I am not Superman, but I will rebuild Manila – Erap


HE is not Superman and the problems of Manila will not “disappear like magic,” but newly installed Mayor Joseph Estrada promised to make it the country’s premiere city once again.

Estrada made the vow at his oath-taking at the Manila City Hall on Sunday.

“I’m appealing for a little more patience, a little more sacrifice and understanding. If I have to go down on my knees I will do so if only to make Manila great again,” the former president said, addressing the crowd in Filipino.

Estrada said he will try to address most of the problems of the city during his first 100 days as mayor. Among the problems he mentioned are poor waste management that causes the flooding in the city, lack of affordable but quality health care for the poor residents, a high crime rate, corruption in City Hall and the police and poor tax collection.

“I am not Superman and I cannot solve the problems with magic because they are the legacy of decades of neglect,” he said.

The first thing he will do is sweep out not only the garbage, but corruption, syndicates and dishonest cops.

He warned mulcting policemen and hoodlums: “Your days are numbered here in Manila. Your days are over in this city. Tapos na ang maliligayang araw nyo… tapos na… tapos na… tapos na (It’s over, over, over).”

Estrada said he “will clean up the police force and see to it that they [Manila police] will truly be Manila’s finest and not Manila’s worst.”

“This is a warning and a wake-up call to the police officers who engage in criminal activities—from ‘kotong’ to drug dealing… from extortion to protection of ‘rackets’ and other abuses—I ask you to reform because we will go after you…” the mayor said.

Estrada said he will endorse an ordinance that will require the use of Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras in every business establishment in Manila.

To address the flooding in the city, he said city government will work hand-in-hand with other government agencies like the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) and the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA).

He said that Vice President Jejomar Binay, who is also chairman of the housing and urban development, promised to help in relocating the people living along the esteros.

Estrada said he “will try to strengthen the primary healthcare especially at the barangay level so that there will be a strong system of quality but affordable healthcare for the citizens of Manila.”

Estrada noted that all these projects needed funding.

“May kasabihan po tayo na hindi tatakbo ang sasakyan kung walang gasolina. Marami po tayong kailangan iayos sa revenue generation and tax collection. (We have a saying, a car won’t run unless it has gasoline. We need to improve revenue generation and tax collection)…We will update and modernize the real property tax collection as well as the release and issuances of business permits and licenses,” he said.

“These are the challenges we face today in our city and we need your help by cooperating. If we are to redeem and rebuild what should be the premiere city of the Philippines, we must all lead by example. I will not ask you to do what I am not prepared to do. We will ensure full transparency in all revenue collection, disbursement and expenditures of the city. This is a commitment and conviction of your ex-convict mayor,” Estrada said.




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  1. I’m not Erap Fans, i just know he was framed by those dirty politicians and big business men, to be out of the way. They say the truth will set you free but its not it will make you angry. I have a suggestion to all of you to read, the Author is Jonh Forman, Dean Worchester and the other one is the Red October I forgot who wrote this book but its about the NPA and Marcos in that time you will find out who really bombed the Plaza Miranda at that time i guess Jose Maria Sison knows it and one thing if Maria Sison think I’m afraid of him guest again I was in Persian gulf war so many time so i say to him kiss my ass.

  2. Estrada is doing the right thing, but when the corrupt politician and business people find out that they could not control the person, they throw everything they got including the kitchen sink to get rid of Estrada. If you look back in time you will see how Estrada made San Juan a very nice place. It takes a lot of information before you know the truth. SO dont believe on everything you read in news papers, use your eyes, do research, before you judge.

  3. ramon tejano on

    This same individual who was once the President of the Philippines, who used to be just as corrupt as any politician, whom the people once again voted into office, how idiot can majority of the Filipino people be to elect this idiot of a person? Estrada to “address most of the problems of the city during his first 100 days as mayor”. REALLY? You didn’t do squat when you were President. You even went to jail for all your wrongdoings! For God’s sake! And we wonder why the Filipinos are considered the slave people of the world? Because these masses continue to put these corrupt, do-nothing, idiot people to power! Wake up already Filipinos!!

  4. emmanuel torres on

    we have heard this every time a new set of leadership comes in. Sounds good and perfect . it is like playing golf , well planned but, lets wait for the execution and result.
    I hope it will not be like the lyrics of the song…”its still the same old story, a fight for love and glory, a case of do or die….etc”