I can work with any President – Marcos

RISING SON Senator Ferdinand ‘Bongbong” Marcos Jr.  waves to his supporters after filing his certificate of candidacy.  PHOTO BY RENE H. DILAN

RISING SON Senator Ferdinand ‘Bongbong” Marcos Jr. waves to his supporters after filing his certificate of candidacy. PHOTO BY RENE H. DILAN

SENATOR Ferdinand Marcos Jr. is certain he will have no problem working with any elected President if he wins the vice presidential race next year.

Marcos, who earlier vowed to work for the country’s unity, on Tuesday said once elected Vice President – the second highest position in the executive branch of government – he will provide support and assistance to the President the best way he can.

“I don’t think I will have any problem working with any of the presidential candidates or prospective presidential candidates,” he added after filing his certificate of candidacy (COC) at the Commission on Elections (Comelec) in Intramuros, Manila.

“I’m sure there’s no one that I cannot work with. That’s just not part of my thinking. But of course, you can also try to influence policy in ways you see best,” the 58-year-old senator said.

Marcos, who will be running as an independent, also pledged a revolution of unity and change.

His wife Liza Araneta, cousin and Leyte Rep. Martin Romualdez and several supporters accompanied him when he showed up at the Comelec.

Marcos said he will include in his program of government the eradication of poverty, illegal drugs and graft and corruption.

“Sa tulong niyo at ng bayan, pamumunuan ko ang isang rebolusyon sa puso tungo sa isang tunay at makabuluhang pagbabago. Pamumunuan ko rin ang isang kampanya upang makamit natin ang ating mga pangarap sa buhay. Hindi ako makapapayag na mawala sa atin ang ilang bahagi ng ating bansa. Ipaglalaban ko ang integridad ng ating bayan [With your help, I will lead a revolution of the heart for a meaningful change. I will lead the campaign for us to realize our dreams. I will fight for the country, I will not allow parts of it to be taken away from us],” he promised.

Marcos said that over his 30 years in public service, he had seen how the people had suffered and how they were left out by the government while corrupt officials siphoned off the country’s wealth in connivance with greedy individuals.

In his declaration speech on Saturday, he vowed to lead a revolution toward a real and meaningful change and a campaign that will bring back the integrity of the Philippines and its people.

Marcos also vowed to end the disunity and polarization brought by the adversarial form of governance by the previous and the current administrations.

Unity, according to him, is essential if the nation is to move forward toward a better future.

“Adversarial politics is fine until the elections are over. Once the elections are over, we really must put all that aside and work for the national interest, not partisan interest, not individual interest, but the national interest,”Marcos said.

Marcos, who was the seventh vice presidential candidate to submit his COC, will run as an independent candidate despite being a member of the Nacionalista Party (NP).

He explained that the NP has refused to pick its official candidate for Vice President.

Two other NP members–Senators Antonio Trillanes 4th and Alan Peter Cayetano–are also running for Vice President.

“They [NP] don’t want to choose an official candidate for VP [Vice President],” Marcos said when asked why he is running as an independent.

He, however, sees no problem with the position of his party.

“There is also a possibility that the party will select a VP candidate to support later on,” Marcos said.

Trillanes is set to file his COC on Wednesday while Sen. Francis Escudero will file his on Thursday.


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  1. People should take a look at BBM objectively and not judge him just because he carried a name with a stigma attached to it.His accomplishment in both executive and legislative department would speak for himself.And I think,he’s the most qualified person to run for the second highest position or even the number one position of the land.

  2. if sen bongbong marcos will win as VP he will prove to the filipino people that the marcos is better than aquino. i am sure that he will stand to his battlecry that the philippines will be great again. so lets vote bbm for VP to see the difference.

  3. we Filipino people will never forget what Aquino esp. corykong aquino do to our country after edsa revolution1. She and her cohorts , makati businessman were the greedy who sucks the wealth of the Filipino people.. gising na ang mga mamayang filipino sa kasinungalingan ng mga aquino and the worst Liberal Party…
    Wag na kayong mag mang maangan na noytards, dahil hindi na maniniwala ang mga taong nabulag ninyo after EDSA Crazy revolution. Ang mga Aquino ang traydor sa bayang Pilipinas..Hindi ninyo ba alam ito mga noytarrds… Feed your beautiful mind..pls. FOR YOUR INFO. SALOT SA BAYANG PILIPINAS ANG MGA AQUINO FAMILY…INCLUDING THIS MORONIC PRESIDENT. ALAM NA MAMAYANG PILIPINO ANG LAHAT NG ITO, NA MAY SAPAK SA UTAK…

  4. I don’t mind BBM becoming VP. But I think he will not win. based on the family background. But in the Philippines anything is possible. too bad if he does not win because, this guy is highly intelligent. Lets see what happens. I also like Mr Cayetano as VP.

    • The other major VP candidates are all Bikolanos ,in that case, bicol votes will be mangled and divided,while, BBM has the solid north, some parts of Visayas region and the Ilocanos in Mindanao..

  5. Filipinos should consider this in its’ proper perspective, if some of us Filipinos keep voicing out above their experiences under the martial law years or probably those who must have heard stories about martial law by word of mouth from the babes, need not look too far in history and be reminded just the same about atrocities that Filipinos had undergone during the last few decades after martial law – a glaring example about saying never again and being suckers is how Filipinos voted for the son of Cory Aquino.

    Under the Aquino regime, both the mother and son had not done anything significant to improve the lives of Filipinos, under their reign, both had nothing to show by way of fiscal spending to build infrastructures to provide employment, improve mobility and economic stability. Under BS Cojuangco Aquino III, the country has now or will be reaching a national budget of 3.002 trillion pesos, yet no tangible use can be seen from these national budget for the last five years.

    Probably, the son of Marcos, would visit history not to repeat it, but rewrite it and give Filipinos and the country as a whole what it truly deserve – its’ sovereignty.

  6. Marami ang galit sa tatay ni bongbong lalo na ang mga taong inalisan niya ng kapangyarihan,gamitin ang pondo ng gobyerno sa sarili nilang pakinabang at negosyo,na ngayon ay nakikita pa ninyo na hawak nila.
    Ngunit hindi si matandang Marcos ang kakandidato,kung hindi si bongbong, ano man ang nagawa niya simula ng siya ay nasa gobyerno na alam ninyong masama,sana ay sabihin ninyo,kung meron man, ngunit kung may mabuti dapat tanggapin din ninyo,
    Hindi ang kasalanan ng ama ay dapat pagbayaran ng anak kung meron man.
    Walang matinong tao na magsasabi na ang anak ang magbabayad ng ginawa ng magulang.!
    yung mga taong minumulto lang ang magsasabi nito,dahil meron silang kinakatakotan.

  7. OMG! Not again, please! If this guy gets elected to either vice-president or as a president in the future, the country is doomed once again. Worse, the population is probably full of suckers!

  8. Ronaldo Valdes on

    Always remember the Marcos Era…Imelda the Queen , will again buy as many shoes and Real Estate Building in New York and Paris if Bombong wins and eventually become President in case the President forget to breath.Just like :” HISTORY REPEAT ITSELF.”

    • We should remember FMarcos was the only President who has built one of the many infrastructures i.e gov’t run hospitals where the poor and less fortunate can go to and not be refused for emergency treatment when they get sick. plus the public transportation such as LRT and MRT that most Filipinos use everyday to go to work.but unfortunately were left poorly maintained due to reported massive corruptions