‘I dream of an ocean where I can see my reflection’


“I became a member because I wanted to get involved for the cause of helping the environment. Help save the earth by planting trees, and advocate for our forest and wildlife,” shared Camille de los Reyes, a Haribon member and advocate for environmental preservation.

Reyes enjoys traveling, and exploring different parts of the country. Aside from discovering new places, she likes reading books and writing stories too. As a new member, she looks forward to attending Haribon learning sessions, and getting her hands dirty in different outdoor activities such as tree planting and nurturing activities at Haribon’s Buhay Punlaan.

“I am a new member, but am very excited to attend the lecture series, tree planting activities, nurturing a seedling, bird watching activities and educating kids about the environment through an interactive way that we can enjoy,” she said.

She encourages people to join and take part in lessening their carbon footprint, reducing their consumption of plastics, and making other people aware of environmental concerns.

Reyes’ personal contributions to Haribon’s causes comprise of raising awareness on the significance of the environment and how to protect it. She does so by leading an eco-friendly lifestyle and teaching kids and the people around her how to care for the environment. She hopes that one day those she meets will consciously do their part for the cause of saving planet Earth.

“I dream of a clean Philippine environment; forest growing green, an ocean I can see my reflection in, and clean air that will not sting my eyes and for all of it to be taken care of by the government and the people.”


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