I am not a moron – Alma Moreno


STILL hurting from the public ridicule she got last year after a television interview, Parañaque City councilor and senatorial aspirant Alma Moreno said the country does not need too many intellectuals in Congress.

“Oo, kailangan may alam ka. Pero ’yung sobrang talino, hindi naman siguro. Ang daming matatalino ngayon eh, tingnan mo ang dami pa ring problema ng bayan natin [Yes, you should at least know something. But having an overwhelming knowledge is not necessary.
There are many intellectuals out there, but our country still have many problems],” she pointed out.

The former actress noted that she will only need a pool of good researchers and lawyers to help her in her legislative duties if she gets elected as senator.

She said that she’s reading several laws but admitted having a hard time comprehending everything.

“May alam naman ako. Hindi naman ako mamahalin sa Parañaque kung wala [I am not totally dull-witted. I won’t be loved in Parañaque if I am a moron],” Moreno stressed.

Moreno has served as Parañaque City councilor for nine years. In 2012, she became the first female national president of the Philippine Councilors League (PCL), where she previously served as national secretary-general and national executive vice-president.

In November last year, the councilor was derided on social media because of her awkward TV interview Karen Davila. The actress had difficulty answering questions on several issues such as women’s rights, same-sex marriage, and the Reproductive Health (RH) law.

Moreno admitted that she doesn’t have a full grasp of certain issues, but her sincerity to serve and concern for the people are more than enough to make her qualified to be a senator.

She said her painful TV experience has made her wary of media interviews, but that despite the ridicule that she endured, people were made aware of her candidacy.

“Nasaktan ako. Umiyak ako. Pero sa tingin ko ito ’yung masakit na paraan ng Panginoon para maraming makaalam na tumatakbo ako. At the end, marami rin ang kumakampi sa akin kasi naramdaman nila ang sensiridad ko [I was hurt. I cried. But I think this is God’s painful way to let the people know that I am running. In the end, a lot of people supported me because they feel my sincerity],” Moreno said.


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  1. asungot na pinoy on

    Ms. Alma Moreno cannot handle the political heat, and people like me is trying to imagine what would the Philippine Senate can accomplish if Alma Moreno, Paquiao, and few more of those good looking movie personalities get elected. Nancy Binay is already there, and luckily, Lito Lapid is no longer eligible for re-election this term. Congress is already full of elected BIMBOS- the sons, daughters, and relatives of politicians still in power (dynasty?). Mabuhay! “ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES”.

    • Bonifacio Bangayan Claudio on

      Yes, she admitted she could read but could not comprehend the written laws — YET she wants to be a senator to write & MAKE LAWS. Imagine the likes of Pacquiao, Lapid, etc, and you add up to list ALMA MORENO to those who “they also serve, those who just stand & wait” as the LAWMAKERS !!!