• ICRC, PRC provides shelter, livelihood for Yolanda survivors


    THOUSANDS of families who survived Typhoon Yolanda in Kalibo, Aklan benefitted from the housing and livelihood programs of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the Philippine Red Cross (PRC).

    PRC Secretary General Gwendolyn Pang recently visited 6,500 families who receivedom the homes project of the PRC, as well as the 6,670 livelihood programs. Residents of Brgy. Guinbaliwan, New Washington; Brgy. Aranes, Balate; Brgy. Cabangahan, Madalag; Brgy. Logonon, Madalag; Brgy. Pinonoy and Brgy. Janlud received IFRC livelihood capitals in hog raising and sari-sari store operation.

    “The Red Cross movement is focused on providing shelter and livelihood to the survivors of typhoon Yolanda. We were here when it hit, and we will be here until every community has completely recovered,” said Pang.

    ICRC President Peter Maurer commended the partnership between the ICRC and PRC in implementing the recovery efforts, saying that it can be modeled and used in other places in the world.

    “The work of the Philippine Red Cross and ICRC and other support organizations are really appreciated. They are taking initiatives on their own to make the support even bigger,” said Maurer of the impact of the recovery efforts to devastated populations in the Philippines.

    Pang was joined by PRC Manager of Typhoon Haiyan Operations Resty Lou Talamayan, member of the Board of Directors Bayani Cordova, OIC member and fund drive unit Noel Natividad, and representative from the Spanish Red Cross Roger Alonso, Australian Red Cross Donna Mcskimming, and the Cooperation Coordinator of the IFRC.

    “It was difficult for tour fellow Filipinos here to survive, but the PRC has made it bearable with all the support,” said Talamayan.

    Mayor Dindo Gubatina who led the recipients of the PRC homes and livelihood project, thanked the PRC for the help extended from the start.

    “The Red Cross was one of the very first to extend much-needed help in these areas. And they saw us through as we picked up the pieces everyday,” said the mayor.

    After typhoon Yolanda, the ICRC and PRC prioritized livelihood projects, employing thousands of people by giving them jobs clearing debris on roads, farmlands and backyards, digging trenches, and cutting and producing lumber.

    The PRC is also constructing 90,000 shelter units for the families devastated by typhoon Yolanda and continues to provide families with livelihood opportunities so that they can rebound and become self-reliant as soon as possible.


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