‘I renounced US citizenship not once but twice’


SENATOR Grace Poe on Monday said she already renounced her American citizenship after she was asked by President Benigno Aquino 3rd, to join the government and serve as chief of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) in 2010.

Poe made the clarification in connection with a report of The Manila Times about the alleged existence of the senator’s US passport.

But according to the Poe camp, the US passport has expired and that the senator stopped using it when she was appointed to the MTRCB.

“It [US passport] has been surrendered since I renounced [my US citizenship]upon being chairman of MTRCB. I took an oath twice renouncing my citizenship. First before a Philippine public officer and second before the US Embassy,” Poe said.

The senator told reporters she could not  understand why there was a sudden interest in her citizenship as if it was a “hidden-wealth” issue.

She said all documents regarding her nationality are open for anyone to see.

The senator pointed out that  she never tried to hide the fact that she studied and lived in the US and even had dual citizenship, which she already gave up when she decided to return to the country for good.

“So for those who are raising the issue, I will not run for senator if I still have dual citizenship,” Poe said.

She explained that to be able to regain her Filipino citizenship, all she had to do was to renounce her US citizenship as required by Republic Act 9225 or the Citizenship Retention and Reacquisition Act of 2003.

Since then, the senator said, she has to apply for a US visa to enable her to travel to the US.

“I am willing to show my visa. Even the US told me that I don’t need to give it up, but I told them that it is required by our [Philippine] laws,” she told reporters.


Poe is reportedly being considered by both the administration and opposition parties to become the running mate of their respective standard-bearers but the senator has not yet made a decision regarding her political plans in 2016.

She admitted that there are also some groups pushing for a Poe-Chiz tandem in 2016 but there has been no serious discussion about it by both camps.

Chiz is the nickname of Sen. Francis Escudero, who is reportedly planning to run for a higher position next year.

Poe said she and Escudero have known each other for a long time.

Escudero was the spokesman for Poe’s father, the late actor Fernando Poe Jr. or FPJ when FPJ stood for the presidency in 2004.

When asked who she would prefer between Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas 2nd and Escudero, in case she decides to run in 2016, Poe said both have been kind to her although she also admitted that she knew Escudero better.

Honesty still best trait

Reacting to a statement attributed to Vice President Jejomar Binay that what the country needs is an experienced and a competent leader, FPJ’s daughter said while those traits should be possessed by those who want to lead the country, honesty is still the most important trait.

Poe said quality and honesty of leadership should be given importance over the length of service.

When further asked if she felt alluded to by the statement of the Vice President, Poe said it is possible considering that, compared to other incumbent elected officials, she is considered a newbie in public service but that does not make her less qualified.

When also asked if she thinks Binay is an honest leader, the senator also pointed out that the Vice President can only prove it the moment he faces the Senate blue ribbon committee and answer all allegations of wrongdoing against him.


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  1. what does it matter – if she is an american citizen, ay oo nga pala obama has been claiming to be an american, pero u.s. press says no, hindi ba she is a natural born citizen – and why dig up her adoption, as long as she will serve the country honestly, that is all that matters, bakit dini dig up ang citizenship niya, to discredit her, kasi malamang lumabas, this is her vindication that FPJ did not make up, thanks to a GMA, pera at puesto ang ginamit. VOTE YOUR CONSCIENCE, not because nagbigay ng bigas, sardinas at damit you get the president you deserve and kasi karamihan mahirap kaya lumalabas ang kandidatong bulok, mandurugas, at walang takot sa diyos. the philippines needs a strong character president, hindi nabibili ang prinsipyo, hindi nanakaw at of course dinedeny meaning binay and marcos ewan kung he can be trusted, pera ang pagagalawin niyang and they have a lot, may hidden agenda, first thing the marcoses can finally bury him as a hero, not on your life, sa daming pinapatay, ayan tuloy cory aquino ang pinalit

  2. its funny to hear this from grace poe. that she renounced her u s citizenship not once but twice. does anyone remember what susan roces, grace’s adoptive mom, said of president gloria macapagal-arroyo? she said, and i quote: not only have you stolen the presidency once, but twice. end of quote. hmmm. i wonder if ms grace poe could show us, at the very least, a copy of her CERTIFICATE OF LOSS OF NATIONALITY. that piece of paper should have been provided a renunciant after renunciating his/her u s citizenship.

    • Grace Poe has to show a U.S. State Department, Bureau of Consular Services, Form DS-4083- CERTIFICATE OF LOSS OF NATIONALITY OF THE UNITED STATES. This is a scanned copy of the Form DS-4083- http://www.(DOT)state(DOT)gov/documents/organization/81609(DOT)pdf. To receive the DS-4083, there’s a processing fee of P104,811.
      There are public records from the United States Government that are published every 3 months in one calendar year that list people that have renounced their U.S. Citizenship. This record goes back to 1997. According to documents, Grace Poe renounced her citizenship within 11 years. Her name is on one of these quarterly reports. If we knew when she renounced her citizenship, her name would appear. This is the website for that information- https://www(DOT)federalregister(DOT)gov/articles/search?conditions%5Bagency_ids%5D%5B%5D=254&conditions%5Bterm%5D=6039G&conditions%5Btype%5D%5B%5D=NOTICE&order=newest&page=4&quiet=true
      If she has to get a U.S. Visa to visit the USA, that’s prima facie evidence. All we need to see is scanned copies of those visas; the U.S. Department of State -DS-4083- CERTIFICATE OF LOSS OF NATIONALITY OF THE UNITED STATES; The document executed by an authorized Filipino Official as specified by the Edu Manzano Act-RA 9225.
      Yes, Grace Poe is correct, she did it twice. She had to go to the U.S. Embassy, Manila in 2004 and renounce her citizenship in front of an American Citizen U.S. State Department Official. At her renunciation, it was free. Now it costs over P100,000. The second official was the authorized Filipino Official that she had formally renounced her U.S. Citizenship.

  3. Well the results of the upcoming 2016 elections is still unpredictable. I hope the next president would do something better than the current administration. Most likely the people will suffer from voting the wrong candidate. So as always, vote wisely.

  4. Johnny Ramos on

    The citizenship issue on Grace Poe will never an issue. Sige nga Grace sabihin mo nga sa amin ng tunay na pangalan ng Tatay at Nanay mo. We all knew that Susan Roces did not get pregnant since her marriage to FPJ. To us your real dad means a lot to us it because you may make this nation great again.

  5. apolonio reyes on


  6. She still to prove herself being a senator first before aspiring another higher position as the public does not know still of being a real poe..

  7. The issue is clear in choosing a president – sinong kandidato ang hindi MAGNANAKAW , Ang kanyang mga kamaganak, kaibigan and who will never tolerate corruption at all level of our bureaucracy at pati na sa private sector

  8. Because Sen POE is a presidential TIMBER. It is easy to understand. She has no issue which could underrate her inclusion in the Presidential race. Later on, the propagandists will issue something against her husband, and Susan Roces, background, etc. Nobody could destroy a young and unspoiled candidate. Just remember the words of Dr Jose Rizal,” where are the youth who will wash away so much shame, so much crime , so much abomination.Pure and spotless must be the vctim for the sacrifice must be acceptable..” The answer is SEN GRACE POE!!! The one hope of our motherland!

    • I Remember... on

      One Hope like Aquino son was… right?
      Another six years with an incompetent…that is what you need?

  9. P.Akialamiro on

    Possible candidates for the top positions in the Philippine Government do a great service or disservice, depending on whether they are qualified or barely qualified.

    There should be a better process of selecting candidates for these positions in the Philippines. As of now. it seems that the ony two choices are: experienced with questionable integrity; or, inexperienced with honesty. Either way, the Filipino people are at the losing end. Don’t we deserve better?

    Anyone who is intelligent, experienced and honest, which will make us all very proud about our leader and country? Read it Gibo?

    • William Tubig Dungo on

      Since we are seeing the little picture little by little who will run for philippine president 2016, well the mud slinging politic is going on and started to destroy the personality of candidates who said they will be running. Well I am nominating Bong Bong Marcos to run as my candidate for 2016, so that we can let the good time rolls. Just like the old Marcos, fight hunger for the poor people bringing back green revolution instead of wasting our land of planting nothing. Fight Communist Chinese and Communist Russia no matter what the human casualty it is. Now in our own two eyes we see China and Malaysia took Sabah and West Philippines Sea and the current government did nothing. We need a presidential candidates who had experience running and governing local government and congress or the senate. This way he/she had felt and experienced how the ordinary people had live and still living. The compassion he will give to the poor people his governing and provide to them good quality way of life especially removed kagutuman. But instead this government priority is the rich people and foreign investors how they become more richer and make the Pilipino as their slave worker. Like the people who died in Caloocan fire of a factory.