I will quit if proven wrong – Trillanes

PROOF? Sen. Antonio Trillanes holds a document that he claims is part of bank documents showing the bank deposits of Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. PHOTO BY MIKE DE JUAN

PROOF? Sen. Antonio Trillanes holds a document that he claims is part of bank documents showing the bank deposits of Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. PHOTO BY MIKE DE JUAN

Senator Antonio Trillanes 4th on Thursday vowed to resign as a senator and withdraw from the vice presidential race if his claim that Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte did not declare P211 million in the mayor’s Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN) will be proven wrong.

In a news conference, Trillanes challenged Duterte to sign a waiver for his Bank of the Phlippine Islands (BPI) account, which the senator said contains P211 million.

Trillanes showed the media a “mother document” that contains bank details of Duterte and his three children–Paolo, Sara and Sebastian.

He said if the mayor wins in the May 9 elections, he will use the bank document as basis for the filing of an impeachment complaint against Duterte.

“Gagawin ko itong [This will be the] basis for an impeachment complaint, ako ang mangunguna diyan. Kaya ngayon pa lang harapin mo na itong issue na ito. Kung magkamali man ako, wala na ako sa pulitika [I will lead. It will be better if you face this issue now. If I am proven wrong, then I’m out of politics]. That is one way of dealing with me,” Trillanes added.

According to him, the P211 million that Duterte has in the bank is just the tip of the iceberg.

“Meron pang mas malaki diyan [He has more]. It will come out once we have verified it. We’re just making sure that our count is correct. This is hundreds of millions. I can’t preempt it yet kasi mahirap magkamali sa figures. Ngayon ang sa akin dito, pwede siyang magtago sa legalities. Pero sa issue na ito, natanggal yung yabang niya eh. Nagtatago siya sa legalities,” Trillanes said.

In March, Duterte and his running mate Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano signed a waiver that will supposedly open their bank accounts for public scrutiny and asked their rivals to do the same.

Trillanes, however, said the waiver they offered to be signed was not accepted by the bank.
“The Duterte campaign is based on a lie, is based on a propaganda. Hindi po paraiso ang Davao [Davao is no paradise], hindi sila [they are not the]safest city. Si Mayor Duterte wala siyang anti-crime agenda, wala siyang anti-corruption agenda, hindi siya natutulog sa kulambo, kung ano-ano man na gimmick. Hindi po totoo yun. Bilyonaryo po yung mama [Mayor Duterte has no anti-crime agenda, he has no anti-corruption agenda. He’s a billionaire,” the senator added.

"The challenge remains. Once and for all let’s end this. Kung hindi ito totoo [If this is not true], you have the chance to get rid of a Senator Trillanes forever. Ilabas mo, pirmahan mo, punta tayo sa bangko, pag mali ako [B[Bring the waiver out, sign it,let’s go to the bank,if I am wrong] will resign on the spot and I will withdraw my candidacy,” Trillanes said.
He dared Duterte to show up at the BPI Julia Vargas branch on Monday so that they will know who is telling the truth.


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  1. sen. Trillanes if you want to picture yourself as Mr. Expose and anti corruption, why did you not charge and expose Sec. Abaya,,Sec. Abad and Sec. of Agriculture. dahil ka alyado nina Pnoy. You are just making a grand standing, sisikat ka kasi pag ang subject mo si Duterte.

    • Gusrto ni DU30 maku di pakinabangan ang nakaw mo. Quit you as senator ay puwede kang mag re elect ,pero pag nakulong ka ay bye bye na sa public..
      Kung talagang lehitimo at tutoo ang bintang mo.bake takot kang pumirma sa affidavit. Ikaw ang nag umpisa ng issue, dapat ikaw ang mauna..sabi naman ni DU30 ay simple. affidavit mo aypirmado, bubuksan niya ang account period, Wag kang mag short cut..ano ka sinusuwerte pares ng nangyare ke Corona. Dapat ikanta mo na kung sino ang small lady na nagbigay sa iyo ng account ni DU30.Wala ka ring ligtas sa BPI dahil inatake mo unlawfull ang system nila.Ang senador pala ay above the law,ngayon ko lang na realized

  2. Talk to the BPI Preferred Banking Relationship Manager. He usually brags and demonstrates that he knows details of your account. He probably did it for Trillanes.

  3. jeff jaramillo on

    Trillanes, where did you put the money given to you by Pnoy in voting against CJ Corona? And how much were you paid in going after Bnay when he was number one in all polls and now to Duterte. How much money are you being paid?????

    • Bernabe Olalia on

      Very good questions…dapat sagutin muna ni trillanes iyan bago siya patulan ni du30….hehe,,

  4. this is now the opportunity of Duterte to prove Trillanes wrong and get rid of Trillanes as senator, and get more votes if the revelation of Trillanes is not true.

  5. The Philippine Media is truly imprudent by giving any platform to Trillanes who is guilty of accessing bank accounts of other people. And he even brags about his lawless access to accounts not his own!

    The Philippines is really damned nation because its laws are not followed by its people including legislators themselves.

    The current political leaders from the President down to Senators, Congressemen are indeed lawless individuals.

    Why should my Bank Account be accessed by persons other than me? Bank officers and staff in disclosing my bank account details to 3rd person should be jailed!

  6. Trillanes gawa ka ng statement of affidavits mo then file in court para yung yabang mo na may katibayan ka na Ganon kalaki ang pera ni duterte!! Puro ka ngawa ng ngawa!!

    • The real idea here is make a noise until May 9 para mailto ang mga botante. Pinaiikot lang ni trillanes ang issue at wala siyang intension na tapusin ito..Example,ayaw niyang pumirma sa affidavit na dapat kasi ay may mga evidensya daw siya na nakatiklop pero ayaw ipakita sa bias media..intension ng administrayon ay lituhin tayo Igagsak ang mga Oligarch ,palitan ang 1986 Cory constitution kaya tayo lalong naghihirap

  7. Desperate Moves! dati c binay nang nag number 1 si Duterte siya naman ang target. Nobody believes Trillanes. This person will campaign against anyone if the price is right! Mag quit daw sya sa VP race, e kse alam nya naman ng kulelat sya at walang chance manalo. I bet if duterte wins, this idiot will stage another mutiny with his gang. Probably City of dreams or Solaire naman.

  8. Rodan Guerrero on

    This thick faced illegal senator strikes again… A failed soldier who creates trouble everywhere he goes. Trillanes why dont do HARAKIRI? The problem we are facing with China is your creation with BSA. You are one of the dirtiest senator this country ever had!

  9. Wether Trillanes got the data illegaly or not is beyond the point. We are talking here about the Presidency for God’s sake! Let Duterte prove to the people that he is not lying when he said that he is poor and not corrupt. Let him prove that he is indeed clean. He shouldn’t let Trillanes tarnish his name and image so he needs to prove Trillanes wrong by opening voluntarily his alleged hidden accounts. He owed it to the Filipino people to show the truth and prevent the fracture of our society.

    This is the presidency for Goddam’s sake! Show us the truth!

    • If trillanes for sure got all evidence,he don’t need du30 to open his account because he already hack. Baka bluff lang yung laman ng envelop kaya ayaw niyang pumirma sa Affidavit at gusto niyang gamitin ang media kagaya ng nangyari sa kaso ni Corona na yung small lady ay hindi na question sa hearing. Dapat ay kalusin na ang kangaroo court na ito ng mga dilawan. Change is coming . Kaso ni Trillanes sa BPI ay paano niya nakuha ang account number ni DU30,baka tinulungan siya ng central bank at alam na natin kung sino ang utak nito

  10. Juan T. Delacruz on

    Trillanes is showing to the whole world his stupidity because on what he said; he will be filing an impeachment complaints if Duterte will becomes the President. Trillanes failed to understand that Duterte will be filing another SALN as a President, and what happens if Duterte declare his assets amounting to 3 or 5 Billion Pesos? Is his suit will be for retroactive? Pwede ba yun? sa palagay ko ay hindi.

    If for some reason that Trillanes claims that the huge amount of money are dirty money, the burden of proof is on Trillanes. He will submit another complaint, not for SALN but for illegally amassing wealth, and the burden of proof is still on him. Therefore, Trillanes needs to change his strategy to nail Duterte, but it seems like Duterte is a step ahead of him. As of now, Trillanes is trying to get a publicity.

  11. When Binay was accused by Trillanes almost every one came out calling Binay to prove his innocence. Now its Digong and everyone says Digong has legal rights and need not sign any waiver.

    When CJ Corona did not make proper declarations in SALN most of us approved the impeachment… Now, its a different story.

  12. Ganon nalang ang gustong niyang magresign at umalis sa vice presidential race kc wla nman talaga cya sa survey! Sayang ang boto ko noong last election binigay ko pala sa isang taong nagppagamit sa mga politikong kupal at magnnakaw.

  13. ferdinand naboye on

    hi may saysay pa ba ang bank secrecy law why does trillanes just give allege bank accounts of other people. Does the banks in cohorts to this action

    • With Duterte’s stature and as a govt official, it is his moral obligation to tell us the truth . If he is a private citizen and not in govt, then that is a different story. No, I dont think the bank is not in connivance with Trillanes. Perhaps, Duterte can hide behind legalities but if he wants to come clean on this allegation, he needs to take on Trillanes challenge. Let’s see who is telling the truth. We the voting public needs to know. You owe it to us.

    • Ayalas own BPI. Ayalas are close to PNoy. PNoy supports Mar. Mar is against Duterte. Mar’s family is related to Ayalas.

      Is it any wonder that Trillanes got info that are supposed to be secret?

  14. Oh Trillanes, nobody believes you anymore, you are just used as an instrument to fight their dirty wars. There is no sense talking and talking, sue duterte and we will find out the truth. appearing before a camera and saying you are the righteous will not do you any good. For a long time you have been a lost soul, that is why you are an independent, wonder why? nobody likes you really, they just woo you to do their dirty jobs for them. go ahead, sue duterte and let us find out the truth.

  15. The answer to Trillanes is this: “So what is the problem” you probably has millions of MONey stashed some where also. Where in the name of God are you getting your money to make a VP run?Don’t tell the people that a fairy godmother is giving you the funds. But in any game of politics, the “loser” are the very noisy ones. Start winning first. Mayor Duterte brings hope to most of the Pilipino, who are hoping for a saviour in the long standing problem of law and order in the Philippines. While you are not offering anything. If you want to become an investigator, joined the DOJ or the Police Dept, but you do not kn ow anything about LAW. You are just pretending to know something about it. You are not a lawyer, so don’t pretend to be.

    • C’mon people, open your eyes and your mind. We need to know the truth. If Duterte will be our next president, he owes it to us to shed light on this. I don’t think Trillanes will risk his name, his career, his credibility and his reputation to smear the name of a would be president. This is very important. That our president is an honest and trustworthy man.
      Voting is a sacred right, by voting we create power and put that power to rule us. Let us be smart and be brave to face the truth.

  16. Is it not illegal against privacy and secrecy laws to publish alleged banking records of Filipinos?

  17. Felipe D. Rosales on

    In my opinion, Sen Trillanes is indeed true to his words, I salute his sleuthing tactics & for Mayor Duterte he will deny all the allegations but if proven true Duterte will accept it as proven in his past statements regarding his bank accounts with BPI.

    • Trillanes accussation against Duterte is full of doubt and illigalities. .As a law maker he should have respected the bank secrecy law. Now he can be jailed for obtaining someone account information from bank without permission. He is talking
      about billion of pesos deposit of Duterte but he can’t figure out if these money came from corruption from gov’t projects in Davao city that must also cost billion of pesos. Unlike the case of Binay, it started from overpriced of Makati Parking building. He is offering to withdraw VP candidacy pag hindi daw tutoo. I think he will not even get 1% votes come this May 9 election. He is good as non-VP candidate..

  18. Juan T. Delacruz on

    Sen. Trillanes, ‘wag nang maraming daldal pa! Duterte asked you to make a statement under oath, where and when you got it, for what purpose and how. He also added that for you to file a case and then he opens those bank accounts.

    Why not comply to his request? make it legal and official and see where both of you will end up. Prove to the whole Country that you have the BALLS. File a case and make a statement under oath, Bozo!

  19. Trillanes, tumigil ka na nga sa mga hamon mo.
    Kulelat ka sa mga VP candidate surveys so walang mawawala sa iyo kung aatras ka sa candidacy mo.
    Hindi ka respected sa senate so wala ring mawawala sa iyo.
    Ang mga hinahamon mo napakalaki ang stake at siraulo silapag pinatulan ka.

  20. Josie Asuncion on

    If Duterte can prove Sen. Trillianes wrong, then 100 % he’ll be the next president. But if he doesn’t reply to Sen.Trillaines’ dare, he’ll lose a huge votes.

    • Duterte does not need to reply Trillanes accusations, if Trillanes really has sufficient evidence then why not he make an affidavit as Duterte asked and file a charge against Duterte in court. Filipinos are not dumb to believe trillanes. If anybody can just fabricate a document and showed to the world and let the accused explain everything, will you like that to be done to you? Don’t be a BIG HYPOCRITE!!!

  21. Verner Abella on

    Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation
    Republic Act No. 1405
    SECTION 2. All deposits of whatever nature with banks or banking institutions in the Philippines including investments in bonds issued by the Government of the Philippines, its political subdivisions and its instrumentalities, are hereby considered as of an absolutely confidential nature and may not be examined, inquired or looked into by any person, government official, bureau or office, except upon written permission of the depositor, or in cases of impeachment, or upon order of a competent court in cases of bribery or dereliction of duty of public officials, or in cases where the money deposited or invested is the subject matter of the litigation.

    HOW DID TRILLANES GET THESE BANK RECORDS WITHOUT ANY COURT ORDER? And by the way, it’s less than 2 weeks before the Election day! I AM NOT THAT STUPID!!!

  22. Yan Ang attitude ng mga opportunista. Lumapit pala Kay Duterte at gustong tumakbong running mate Nya e tinanggihan ni Duterte Kaya sinisiraan si Duterte. Baka nalimutan nyo si Trillanes Ang nag back Chanel sa China re our Scarborough Shoal O tignan nyo Kung sino Ang nasa SS ngayon. Sinita nga ni Enrile sa Senado kaso nag walk out at Hindi maharap si Enrile. Sabi nga ni Enrile this guy is a Fraud. Kulelat kasi sa Survey Kaya gumagawa ng gimmick Nya. DUTERTE at MARCOS sa May 9,3016!