‘I know there was cheating’


COURTESY CALL President-elect Rodrigo Duterte and Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. are joined by supporters during the senator’s courtesy call on Friday in Davao City.

“I know there was cheating,” President-elect Rodrigo Duterte told Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. during the senator’s courtesy call on Friday in Davao City.


This statement from Duterte about fraud in the May 9 elections was revealed by Marcos in a media forum in Quezon City on Saturday.

The senator said he went to see the incoming President with leaders of the so-called AlDub or Alyansa ni Duterte at Bongbong (Alliance of Duterte and Bongbong), a group that supported and campaigned for the two in last month’s polls.

Duterte emerged as a runaway winner with a margin of more than 6 million votes over second placer and administration standard-bearer Manuel Roxas 2nd while Marcos lost to Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo by 200,000 votes.

Marcos said Duterte did not expound on his statement as he told the incoming President about his plan to file an electoral protest on June 28 before the Commission on Elections (Comelec) and the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET).

“I explained to him the basis of our protest. He is aware of the cheating,” the senator told reporters as he made his first public appearance since Election Day.

Marcos described alleged cheats in the May 9 polls as walanghiya, bastos at garapal (shameless, rude and flagrant) for denying the people the real results of this year’s elections.

“I assure you [voters]that the true winners will be proclaimed. We will trace your votes and expose the lapses and their [cheats]manipulations of the election system,” said the Ilocano lawmaker who garnered more than 14 million votes.

Marcos conceded that three years is a “long, long time” for one to wait for the outcome of his search for the truth.

His camp said it will file the election protest at the Presidential Election Tribunal on June 28.

But a separate case will first be filed at the Comelec as part of protocol.

Marcos said his lawyers are still studying what appropriate charges will be filed against personnel of the Comelec and Smartmatic, the technology provider to the recent automated elections.

Among the cases being considered are election sabotage, fraud and cheating all under Republic Act 7566.

Although only some personnel of the Comelec and Smartmatic will be named respondents in his protest case, according to the senator, he is sure that the administration of President Benigno Aquino 3rd was behind the manipulation of the May 9 polls.

“Slowly during the course of hearings, the names of the masterminds will surface as to who authorized [the cheating]. As you know, there is no secret in this country,” Marcos said.

He noted Aquino promising that “no Marcos will be elected to the top positions in the country”, including the vice presidential seat

“Only the [Aquino] administration is capable of cheating in the elections,” Marcos said.

He added that his lawyers have collected several pieces of evidence, including affidavits and videos, to back up their claims of failure of elections, and pre-shading of ballots, aside from undervotes and vote-buying.

His camp is also seeking forensic data audit and systems audit that will prove his allegation of a secret fourth server that was used to siphon off votes and distribute them to favored candidates.

When asked about any position that Duterte is considering for him, Marcos said he is open to any that the incoming President will offer as he is “happy to contribute in whatever capacity.”

For now, he added, “I [plan to]take the seat being kept warm for me.”

He was referring to the vice presidency, which will be occupied by his closest rival, Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo, who was proclaimed by Congress as the official winner.
Robredo is expected to take her oath of office on June 30.

A law prohibits defeated candidates to assume public office within one year after elections.
Also in the meeting with Duterte, the senator said he thanked the President-elect for promising that he will allow the burial of his father, former President Ferdinand Marcos, at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.


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  1. Humanda ka abnoy on

    Matindi ang kahayupan ng Comelec–sila ang gumagawa ng paraan ,nag di direct sa dayaan,at sila din kunwari ang nag babantay sa boto ng taong bayan….pero kitang kita natin lahat, ng bagay nas kwestunin,lagi nilang binabale wala,or have reads stupid answer that does not make any sense at all….sobrang garapal ang pambabastos na dayaan ang ginawa ng comelec at smartmatic sa boto ng pilipino,binaboy ang karapatan natin ..hindi ako magtataka kung bigla na lang pagbabarilin ang animal; na yan, kala mo sila may ari ng pilipinas,…

  2. capture all those yellowtards who cheated even Miriams votes Since her first Go at presidency……….and all of Duterte and Marcos Loyailsts will watch the Public Hanging of the Aquino family !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. If Duterte believes there was cheating in the May 9 polls, was the cheating done in his favor?

  4. Now we now the true character of this SORE LOSER boingboing marcos. He does not deserve to be elected. Bad for the country.

  5. The reality is,,the one who cheated in this Election is MARCOS himsel..The problem, his people, thinking that the vote they added is enough to lose him..They concentrate their cheating to cayetano at escudero, thinking that the number they took to LENI is enough to give them a sure winer number..This is what now the news going on as per watcher of bongbong,,They were the one who make dagdag bawas,,ans this is dpcialty of Senor Marcos,,during Martial Law,,Ang mandaraya at takot sa akala niyang nandya sa kanya,,dahil gawain n gpamilya nila..PERAng nakaw ang ginagastos nila.

    • chingchongchang on

      Hahaha, kaya pala panalo halos ang mga marcoses sa kaso laban sa kanila na binibintang sa kanila. Tanga ka din pala parehas ng amo mong amoy taeng dilaw. Ang babantot nyo.

  6. alam ni duterte na si cayetano ay galit sa mga marcoses not personally but sa mga katarantaduhan ginawa ng marcoses sa atin bayan now susuportahan si bbm at gagawin pang cabinete laking traydor ginawa ni duterte nito kay allan C. yun bilang ng kay duterte tanggap na walang dayaan tpos yun sa vp may dayaan? di wow! e2 lang masasabi ko kahit ano pang gawin ni duterte at bbm baliktad baliktadin ang balota si leni pa rin ang panalo kay bbm talaga mahirap makapag move on lalot ikaw lang sa mga marcoses na lumaban sa election ang natalo ng isang bagito sa larangan ng politika. paki usap kay duterte kung layunin mo magka isa ang bayan wag kang kakampi kundi hayaan mo na ang comelec o husgado ang gumawa pagkampi mo kay bbm naghuhudyat lang e2 ng dibisyon sa taong bayan.

    • chingchongchang on

      Di ka pala marunong umintindi e, kahit sa presidential counting may daya, di lang nahila pababa si duterte dahil super laki ang lamang. Anong katrayduran ang pinagsasabi mo? Bakit, may pinangako ba si duterte kay cayetano? Mas traydor yang si cayetano, tao ni panot yan, lalabas at lalabas ang amoy ng mga dilawing amoy tae.

  7. If there was indeed cheating, why did Mar Roxas lose? It defies logic that the LP would rather have a vice president rather than a president. It’s all nonsense. Macoy jr. just could not accept he lost despite all the vote buying he did.

    • chingchongchang on

      Tanong ko lang sayo, kayo bang dayain ni mar roxas si duterte? Baka kung ginawa Niya yun e may civil war na sa pinas. Isip isip, kasi bobo ang mga tagasuporta ng Kultong dilaw

  8. Jude Romualdez on

    A true Leader Speack for the Truth, in a sincere and honest way…

    Sen. BongBong Marcos Jr. will reclaim his seat soon as VP of the Republic..

  9. Tama lang na iprotesta ang dayaan sa nakaraang halalan sapagkat pinapakita mo lang sa taong bayan ang tunay na demokrasya at katarungan. Mabuhay kayo BBM! ipaglaban mo ang karapatan ng Taong Bayan at ng Tunay na Demokrasya ng Bansang Pilipinas at hindi ng mga taong Sinungaling, Manlulupig at Mandaraya na ito mga nasa dilawan ng mga Abnhoy Aquino.

  10. Kung saan naging Zero votes si Marcos na lugar ay kumuha lang siya ng isa o dalawang tao na bumoto sa kaniya noong halalan at ipakita lamang ang ebidensya na iyon nga ang recibo na galing sa smartmatci machine e, tapus na ang laban, tsk! tsk! obvious naman ang dayaan at maliwanag pa sa sikat ng araw, dapat masampolan si Abnhoy Noynoy ng bitay…

  11. Dito natin masusubukan ang ating bagong Pangulong Duterte kung bibigyan niya ba ng pagpapahalaga ang magiging kredibilidad ng kanyang sisimulang administrasyon.

  12. Marcos Jr. now is in mental collapse, as what the silence going around their near known friends.because of what happened, they assureued that they will win the VP post, but to no avail,,here is a Divine Intervention..This marcosses will not stop till they reached their dream to sit in malacanang again,, that imelda already owned and their Palace,,being a KING and Queen of that place…Bongbong has no dram of it,,but IMELDA….She want to be there in Malacanang, since there is still some jewelries hidden on that area,that she ans she alone knows where it is..

    • Because there is a stupid Filipino like you who allow cheating in order to win, You are so damn stupid if you don’t see that and you don’t hear and feel what majority wants and to your Lugaw Queen she is just a PCOS choice.

  13. As you know, there is no secret in this country,” Marcos said.

    Might not be secrets but until someone can remove Aquino’s control over the Comelec, Ombudsman, Supreme Court, Dept of Justice and his appointed stooges nothing will be done about any of the criminal scandals done by these people.

    Fast track it, arrest some or all of the people involved and let them turn on each other in exchange for their freedom.

    • So hihintayin natin na sasabihin ni pres. digong na wala ako sina na ganyan sa mga sinasabi ni BBM ang tanga mo rin ano, integrity of words nalang pag di nagsasabi si BBM ng totoo sa nag usapan nila ni pres. duterte alam rin ni pres na pati sya dinaya.

  14. Lets wait and see. 3 years is a long time. Pnoy pronouncement making sure that no Marcos will be get elected is too dangerous.did pnoy had a hand on election manipulation in which leni won slim margin of 200k. People now are thinking whether leni’s victory is legal or otherwise.

    • Daniel B Laurente on

      Your illness is stupidity. His hand on this if proven true is sure possibility. Anyway the election results was a repudation of the yellow color trying to survive by manipulation of the election as pronounced publicly.

  15. so this is the tamdem of two traitors.. one betrayed his president and the other betrayed his vice president. just in case the reader missed this:

    “The senator said he went to see the incoming President with leaders of the so-called AlDub or Alyansa ni Duterte at Bongbong (Alliance of Duterte and Bongbong), a group that supported and campaigned for the two in last month’s polls.”

    now, let me ask mirriam and cayetano: How does the that dagger feel at your back?

    • Assuming ka naman gumagawa ka ng sariling mong imagination tao ang bomoto hindi sila tanga nakakainit ka ng ulo gago. Kung na zero sila cayetano at sen. santiago doon ka mag isip tanga ka talaga.

  16. That was the most blatant cheated ever committed in the history of our elections… changing the script of the transparency server in the middle of an actual, live, counting of votes in process…… and it was officially admitted by comelec…that TAMPERING DID ACTUALLY TOOK PLACE and that one, MARLON GARCIA was the one responsible for doing that without official authorization from the COMELEC…it was a blatant ELECTION OFFENSE subject to extreme punishment under our laws….. and COMELEC and their CAHOOTS are trying to downplay this incident…… just as what the abnormal president has ordered— no Marcos should occupy the vp position at all cost… and everybody knows this ….coming out from his nicotine tainted mouth ……

    • Who told you banong that comelec admiitted that? You are making story in favor of your bos, bongbong , who paid you. Bobong Marcos really TALO at di Dinaya..TINALO!

    • alvintsamaria68@yahoo.com on

      as the saying goes…admit that the money stolen from the people during your fathers’ reign will not be contested by you & your family….you are the executor of that funds…just sign a waiver in plain languages that you & your family will not contest that balance of USD$6.00Billions and I will believed all what you are saying……..for all the readers the case is in the courts only USD$4.00 Billion have been recovered.

  17. It is obvious, only the allies of Noy-noy will refuse to accept or admit that there was cheating in the last May 9, 2016 elections (Philippines, Nationwide) an honest election would result in the true winners. In the Presidential level there was cheating but the idea was cut short as it would be next to impossible to still overtake the six million lead margin of now President elect Rodrigo Roa Duterte, the Novotel incident would confirm that, though there are some quarters still confirming that a million or so votes had been snatched from RRD and transferred to another candidate, an LP protegee. In the VP election, what happened was there was obviously difficulty for the VCM’s to read the SD ‘s hence the need to change the Smartmatic hash code to allow the secret server/s to count the votes intended for SBB’s closest rival. Mind you that in a short number of hours, the million lead of SBBM’ was lost and worse allowed his rival to even lead by two hundred thousand votes by early morning of May 10. In several bailliwicks of SBBM, he gathered an unbelievable (0) zero vote, to include Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) who SBBM likewise had zero vote which was unbelievable and to consider the admission of a witness where under duress, one precinct or probably many had inked or marked unused ballots to favor only one candidate (not SBBM). These invites that Comelec and Smartmatic technicians must be investigated for possibly defrauding the electorates of their precious votes and the sanctity of their rights of suffrage and reveal who masterminded the cheatings,if it really happened.

  18. Sister Consuelo Scorro on

    Good Grief!!! I don’t know which is far worse? Marcos getting elected as Vice President or a low-class, unintelligent, uneducated, crude, vulgar, offensive, profanity laced tirade
    of the President-elect of the Republic of the Philippine Islands! A President who spoke about wanting to be the first to rape a beautiful Australian, female missionary, to calling Pope Francis, a son of a bitch, to condoning the extra-judicial killing of journalists as acceptable and justified, encouraging vigilantes, to smelly female vaginas of a journalist’s wife!!! What kind of man did the Pilipino people elected? I thought Estrada was bad enough, and now this, an offensive talking, outrageous speaking leader of the Republic of the Philippine Islands!! It’s time for Edsa tres!! This is the type of democracy in the P.I. Maybe Pilipinos do not deserve democracy but a government under military dictatorship like Burma!!
    a uncivilized barbarian for president! Maybe it is time for Edsa tres!!

    • It’s time for edsa 3 no! it’s time for you to dispose you drugs on sale as soon a possible para kumita ka pa but then it’s time na magbago ka na dahil sa cementeryo ang kababagsakan mo.

    • Easy lang po ma’am, kung maaari lang po sana ay suportahan muna nating ang elected president since hinalal naman po sya ng taong bayan. Ma’am hindi ko naman po itinatangi na may mga kakulangan din po si duterte pero hindi rin naman maaring itangi na tunay syang may pagmamahal sa bayan. Huwag po sana nating kalimutan na sa kabila ng masamang tabas ng dila ni duterte ay katotohanang kailangan ng ating bayan ng tunay na pagbabago. Kalayaan sa korapsyon, kreminalidad, at paghahari ng mga oligarkiya sa ating bayan na ang laging agrabyado ay ang mga maliliit.

  19. fidel S. Pescador on

    I believed God never sleeps nor slumber, the truth of the real winner of the last National election will prevail and not fraudulent one . This rotten and evil acts will eventually come out as rotten egg and the culprit will reaped what he sow. God bless Philippines….

  20. I can already foresee an impeachment charge against andy batista. A copy of the once US-sponsored tyrant in Cuba, he has lost all vestiges of morals by usurping the true will of the people in the last election. As he was the only one who has the code to introduce that hash change, he was benigno’s partner in the cheating and the prostitution of the most sacred of out democratic process. I would not be surprised if he would be tried by a People’s Court one of these days.

  21. anu kayang pakiramdam ni (KAHIT-ANO) mismong winning president na ang nagsabing may pandarayang naganap. Kamakailan lang ay sinabi niya na clear winner si SIMPLENI. Sige KAHIT-ANO, sunod ka pa rin ng sunod kay Digong, wala ka nang kuwenta ngayon.

  22. BBM stop these cheating none sense, you know for sure that only the Marcoses are capable of cheating as evidenced by the late Father Macoy Sr. no one beats the Marcoses in terms of cheating overall. BBM was defeated by D.I. (Divine Intervension) from the most high and refused to acknowledge it. LOSSER!

    • Here we go again wala na ba kayong pweding ibato na putik kay BBM na hindi dinidikit ang pangalan ng ama nya hahaha nakakaawa naman kayo mga dilaw pag masdam wag kumurap isa isang babagsak ang mga dilaw na kulto para silang ibong mataas lumipad pero pag bumagsak sobrang sakit, Kay Leni mo na Lugaw Queen ang inaayawan ng presidente maka trabaho at inaayawan ng mas nakaka raming pilipino na isang PCOS choice at huwad na vp tama ka kaibigan nanalo si Lugaw queen sa pamamagitan ng D.I. (Dayaan intervention) or (Divine indelible ink) LOL kahit anong sabihin nyo nasa history na si aling lugaw bilang counterfeit VP made in Republic of Yellow

    • Maribel Calanda on

      BBM is the real winner! Who do you think you are to make a sweeping statement against the Marcoses? It is Noynoy who said that he will do everything to keep BBM from winning! Everything means cheating included. There are more than 17 million Filipinos who voted for BBM. Leni Lugaw Queen Robredo’s numbers may not even reach 9 million votes if a recount will be done. BBM is the true winner! He did not cheat coz he is not in power.

    • D.I.(Divine Intervention) from the most high? LOL. I don’t know what religion are you into sir or what kind of weed have you been smoking lately but equate divine intervention to cheating. You gotta be kidding me. LOL, peace man.