If Aquino couldn’t trust Roxas, why should we?


    If presidential candidate Manuel Roxas 3rd looked so morose at the Senate hearing the other day on the Mamasapano massacre – especially when Senator Juan Ponce Enrile grilled him on why he did not do anything to save the massacred police commandos – it was most probably because he has already been mourning the fatal impact of that incident on his bid to be the next Philippine President.

    Enrile snarled at him and Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin: “You two are in charge of the nation’s security! You on internal security, Secretary Gazmin (who sat beside Roxas) on external security, but you did nothing [to save the 44 Special Action Force troopers]?”

    Indeed, Roxas by his own admission, said that he was informed of Oplan Exodus, its success in killing a wanted international terrorist, Marwan, and of the troopers’ difficulties at about 7:00 in the morning, after which, he said, he promptly informed President Aquino through an SMS message of what he just learned.

    “What was Aquino’s response?” he was asked. Roxas said, “He replied: ‘thank you’.”

    Didn’t Roxas find that response strange? Did he not get angry that the police, which was supposed to be under him, undertook probably the most important anti-terrorist operation ever in the country, and he knew nothing about it?

    Why did he not ask Aquino about it when they were on the presidential jet for an hour-and-a-half just sitting, watching the clouds pass by on their way to Zamboanga City?

    What kind of a head of our internal security was he? An international terrorist was terminated, there was an operation still ongoing in which the troopers were in some trouble, yet Roxas didn’t even take the initiative to discuss these important developments with the President?

    Almost the whole day of Jan. 25, 2015 in Zamboanga, Roxas was with Aquino, getting messages that indicated that the police troopers were trapped in enemy territory, and the defense secretary – who could have given express orders to the military to save the SAF troops – was by his side.

    Roxas and Gazmin at Mamasapano Senate hearing, bawled at by Enrile.

    Roxas and Gazmin at Mamasapano Senate hearing, bawled at by Enrile.

    Yet Roxas didn’t bother to ask – to demand – that Aquino call for an emergency command conference to determine exactly what was happening and plan how to save the SAF members who were still locked in battle.

    He was exchanging text messages with his police officials, of course. But no, he did not bother to ask for a command conference. Why?

    “When I got the reports of an encounter, it seemed just another encounter in the normal course of events. There was no sense of urgency,” he said. He thought it was just another encounter, in which an international terrorist is killed in a raid deep into Muslim insurgent territory?

    What did the police officials need to do to emphasize to him a “sense of urgency?” Show him pictures of bloody SAF troopers on the ground?

    Roxas’ excuses could have sounded logical if he were in his office in Manila, and moving from meeting to meeting. But he wasn’t. The whole day he was with the President, ranking police and military officers, and with defense secretary Gazmin, as reports on the carnage in Mamasapano trickled in.

    Did he not find it strange that Aquino the other day suddenly asked him to go to Zamboanga ostensibly to check what really happened in the reported bomb attack in the city, only to be told when they got there that an international terrorist had been killed in Mamasapano near Cotabato City, an hour away by helicopter from where they were?

    Roxas’ last excuse was pathetic: “I didn’t even know there was an operation going on. We were blinded, and we didn’t know we were blinded,” referring to the fact Aquino had not informed him and defense secretary Gazmin of Oplan Exodus. “The entire morning I and Voltz (Gazmin) were looking at each other, wondering what was happening,” he even dared to say.

    The President didn’t trust him and Gazmin enough to tell them about Oplan Exodus.

    When he found out about it early in the morning, Roxas did not even have the guts to ask Aquino what was really going on, who had the task of informing the President about the progress of the operation and why the President blindsided him on such an important operation, to demand that the Zamboanga visit be cut short so that the entire presidential party could focus on taking immediate action to save the lives of the SAF troops under him. That would have been leadership.

    Men with just an iota more of integrity would have resigned right there and then, refusing to accept and dignify the President’s act of going over his head in the chain of command and demonstrating to the whole world that he didn’t trust his interior secretary. And this guy of weak command sinews and moral fiber wants to be President of this Republic?

    Aquino himself couldn’t trust Roxas with Oplan Exodus, why are they, then, asking us to trust him to run the country?

    The Mamasapano and “Yolanda” disasters were litmus tests for Roxas to show his leadership. He utterly failed. The Mamasapano hearing the other day provided the last nails for Roxas’ political entombment.

    Plan “P”
    I have been hearing rumors that given Roxas’ inability to demonstrate his leadership and his low poll ratings, Aquino and his Yellow Cult – worried that they could end up in jail this year if they lost power – are launching a Plan B, or rather Plan “P,” which involves shifting their support and resources to Sen. Grace Poe-Llamanzares.

    The talk is that Roxas has been forced to rely almost entirely on the Araneta-Roxas wealth, rather than on the Liberal Party-Yellow Cult’s campaign kitty, and that the new Interior Government Secretary Senen Sarmiento had been given explicit instructions to wait for express orders from Aquino and Senator Franklin Drilon on the release of DILG funds for use in the May election campaign.

    The Mamasapano hearing provided us with indications that Aquino may have, indeed, shifted his support to Llamanzares. Llamanzares appeared to be supportive of the plot to clear Aquino of any accountability for the Mamasapano massacre, and seemed to want the hearing to end as soon as possible. Aquino’s lawyer, Senate President Franklin Drilon, was on Llamanzares’ side the whole time, and had been seen whispering to her from time to time.

    Although I admire very much presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte for his anti-elite worldview, the Mamasapano hearing added to my suspicion that his bark may be worse than his bite.

    He has been bragging that he knows what really happened in the Mamasapano massacre because he was there, hinting that he was in the confidential briefings with the President. While he says the information he holds is confidential, he may be forced to disclose what he knows in a Senate hearing. But Enrile issued an open invitation for him to attend the hearing. He made no appearance at the Senate and we don’t hear his bark over Mamasapano any more.

    The only presidential candidate that has been unscathed by this Mamasapano hearing is Vice President Jejomar Binay. Quite cleverly, and in contrast to Duterte, he has kept his mouth shut – after commiserating profusely with the SAF 44 relatives last year, and the image embedded now in the public’s mind is that of Binay saluting a huge mural of the fallen troopers.



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    1. We need no further convincing that Mar Roxas is a totally incompetent cuck, but I suppose one more piece of proof wouldn’t hurt. Hehe

    2. therefore, I conclude what happen at SAF44 investigations are closed. Those persons
      committed big mistakes… Pres. Aquino, Mar Roxas, Gazmin, Purisima & john does

      Espina & Napenas…. have mistakes also…but i saluted both officers.

    3. Napenas is a man of honor and the only one at the hearings that is truthful.

      The only thing Napenas did wrong was expecting Aquino and Purisima to do their jobs and not abandon the SAF during the withdraw.
      the President intentionally, deliberately and actually confined and arrogated unto himself full knowledge, command and control and strategic decisions. The President excluded all others, including members of the Cabinet

      The military was not prepared to render any assistance without permission from Aquino and that permission was only granted after the SAF were lost.

    4. RT:

      OPLAN Exodus was cleverly crafted with Gen. Getulio Napenas as fall guy if things go down south at it terribly did.

      Finer points:
      1. It had Executive Clearance (Boy Sisi’s fingerprints) because:

      – it kept DILG Sec. Mar Roxas out of the loop (part of the script) so as to shield him from potential backlash;

      – it installed then suspended PNP Chief Alan Purisima as over-all in charge/ “handler” of Gen. Napenas in the execution of the operation.

      – it was made a “Police Operation” in deep MILF territory [hahaha :-) ] in lieu of a Military operation so as not to disrupt/interfere with the ongoing peace talks on the BBL or Bangsa Moro Basic Law. NOTE, however that the MILF blamed the atrocities on the BIFF who aren’t parties to the BBL. Both sides are playing it safe.

      JPE failed miserably. He was beating around the bush. He should have zeroed in right off the bat on the Executive hand that signed off on Oplan Exodus. Worse, JPE ought to have asked Gen. Napenas point blank who the American agents were and what department when Napenas admitted there were American agents involved….. must have been DIA agents.

      • The Oplan Exodus is not cleverly crafted as you stated. Not by any stretch of my imagination. Clearly there is no explanation on reinforcement if there was a firefight. The communication system is appalling. I can almost predict that the plan was not revisted. Check when it was dated. The plan still involved General Purisima. The President obviously consulted him on this. If I was the general who will implement the plan I would have discuss this with the people who are concerned. Did this happened? There are still a lot of questions to ask. Again it is not a question of trust but reviewing the plan, monitoring what is happening on the ground and being fed with the right information. Colonel Napenas assumed that the people above him knows what he is doing but he should have ask the question whether the other branch of military should be consulted in the event of ambush which has happened.

      • On PLAN P:

        Of course, Plan P is under way. Newly appointed SC justice Benjamin Caguioa will be another vote added to and in favor of Grace Poe.

        Caguioa, who is Boy Sisi’s classmate at Ateneo sat as member of the board of APO Production Unit – a GOCC (before he was appointed Pres. Legal Adviser, then DOJ Sec.) engaged in the printing of government forms. It was Caguioa and ES Paquito Ochoa who wrangled the multi-billion E-Passport business from the BSP’s (Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas) technology provider, Oberthur and gave it to APO Production Unit without the benefit of public bidding!

        The ties that bind. PNOY, OCHOA, CAGUIOA, BELMONTE. These are the faces of the LP Splinter Group.

        Which puts us in a quandary because Sonny Coloma’s group under PCOO which is headed by as we all know Mam Maria Montelibano, Boy Sisi’s cousin but identified with COPA of BOY SAYCON and VP Binay being the force behind the NOYBI faction or the erstwhile SAMAR GROUP to which ES Ochoa is also identified with during the 2010 elections.

        What a circus!

    5. It is not a question of Aquino trusting Roxas but the President has turned to Purisima for consultation who was involved in the original plan. Would you not consult?

      On Enrile’s report, this is typical JPE “throwing a spanner in the machine (government)”. As long as he live there will be pointing fingers in the military establishment. He has loyal military personnel under his influence. He probably has influence in Col. Napenas to join the senatorial candidates under Binay another Enrile’s friend. It is so obvious the politics in our country hence I better look for the “X” version of the Mamasapano Report.

    6. Roxas has always been part of the problem ,side by side with BSAquino .
      People should know this by now . Both Incompetent and clueless of the sufferings of the Filipino people . They think they are entitled to Presidency because of their name and family .

    7. Pls advise General Napenas to brief the whole nation regarding oplan exodus… Sa tang bayan sya magpaliwanag at gawing nation wide… Dapat icover ng lahat nang tv and radio station at my question and answer portion para maliwanagan ang buong bayan at Malaman Kung sino talaga ang nagsisinungaling… Dapat ang Manila times and Manila standard ang mag sponsor nito

    8. Ang taong nagigipit kahit sa patalim ay kumakapit. Hope Mar Roxas understood this Pilipino saying. He should have known now, who between him and Pnoy would likely cling to the dagger..Also in politics there is no permanent friends only permanent interests. Roxas must be discerning enough..Plan P and Plan B are all in likelihood might be true..

    9. Ang taong nagigipit kahit sa patalim ay kumakapit. Hope Mar Roxas understood this Pilipino saying. He should have known now, who between him and Pnoy would likely cling to the dagger..Also in politics there is no permanent friends only permanent interests. Roxas must be discerning otherwise enough..Pan P and Plan B are all in likelihood might be true..

    10. gangnam gannam on

      may papogi pa sa bandang huli, sya nga pala nakakabwisit at lagpas 6am pa lang kanina lumabas na kagad ads ni nognog.. kapal talaga

    11. In fact, we should just pity the mama’s boy. Not only has his fatal attraction for benigno caused him to lose all pride and dignity albeit the public insult and humiliation but the incessant hammering of the mom to pursue further his political career even when he has really no knack for it has seemed to caused a deterioration of his persona. In fact, the hearing exhibited on worldwide audience his lack of political wisdom and experience in acting in a time of crisis. Now, it is becoming crystal clear that it is never the mama’s boy who wants the Presidency but it is the mom – out of a desire to regain past glory and a mechanism for more financial gain. When the election is over and all accounting is done, he will again be at the end of the mom’s tongue-lashing for having failed anew.

    12. Roxas is really VERY, VERY INCOMPETENT. Why should we vote on this kind of person to rule our country? Pnoy was the second biggest mistake for people who put him there. The first mistake was his mother. Do you still want to make a third mistake? then vote for this INCOMPETENT ROXAS.

    13. Really? Why should we trust this stem-called senator who feigns sickness and weakness under custody and found out he’s a lot stronger than an ox in this comedy hearing?

      • Uy, alam mo rin pala ang nangyari sa LBC Bank ha. Ikaw ha, dami mo alam, senyor. Joke lang, hehehhe. Pero baka kapangalan lang ang Araneta na involved dun, dba.

    14. Amado P. Salvador on

      With all these write ups abt this and that presidential aspirants, the electors would be left with no very good options as to whom they would vote come election day. The only alternative left is to examine everything about these personalities who would like to lead our Nation for the next 6 yrs. Then CHOOSE THE LESSER EVIL mong them.

    15. Mr. Tiglao, there were two Liberals who were the biggest ” BUTTERFLY ” in Politics ever. President Ramon Magsaysay jump from being Liberal Party DND undersecretary for for reason of the murder of Negros Gov. Lacson, run as Nationalista Party’s president and won. Pres. Ferdinand E. Marcos was the president of the senate and the Liberal Party. Marcos claimed that he had an understanding with Pres. Diosdado Macapagal (LP) that he will be only good for one term. Since, Marcos said that Macapgal don’t want to honor the agreement, Marcos who said ” I promised the Ilocano that if they elect me as their congressman, twenty years hence you will have another Ilocano as president “. Marcos jump to the Nationalista Party and the rest is history.
      President Manuel Roxas, a Nationalista Party member, lost the NP convention to Pres. Osmena formed the Liberal Party and won the presidency. If Manuel Roxas II resigned after the Mamasapano which clearly shows that Pnoy have no trust in him, Roxas, I believed, can easily win the presidency. SAYANG, ROXAS DID NOT TOOK THIS OPPORTUNITY TO BE THE NEXT PRESIDENT.

    16. francisco constantino on

      Roxas has no backbone…. He has no initiative and lives of the common people and the marginalized mean nothing to him…

    17. Sen Poe will never allow to be used only as a Plan B. I think she made the right choice to run as an Independent candidate. She has more freedom and a better platform.

      Also, I think she is a better candidate than the one you first mentioned. I think he lacks empathy for the people and is not who we need in this struggling country.

    18. Are you blaming Roxas for the mismanagement of Aquino ? Remember, Aquino is calling the shots not Roxas. He is the commander in chief not Roxas. If you are blaming Roxas, sir, you are WRONG.

      • Hijo, that was never blaming the mama’s boy. The wannabee could have shown leadership and seize the initiative being the DILG chief. That could have been his shining moment. But alas, he has no sense of history. Great men know when to show leadership at a time of crisis and that could have been his defining moment – getting the PNP to move all their resources to help those beleaguered guys to save them from infamy, with or without benigno’s approval since lives were at stake.

      • It is natural to blame Roxas, because he did nothing to question PNoy why he was bypassed

        It’s true that it is PNoy and Purisima were calling the shots, but did Roxas got upset or condemned PNoy’s action? Of course not!

        And that is Roxas’ fault! He tolerated being turned into a door mat, but still try to cover-up and defend PNoy.

        If he only do what he did in PGMA’s time, maybe he could save his face.

      • He was completely shut out and out of the loop….abnoy was probably thinking what would this bumbling idiot will contribute…. is he the solution or part of my problem???

    19. Sinabi na ni Pnoy about a year ago na: ” ito si Mar Roxas, puros analysis. pero walang aksyon”, and that statement came out in the news. But still Mar is sticking w/ him. He knows that he was dumped by Pnoy in the 2010 election, he knows the Aquino sisters dumped him, he knows na naitsa-pwera siya noon sa Quirino Grandstand hostage crises over, and mas pinagkatiwalaan pa ni Pnoy si Usec Puno more than him. Pero ang di ko maintindihan, ay bakit dikit pa rin siya nang dikit kay Pnoy. In love ba siya dito. Hamak naman na mas maganda si Korina kaysa sa isang panot.

      • “ito si Mar Roxas, puros analysis. pero walang aksyon” Interesting. Curious lang. Kailan sinabi ni PNoy ito? I might have missed this in the news and I can’t find anything about it online. Can you provide a link?

      • Ano ka ba naman, ganun talaga pag may fatal attraction. He will lose all sense of dignity and pride blinded as he with his adoring love and desire to be the guy’s slave. In fact, the desire to be physically close to the guy as well as to get his attention is a manifestation of a sado-masochist tendencies – that instead of the physical hurt, he prefers the public insult and humiliation which are the vitamins, minerals and elixir that boost his ego.

    20. Would you trust a man who deserted his pregnant girlfriend and abandoned his son.

      Would you trust a man who embellishes his lacklustre achievements.

      Would you trust a man who grabs credit for the work of others.

      Would you trust a man who repaid jesse robredo in death by quashing the report he was about to issue, and then using his widow to bolster his failing campaign.

      Would you trust a trust fund baby who is still controlled by mommy.

      Would you trust a man who puts his unqualified/inexperienced ‘friend’ on the board of SSS.

      Would you trust a man who looks down on “the common man”.

      Would you trust a Pnoy Aquino clone.
      Once bitten, twice shy.

      Would you trust a great pretender.

      “When you’re cold, don’t expect sympathy from someone who’s
      Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn , One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

      • Unfortunately, Roxas was supported by a “religious” group founded by Mr. Eliseo Soriano (known as ADD)

        Just observe how rabbid and foul the mouth of their members when trying to defend LP or when attacking LP’s political enemies.

    21. I presume that all Presidential candidates are corrupt but who among them are Incompetent ?? Remember Yolanda and Mamansapano ??
      Your guess !!

    22. Roxas did not even have the guts to ask Aquino what was really going on.

      Llamanzares appeared to be supportive of the plot to clear Aquino of any accountability for the Mamasapano massacre, and seemed to want the hearing to end as soon as possible

      Apparently one whitewash and cover up was not enough, here we go again.

    23. Roxas is finished. Dead meat. LP will leave him in the dust. Roxas is very incapable to make big decision. Money alone will not propel him to the Presidency.