• I will not deceive public – Poe


    SENATOR Grace Poe on Thursday said she can parry criticisms regarding her eligibility to run for higher office as she gave assurances that she has no plans to deceive the public.

    “I can assure our countrymen that I have been honest to them,” Poe said.

    While there are questions on the dates entered in her certificate of candidacy (COC) that she filed in 2012, the senator said her physical presence in the Philippines will disprove allegations that she is not qualified to run for public office for lack of residency.

    But Poe noted that she gave birth in the country in 2004 and even bought a house.

    She added that the people also saw her regularly being interviewed at the height of the protest actions against former President Gloria Arroyo in 2005.

    “The question about my residency is not true. And if they decide to file a case, we are ready to answer all issues and provide documents,” the senator said.

    “The issue against me is not about corruption or incompetence, it is an attack on my personality,” she pointed out.

    Poe said she is not the kind of person who will do anything just to get a position.

    “My conscience won’t allow me to deceive the people just to be able to run for a higher position,” she told reporters.

    Poe has yet to declare if she will run for President in 2016 with Senator Francis Escudero as her running mate.

    Escudero also has yet to bare his political plans for next year.

    The senator, a good friend of Poe, said he will support the latter in whatever capacity.

    Poe meanwhile said that she can run even without Escudero as her running mate.

    “That is the good thing of being an independent. We have our own decisions and initiatives. So even if I choose not to run, Senator Chiz can still pursue his candidacy if ever and vice versa,” Poe explained.

    Jefferson Antiporda


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    1. apolonio reyes on

      Sen. Grace Poe Llamanzares, I heard from radios that you will that you will again open the your investigation on the Mamasapano Massare of 44 SAF heroes. May I suggest Madam Senator that you invite the US Intelligence as there were reports that a US Drone was hovering Mamasapano a week before the Massacre getting intelligence and feeding this to the SAF . I believed that the US Drone was taking actual situations of the more than 12 hours fighting between SAF and MILF and was feeding the information to the AFP-PNP. Although we already know the usual answer of the US Intel ” We cannot confirm nor Deny “, your line of questioning the US will be a gauge for our people where your allegiance is, the US your former country or the Philippines?
      The opposition UNA and many like me will be happy to watch you and Sen. Alan Cayetano ask questions to US Intel which will be one factor if I will vote for you Madam Poe or Roxas, this 2016.

      • Grace Poe Llamanzares already buried that report,

        if it was reopened maybe the president could comply and answer questions this time or turn over his phone for the txt messages or will he send his lapdog Mar Roxas out again to say he forgot to tell the president that the senate committee wanted to talk with him ?

        After promising answers and justice for the SAF 44 we got neither answers or any kind of justice.

        No one cooperated except Napenas.

        The report could of been submitted in plenary (giving other members not on the committee a chance to ask questions) instead she chose to shield the president by giving the report to the President’s appointee Ombudsman Morales.

        Remember Morales ? Supreme court ordered Morales to investigate and charge anyone of misusing the DAP Fund but no one was ever charged.

        Remember Morales ? lied to help Aquino get Chief Justice Corona impeached so he could appoint his own chief Justice to the Supreme Court to get more money for Hacienda Luisita.

        Aquino’s appointment to chief Justice after getting rid of of Corona ? Maria Lourdes Sereno a ollege friend who wrote Aquino’s appeal to the Supreme Court headed by Corona for compensation for Hacienda Luista.

        All that only cost P1 billion, 50 million peso for each for the 20 senators who voted to impeach Corona.

        Poe-Llamanzares said about Aquino after their 5 hour dinner, “I consider him a true and sincere friend and he has my utmost respect”.

    2. The Mamasapano massacre, being the chairperson of the committee why did she not submit the same to the senate plenary for further discussion and to have a closure in aid of what they call legislation?
      That act alone proves that she is also an accessory to cover up for the ill moves of the BS Aquino III. Then here comes her claim to be an independent?

      • Jay de Ocampo on

        Tama ka Pre. Sen. Grace Poe is full of hypocrisy. When she was still waiting for pNoy’s endorsement, tahimik na tahimik cya regarding Mamasapano massacre. Now that she wasnt endorsed by PNoy, biglang nag-iiba ang mga isyu na ipinukol niya kay pNoy.. tama na , sobra na..

      • I will not deceive public – Poe

        She already did by giving the committee report to Ombudsman Morales who Aquino appointed.

        Such reports by Senate committees are supposed to be “reported out” or presented to the entire Senate, so senators who weren’t members of the committees that investigate the issue could critique it or contribute to it.

        Llamanzares didn’t.

        So technically, the much-ballyhooed Mamasapano Report isn’t at all a Senate report, and its status is merely: “Pending Second Reading, Ordinary Business.”
        That means it still has to be taken up, debated, amended, if necessary, then approved by the entire Senate in plenary. Since it is just a report of the Senate’s many committees, and not a report of the Senate itself, historians in the future may not even find Poe’s much-ballyhooed report in its archives.

        An incredulous press pressured her to explain why she didn’t report it out to the Senate. She replied lamely, as if she didn’t know that it was standard procedure to do so, and that it cannot just be treated upon her whim: “The report is about facts and findings. The Ombudsman acknowledged receipt of our recommendations. I will no longer present in plenary.

        Forty-four of our finest troops were massacred, even stripped of their pants to humiliate them, and there are strong indications that the President refused to save them. Yet the Senate stops in finding out what really happened, what Aquino did or did not do?

        Grace Poe is dishonest no matter what she or her spokesperson says, Grace is riding the Aquino express like the others, she is just trying to hide it.