed yellow worshippers.

  11. In the battle of opinions, the more forceful, more compelling one will eventually win. When the other side is reduced to pettiness and mere jeering, it has lost the argument.

  12. It doesn’t phase me anymore to read the desperate articles of our main stream media..In their desperation to gain engagements, they had to resort to name calling, insulting and degrading people especially these 3 bloggers who have proven far better bloggers than them..I enjoy reading your articles as well, professor.. Mabuhay po kayong lahat!!

  13. Inquirer’s tabloid bandera is demonizing and attacking Mocha on a daily basis using Laylayan founder leni and as usual (like inquirer) they are using their own staff to comment if not the writer him/herself. Providing Mocha free media mileage.

  14. The hypocrisy of the “yellows” are astounding and beyond comprehension! Before the past election, I have always believed in the media’s accounts of everything and anything concerning the country. Now, because of people like TP, Mocha, Sass and you, I have a new and fresh view of what truth is all about! Thank you also to social media because it made it possible for people like you to connect with people like me ?
    Salamat po sa malasakit sa ating Pangulo, kababayan at bansang Pilipinas! Mabuhay tayong lahat!

  15. With the advent of social media such as Facebook, social media inadvertently hand over to the common person incredible power to participate actively and in real time critical discussions and issues of the country in which the mainstream media can only gasp in awe. The power of information is now in the hands of the people and the mainstream media cannot accept it hence their revolt and despise of the personalities such as MOCHA USON BLOG Sass Rogando Sasot and Thinking Pinoy. For so long the mainstream media are untouchable but now not anymore. The worst part is, with their ratings in decline and so as the deflation of their pockets. So all DDS, we keep the pressure on until the last bias media will all be blown to the dustbin of history.

  16. Connie Williams on

    This is what you call “cannon for journalism”. This the principles of truthfulness,, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness and public accoutability. This is news worthy. Dear Manila Times, you have Mr. Contreras.