HARI Foundation Inc. (HFI) announced that 40 Hyundai scholars at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines are now part-time “Hyundai Eco-Teachers.”

    Hari, distributor of Hyundai in the Philippines, explained that the “eco-teaching” program is part of HFI’s long-time partnership with the Haribon Foundation to promote environmental consciousness and biodiversity nationwide via the Hari Eco-Van, a classroom-on-wheels that travels across the country to teach young people on how they can become responsible stewards of the environment. Hari said the Hari Eco-Van is equipped with an audio-visual system, library, mini-exhibit on biodiversity and other learning toolkits for children.

    Three Hari Eco-Vans are presently visiting schools in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao with Hyundai scholars serving as volunteer teaching staff, according to Hari.

    “As future leaders and innovators, Hyundai scholars play an important role in investing to the community and contributing to the common good—values that Hyundai and Hari Foundation share in their service to the Filipino,” HFI President Fe Perez-Agudo said. “Educating other students about the importance of caring for our planet is not just a timely response to the issue of climate change, it is also an admirable way to give back to the community.”


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