Hyundai builds ‘zombie’ car


Zombie20131022HYUNDAI Asia Resources Inc. (HARI), together with Fox Phils., said it had been “zombie-fied” in time for the premiere of The Walking Dead Season 4 TV series.

HARI said that Hyundai’s close association with The Walking Dead has “raised the brand’s level of cool” as a kiwi green Hyundai Tucson became a star in its own right, serving as the getaway car of character Rick Grimes’s band of survivors. HARI added that Hyundai’s subsequent creation of The Walking Dead Chop Shop app has fired the imagination of zombie-philes the world over to design their own zombie-fighting machines.

The company said it is now holding a month-long The Walking Dead-themed promotion that was kicked off with the launch of the “zombie survival car,” a Tucson designed by Atoy Customs. The car is presently touring various spots in Metro Manila.


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