• The ideal position of the right elbow and hands


    Most golfers who want to score better will always resort to absolute proficiency. Plenty of practice and knowing precisely what to do are a must. So, there are key points to consider that are vital to become a class “A” golfer. The mechanics of the swing would come first, and then the mental side of the game follows. It can definitely work simultaneously.

    Let us deal with mechanics first. One of the best parts to watch out for when swinging the golf club is the position of the right elbow (for right-handed golfers), together with the position of the hands. When done accordingly, it establishes a more compact position of the arms throughout the swing, particularly on the hitting zone, resulting in more solid ball contacts and straighter shots.

    The writer demonstrates normal address position. PHOTO BY BUDDY DE JOYA

    When the right elbow and hand positions are maintained throughout the back swing, during the transition, until the forward swing upon impact and follow-through, the clubface and the swing plane become more constant. There is no need to manipulate with your hands and arms. The right hand feels like a slapping motion at impact. Otherwise, manipulating with the hands and arms will only trigger additional faults as the swing evolves.

    Simplifying the mechanism and understanding how it works boils down to no more than four basic motions in a full swing. Of course, some adjustments can be made depending on the issues that needs correction.

    Upon address, take note of the distance between your arms where the parts of the elbows are. When you begin your swing with a one-piece takeaway, the right arm bends about halfway before it reaches the top of the back swing, the distance between the elbows must be maintained. Avoid moving the right elbow upward and away from the upper body. If and when the elbow comes too close and to the backside of the shoulder blade, it must be avoided, too!

    The very key component is to hold the position of the right elbow (right-handed golfers), at address thru the top of the back swing, by rotating your shoulders first, prior to rotating the torso and hips. On the forward swing, it is ideal to rotate the shoulders, torso and the hips altogether, maintaining the angles set by the arms from the top of the backswing until after impact. It is best to maintain until the very end of the follow-through.

    This is not an easy task. But with dedication and a full understanding of this mechanism, it will make it worthwhile to spend a little of your time practicing this concept. Eventually, this will prevent you from figuring out how the swing mechanics work your whole lifetime. It saves time and money! So, practice these drills at home for about 5 minutes a day for 30 days.


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