Ideas to pull off a real mom’s holiday


Mother’s Day is a time for people to thank their moms for their never-ending sacrifices for the family. After all, they assume different roles round-the-clock just to make everyone’s lives comfortable. She becomes a chef to prepare meals every day; a doctor to tend to young and old when sick; a teacher to help with school, work and life problems; and the CEO of the household who makes sure everyone is happy doing what they do.

Simple gestures for mom like baking cupcakes will surely warm her heart

As part of Solane’s “Dapat Lang” campaign—a program that emphasizes the importance of doing the right thing for family and society as a whole—below are ideas on how everyone can truly give their moms a holiday on Mother’s Day, because they should.

Cook breakfast for mom. Mothers are usually the first ones to wake up early to prepare meals. This time around, let mom sleep a little longer and prepare her favorite breakfast food. Make it even more special and let her have breakfast in bed. Not only will mom admire the gesture, but it is also guaranteed to be a good kick-start to Mother’s Day.

Let mom enjoy a work-free day. Being head of the household means overseeing if the house is clean, ensuring the pantry is stocked with food, and cooking food for the family. Without a doubt, it can get tiring for moms. On Mother’s Day, help her by volunteering to do the household chores and let her sit back and relax.

Spend time together. Set aside all other plans and enjoy the rest of the day with mom. Gather the whole family together and celebrate an adventure-filled day like a picnic in the park, outdoor barbecue, a hike or swim, or an out-of-town trip. This will definitely make mom feel special!

Pamper mom. This is the perfect time to make mothers feel like queens for a day. After all the chores, treat her to a quick session of mani-pedi, an hour worth of massage, or even something as simple as putting cucumber slices on her face for an affordable at-home facial that will immediately make her feel like royalty.

Surprise mom with a simple gift. Celebrating Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be grand or expensive. Simple gestures like making a hand-made card with a short but sweet message, offering a long-stemmed rose, or baking a cake will surely warm her heart. As they say, it’s the thought that counts!


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