• I can walk the talk – Binay


    LEGAZPI CITY, Albay: Vice President Jejomar Binay believes that he can make things happen if he is elected President next year because he had implemented the promises being made by his contenders in the presidential elections.

    “All candidates are promising something but at the end of the day, I’ve done all the things they are promising. I have a good track record, I’m a good manager. I could make things happen, so, if I’m elected President, I can walk the talk,” Binay said in a radio interview with Dante Maravillas over dzGB radio station in this city.

    He added that if he wins, he will introduce hybrid rice to help farmers recover from the impact of natural disasters.

    Binay deplored the Aquino administration’s lack of vision to address water scarcity.

    “We don’t want to experience water crisis in the future,” he said.
    The Vice President also criticized President Benigno Aquino 3rd for his failure to make the much-touted economic growth inclusive.

    “The Philippine economy, according to the administration, is growing tremendously. Unfortunately, we have the highest number of poor families. This reported economic growth is not trickling down to the poor,” he said.

    According to Binay, he will also push expanded health care and education programs.
    He vowed to continue the conditional cash transfer (CCT) program for the poor.

    The Vice President flew to Bicol for a two-day sortie with members of his senatorial slate.
    Binay’s camp challenged the Aquino administration to explain why poverty worsened in the country, proof, it said, of the failure of its Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap (Where no one is corrupt, no one is poor) campaign slogan.

    Rico Quicho, Binay’s spokesman for political affairs, said poverty and corruption persist despite Aquino’s promise of a better life five years ago.

    “The administration should retire this tired slogan. Mas dumami ang mahihirap pagkatapos ng limang taon. Mas marami ang nagugutom. Mas marami ang walang trabaho at naghahanap ng trabaho [The number of poor and jobless Filipinos grew],” Quicho noted.

    “The administration must man up to the reality that it has failed to deliver on its promise to the people to address poverty,” he said.

    Results of a Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey in September showed that 50 percent of respondents or around 11 million see themselves as poor.

    Quicho said instead of “spouting empty promises,” the Aquino administration should answer why corrupt practices remain rampant, and why the administration’s friends and partymates accused of large-scale corruption are allowed to go scot-free.

    On Tuesday, the Vice President told members of the business community that poverty is the moral issue that must be addressed.

    “My vision is for every Filipino to have an equal share in the nation’s progress. No one should be left behind. Ang hangad at pangarap ko ay ginhawa para sa lahat [My dream is prosperity for all],” he said.



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    1. I am really sorry for Mr Binay. Does he not know that he will lose this race and possibility of jail time for him and his family. When will reality hit you. You failed to protect your family from imminent jail time. As a father like you, you need to look for a escape plan or what they call plan B.

    2. I believe that of all the candidates, VP Binay has a better claim on leadership. All the rest are just good on promises. We need someone who has a strong political will and strong leadership qualities and knows how it is to be poor.

    3. I can walk the talk my butt,only team Duterte/Cayetano can solve the problem of our country the rest are all garbage.

    4. We need the Change of government . BSAquino the Vindictive President and his LP party has to go. The corruption is at its worst right now and how they are hanging on to power.

      Binay is right about the Tax and Poverty issue that needs to be addressed. Give people back their money so they can use it to live better , rather than go to the pockets of politicians.
      We cannot allow another 6 years of Roxas/Aquino Elitist leadership.

      The Senate has wasted Millions of money and unproductive time trying to push Binay out of the Presidential Bid and destroy his family .
      As if all our Senators are Saints!

      Binay is the only one who understands the problem of Poverty and Taxes /Economy/Education. Lets give him a Chance for the Change to happen .
      I will Vote for Binay!

      • fernando dilao on

        ok comentario mo sana maliwanagan din ang mga sambayanang plipino na si Binay ay biktima lang ng paninira ng mga politician na may masamang hangarin na pansarili lang. I will also vote for Binay

      • Nancy Bulok Cake on

        And what about the billions of pesos that Binay stole (according to AMLC) from the government?

    5. Classic, true classic speak from the heart of a turncoat. I will vote VP Binay if he will make a caveat that when he won and failed on his promises, the people has the right to crucify him in Luneta. Dare him make this addendum officially and I will vote for him….

    6. Nancy Bulok Cake on

      Binay said “Unfortunately, we have the highest number of poor families.”. If not for Binay, Estrada, Enrile, Revilla, and other corrupt politicians there will be minimal poor people in the country. Combine all the cash and assets that these politicians stole for decades from the government (most especially Binay) and this should minimize the burden of the poor Filipinos. Kung aalisin ang mga corrupt kagaya ni Binay ay kokonti lang ang mahirap. Get rid of the Binays and we’ll have a prosperous Philippines. To all Filipinos, let us stop the Binays from their ambition to steal more government money by not voting for them.
      Note: These comments will soon be deleted because it is against the corruptions of the Binays. If this will be deleted then the author of this column is under the payroll of Binay.

      • Bert Hernandez on

        I could not add more. Well said. I hope the voters will not vote for Binay and his children. This is a bad tree, that will that should be rooted out.

    7. Mr. Binay said……..We don’t want to experience water crisis in the future,”

      >>> Mr .Binay must be reminded that the Cojuangco, Pangilinan and Lopez group of companies and incorporated are the main stakeholders of MERALCO, PLDT and Other Telecommunications Networks. Which are the most manipulator of businesses and economy of the country.
      Example: Meralco ownership was bought by the government under late President Marcos Sr, THEN MRS. CORY COJUANGCO-AQUINO ADMINISTRATION RETURNED IT BACK TO LOPEZ FAMILY WITHOUT PAY BACK TO GOVERNMENT.
      That’s why ABS-CBN Networks had have a “malaking utang na loob” sa mga Cojuangco-Aquino famil. Kaya kahit si Kris Aquino kahit walang “k” maging artista naging artista.

      • 76 percent of PLDT and 64 percent of Globe owned by foreigners.

        From 2006 to this year PLDT and Globe were distributing 90 to 100 percent of their annual profits to their stockholders with little or none of that profit reinvested in infrastructure and improvement of their services.

        Wonder why the internet lags years behind every other country ?

        There ya go.

    8. With an empty treasury, which I’m predicting once Pnoy steps down, how can you continue wt the social programs, esp the unaccounted for CCT program? I’d rather he use the money to providing jobs, lower all taxes and eradicate VAT which is the real industry killer. Our manufacturing sector remains stagnant because of VAT, high power cost, high labor cost. Our agricultural sector is reeling from el nino, limited water and cheap imports. These are the backbone of every economy yet our government has not done anything to improve or support them. I hope if ever Binay wins, he can at least address these urgent issues. Right now I don’t care for his corruption charges, I just wish we can elect a leader who is competent, strong willed, compassionate and a doer, no another clone of Pnoy. Tama na, sobra na!