‘Hypocritical’ Catholic Church blasted by Philippine President-elect


DAVAO, Philippines: The Philippine President-elect blasted the Catholic Church Sunday for hypocrisy, saying the bishops who had condemned him during his campaign had been asking favors from the government.

Trash-talking Rodrigo Duterte, who won the May 9 presidential elections by a landslide, caused outrage in the church hierarchy in December after making a rambling and obscenity-filled speech cursing the Pope. About 80 percent of Filipinos belong to the Catholic Church.

Duterte, who has since flip-flopped between defiance and remorse over the remarks, directed his anger toward the bishops who had criticized his papal jibes.

“You sons of whores, aren’t you ashamed? You ask so many favors, even from me,” he said, addressing Catholic bishops.

“You know the most hypocritical institution? The Catholic Church,” he said, in statements aired by broadcaster ABS-CBN on its website.

He accused the bishops of asking for money from the government, saying it was another form of corruption.

Duterte said the Church had opposed his election but that it had served as a referendum, showing he was more influential.

“Look, were you able to stop me?” he said, citing his victory by about 6 million votes.

Bishops had assailed him for calling the Pope “a son of a whore” and, in April, for joking about raping an Australian missionary woman who was raped and killed in a prison riot in 1989.

The Catholic church also recently said it opposed Duterte’s plan to reinstate the death penalty.

Although Duterte was baptized a Catholic, his spiritual adviser is Apollo Quiboloy, head of “the Kingdom of Jesus Christ,” a non-Catholic religious group based in the southern city of Davao.

Duterte, Davao’s longtime mayor, had previously boasted of links to vigilante death squads that had killed more than a thousand suspected criminals in the city.

He even vowed to kill more people if elected. Despite concerns from human rights groups, many Filipinos embraced his bloodthirsty campaign and voted for him.

Duterte, who takes office on June 30, has largely remained out of public sight during the past week, meeting with prospective Cabinet members and foreign dignitaries.

Duterte told reporters that his sometimes-controversial choices were entirely his own.

“I do all the vetting. I decide for myself. I never consulted anybody,” Duterte said.

The President-elect, who had earlier vowed to end major crimes in six months, conceded that he was having trouble picking an interior secretary, who would be in charge of the police.

“I still don’t have one because it (the position) handles the police. I’m having a hard time because there are a lot of problems with the police.” AFP



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  1. Why not name those Bishops? I’m sure Soc. Villegas, who strongly opposed your bad mouth will never go and ask money from you? You said in the earlier days of your campaign you will name those Jesuits who abused you? the Jesuit community is still waiting for you to name those Jesuits?

    Isn’t hypocrisy to use the money given to you by Quiboloy who is on the other hand milking it from poor unsuspecting gullible masses?

    Name the Bishops, they should be known… they should be revealed so that they would not continue on infecting the Catholic Church… remember the Catholic Church are not the Bishops, so much that the corrupt politicians are not the Philippines or the Filipino People.

  2. David Michael Meyer on

    Well;! We are in no doubt about the open hypocrisy of the Catholic church

    –Many hospitals run by catholic organizations –Will turn you away if you do not have money to pay

    ..If you are told you need hospitalization by the doctors..you need to pay upfront a deposit –If you cant do this and want to go –you then, are required to sign a form to say you are leaving against medical advice ..

    This means if you do go back –your medical insurer will not insure you …but you had no money at the time –was not going against medical advice –they will not let you into a room without deposit …

    Sadley here is yet another example of hypocrisy –If you do get in and run out of money …They tell you to go get it somehow –otherwise your loved one gets no treatment …or will be discharged —

    So much for duty of care ..

    I. have had personal experience, unfortunately… This is one of the largest hospitals in Manila …run by the catholic church,

    I got no sympathy or any sort, or f room to maneuver….In the end was forced to say i would go public on this to all the newspapers i could think of –

    -It was just a matter of time that we were able t pay bill –

    that had blown out of all proportion ie. 1million and half peso

    David M Meyer (Phd Psych}

    • You have to understand that those hospitals are paying the doctors, buying medicines, equipment etc., Those institutions while owned by some Catholic religious organizations (not the Catholic Church) operate under the management of secular/private people. look at the board who direct the affairs of those hospitals you mentioned many of the board of trusties are not members of the religious group. Never the less, they try to distribute the burden by letting those who can pay while extending charity to those who cant. There are socialized services in every religious owned hospitals.

      Look even government owned hospitals are not totally free, people still have to pay for the simple reason that those institutions do need money to keep them running.

      On the other hand, look at many orphanage, home for the aged who run this institutions in this country? many if not most or majority are run by Catholic religious institutions for free.

      Go to the far sides of the country you will find that many social services are provided by Catholic groups.

      And the truth is the Catholic Church runs the second largest charity works all over the world next only to the United Nations organizations.
      and that claim based on facts and figures. not on mere claims such as Davao being the best city in the world, which no basis is yet to be found except a survey by numbeo.

      Brother before you speak against the Catholic Church, try to understand the basics first, such as, the Catholic Church, the Bishops, Priests, Religious Organizations etc., A bishop maybe a catholic, but not the Catholic Church… etc. etc.

  3. Priest said that the primary responsibility in taking care of our children is the government. That we should not use condoms because not a lot of homosexuals die in aids. That the priest has an auto accident before the mass and he needs church contribution to pay for the damage on the other car. Do you agree with these statements. These are true statements not padded.

    • I could hardly agree or disagree since your statement is hard to comprehend,. anyway it is indeed true that the State should be primarily charged with taking care of its people, whether children or adult or old. But the truth in this country is, look, who runs most of the facilities for orphans/abandoned children, children in conflict with the law? majority are run by Catholic religious institutions.

      As to your issue of a priest asking for church contribution to repair the damage on his service car. Unlike your pastor if you are non-catholic, a Catholic Priest don’t receive fixed salary, they depend on the allowance/stipend given to them. Those assigned in small parishes have to depend on allowances sent to them by families and friends or by some other parishes. So I guess, for all the services rendered it wont be to much to ask money for such repair after all the car will be used in performing his priestly duties.

      In other churches, pastors received huge salaries ( I know of one church with barely 300 member receive 40K/month salary), they are also given free lodging and car, along with other incidental expenses.

  4. tony de leon on

    Digong is right on target. He is right 101%. Overpopulation drains our resources. its no brainer. How can one be right religiously speaking when a couple produce more children knowing they cannot afford to feed and raise them decently? worst the child or children will end up homeless and begging in the street and when they grow up turn into crime to survive? this is what the CBCP do not see realistically. In short its also a sin to keep on producing babies and then abandon them later. Better yet the CBCP go into the business of child care with all their huge properties and tax exempt.

  5. The Catholic Church did not say she is spotless. Many times she would say she is a sinner. even the pope, and the pope before him, asked for prayers on this account.

    We believe in the separation of Church and State. We have always clarified that this does not mean we should keep quiet when our leaders, mostly Catholics, misinterpret the meaning of “separation” of Church and State.

    The problem is, some of our leaders, again mostly catholics, invoke the separation of church and state as a smokescreen when they are at fault, or when what they do and decide are impinging upon the morality of life, justice system, etc.

    The Philippine scenario is different from the USA and certain parts of Europe because their catholics are a minority. Here in our Country, some bishops speak out because most of its leaders are catholic. More than 75 of its citizens is catholic.

    Before the elections some catholic leaders must have “spoken” beyond the bounds of their “mandate”. Not to mention the confusing signals spread by the media. But when the people have spoken, many of them are catholics, these leaders have chosen the posture of trust.

  6. It very easy to criticise the Church as it is made up of sinners, but it is a brave man indeed who rejects Christ’s Message which the Church is charged with keeping before our eyes! Mr. Duterte,in his statements, clearly disregards the need for both moral law and the law of the land, and he will need to change his views significantly if he is to retain the support of his people.

    Once he begins to change the law of the land to suit his personal views, and once he begins to support killing criminals, it is not only the law-breakers who will live in fear; – so will the general community, as we will have a president who disregards both the moral law AND the law of the Land!

    Yes, the Church has failings, but these do not include disregarding the teachings of Christ! Yes, the Church does ask for assistance from the Government, because the monies held by the Government are to meet the needs of the Community, and the Government has a DUTY to provide support to the Church, just as does the individual Catholic.

    The Church has been around for many centuries, and has seen out many presidents, and long after Mr.Duterte has departed his post it will still be here, and this is a simple fact our President Elect needs to acknowledge. It is not a good sign when he begins his Presidency by rejecting the Moral Law, rejecting the Law of the Land, and rejecting the Church.

    If he does not change his views, markedly, then this wonderful county is going to pay a very high price.

  7. The harlot, the whore, Babylon is falling too fast! It will hit the ground sooner than we expected. It will be disintegrated,reduced to nothing and never stand again!??

  8. I nominate President Mayor Duterte to be the DILG Chief so he can supervise the Police closely. And at the same time serving as President?

  9. jeff jaramillo on

    Under Duterte, the Bishops now know where they belong–they are rubbish!! And this started when Cardinal Sin or Sinner to beg favor from Malacaniang. And when he did not get all the shiploads of favors, he used the pulpit to campaign against the guy in malakaniang.

    In this PPRCV, the nuns were there tallying votes. They used their nunship a camouflage in their intention to cheat! those nuns and whoever sent them there are all cheats. I pity the church where they belong. It is their church that suffered the setback.

    Now they realize their nobodyness. And I am very thankful to Pres Digong for having the courage to expose the noneness of them. The yellowistas used the catholic church as part of their weapon. But time change, the sacredness is gone. It is not due to Digong but it is due to the abuse of using the church as a shield to hide their evil intentions.

  10. I too am disappointed with the Catholic Church. They invented NAMFREL for the snap election, brought Cory to power with EDSA I and where are we now? The highest rate of poverty and corruption. Then when someone shows up with a progressive platform, they go against him. They can say it was out of principle, but I doubt it. I believe they too have been paid to tow the government line. They too have been corrupted. Duterte has shown that these Bishops are just mere mortals like any one us.

  11. Bingo! Mr. Duterte hits the nail on the head…the church hierarchy has not considered its misgivings and sins but opts to criticize Mr. Duterte…pedophile priests still run rampant in all parts of the world, still unchecked, swept under the proverbial rug…for reference, go see the movie Spotlight (recently released and even nominated and even won an Oscar for best picture 2016…here’s what I have to say to the clergy who tries so hard to discredit Mr. Rody : “Remove the log from your own eyes before pointing out the sliver in your neighbor’s eyes…” Folks, we don’t need religion to love and serve God…our country has millions of “Sunday religious” — how many of them do you think are at church because they really want to? I have seen countless times people texting at church, talking loud and gossiping, they are physically present but their minds and hearts are somewhere else. Enough said.

    • I’m guessing that the senators and house of rep’s that stole the pork barrel funds, the people that stole the DAP fund, the Yolanda fund, the people that abandoned the SAF 44 and the people that ordered the shooting and the shooters of the starving farmers are all catholic.