• I Show You Freedom


    (This poem is an excerpt from the sequel-in-progress of the epic, Ten Thousand Lines Project For World Peace.)

    I have sung my song to you Lord of Heaven,
    I have given myself fully
    to you,
    And You have given Yourself fully to me,
    But, my eyes can only see a small part of reality,
    I feel there is so much more,
    Yet, I am so limited,
    My mind is but a shadow,
    I watch it, this giant
    As it forms into a volcano in the midst of the city,
    I watch it now, watch it
    Until it dawns on me I am
    Not my shadow.

    I sing to You the continuation
    Of the epic, Father,
    I write in celebration
    of You.
    To you, my reader,
    you are watching
    Me on the stage of the page,
    As I watch the role on the stage of the page,
    But you haven’t looked beyond yet,
    But I have looked beyond the roles,
    I see you, I look
    at your eyes,
    Your eyes that are still looking at the words,
    For incidents, for action in non-action,
    Tracing wisdom in the clues,
    Your eyes that are hungry for truth,
    Your heart that thirsts
    for bliss,
    I watch you from a distance,
    And yet am near, so near,
    In fact, more than near,
    For both of us are
    interlocking parts
    In the entirety of existence.

    The first epic and this sequel epic are spontaneous.
    I show you freedom.


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