If DQed, Grace should cut cleanly


THIS column is being written before the disqualification case against Sen. Grace Poe Llamanzares is heard for the second time by the Supreme Court. A fast resolution of the case should remove all uncertainties surrounding the presidential race.

Maybe, there’ll be disturbances should the Supreme Court decide to disqualify her. Why, even small-time politicians can muster a crowd to stop the implementation of a decision ordering them to vacate their elective post. Will she egg on her followers to press for her candidacy for president even if the high court finds her unqualified for the post?

Hopefully, Llamanzares will bow to any adverse decision of the high tribunal, even it means goodbye to her ambition to become president. After all, she had said she would accept any SC decision on the case. She should also request her followers to do the same and let the law take its due course.

Incidentally, I’m intrigued by reports that she would no longer rely on a DNA test to prove that she’s a natural-born Filipino. Earlier, she said that a DNA test would prove that she’s one. Why the sudden change of heart? A DNA test could help her case so why is she ignoring it now? Could it be that she’s afraid of finding out the truth?

There is talk that she would endorse former Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte once she’s disqualified. If disqualified, she should take her hands off the 2016 elections completely. Her endorsement would create even bigger chaos in the political arena, especially in the race for vice president and for senator.

If she’ll endorse Duterte, what will happen to her running-mate Sen. Chiz Escudero, and to her senatorial candidates? Duterte has his own candidates for senator and for vice president, Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano. I don’t see any possibility of Duterte’s dropping Senator Alan and his senatorial ticket to get Llamanzares’s support – unless Alan is willing to give way to Chiz, and her senatorial candidates, to those of Duterte, which is farfetched.

In 1992, the original running mate of Danding Cojuangco, Rep. Vicente Rivera Jr. of Bulacan, gave way to Erap Estrada who had decided to slide down from president to vice president. (Estrada went on to become vice president while Rivera, who ran for senator instead under Danding’s ticket, lost.) Could a similar musical chair happen again this year with Cayetano yielding to Chiz?

But what if nobody gives way to Chiz? In such a case, Llamanzares shouldn’t even think of endorsing any presidential candidate. Such an endorsement would be a betrayal of Chiz and her senatorial candidates who have trusted her. They’ll then each be left all alone to campaign for vice president and senator — unless they decide to go down with her also and give up their dreams of becoming vice president or senator.

Kris’ sex as news
ABS-CBN, the favorite television station of President BS Aquino The Last, came out with a report quoting his sister Kris as saying (complaining?) that she hasn’t had sex.

“Is that news?” former Speaker Prospero “Boy Nogie” Nograles asked.

Maybe, Kris not having sex is news to ABS-CBN and persons who know her. That also means it’s no longer news to them if she says that she just had sex.

Recently, BS Aquino urged media to present only news reports that bring hope. How does ABS-CBN’s report on a celibate (?) Kris fit into his notion of what should be news? Well, we can deduce that there’s still hope that Kris could endure days (hours?) without having sex.

Drug banned in US OK in PH
Eterocoxib, a pain reliever banned in the United States, is allowed by the Food and Drugs Administration to be prescribed here.

I learned about this after an internist prescribed it to me to relieve the pain in my left foot. I called my daughter Irene, a registered pharmacist in Nevada, to inquire about Eterocoxib and I was jolted to hear that its sale is not allowed in the US.

“Eterocoxib could trigger heart attack or hypertension,” Irene said.

I guess our FDA should screen drugs tighter before allowing their prescription/sale here. Or, it could get the latest info about drugs from the US FDA which has a more advanced testing mechanism.

* * *

Personal Note: I want to greet former congressman, former governor and former executive secretary Oscar “Oca” Orbos who’s celebrating his birthday anniversary tomorrow, January 28.

I first met Oca at a hearing on federalism conducted by the Constitutional Commission and our friendship grew when he became a congressman. (In 1988, I featured him and the late Raul S. Roco as the two most innovative congressmen.)

I touched base with him anew recently and I found out he still hasn’t lost his dreams for a better Philippines.



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  1. Senator Grace Poe cannot be disqualified from the Presidential race. She’s qualified to run, she’s been here in the Philippines for more than years and exactly 10 years and 11 months on the day of the election. Her intention to return here can be dated way back June of 2004 when she returned to the Philippines and enrolled her children here. Residency must be counted when her intention was to stay here in the country. The Supreme Court said that “in order to acquire a new domicile by choice, there must concur: 1) residence or bodily presence in the new locality, 2) an intention to remain there, and 3) an intention to abandon the old domicile…” It is evident today that Senator Grace Poe’s been residing here in the country. She already abandoned her old domicile by that time.

  2. Francheska Ramos on

    Senator Grace Poe is a natural born Filipino citizen; that’s irrefutable even without further proceedings. Asking her for most-likely impossible evidence is just prolonging the battle and confusing people’s mind about her candidacy. She met the standards and requirements. Hence, she has the very right to seek the presidency.

  3. Ex tee, Grace Poe is a natural born Filipino based on the adoption law in the Philippines as explained by the Chief Justice herself. Ano ba ginawa sa yo ni Grace Poe? Nagnakaw ba sya sa kaban ng bayan? Pumatay ba sya ng kalaban? Inagrabyado nya ba ang mga Filipino para magkaganyan ka laban ssa kanya? O dahil matatalo ang kandiddato mo kung kandidato si Grace Poe?

  4. a DNA test is not needed to prove she’s a natural-born Filipino. By our domestic laws and prevailing doctrines, she si necessarily a natural-born fil. A DNA test would help, but that is a nearly impossible task and CJ sereno agrees.

    • Where have you acquired your law degree, sheila? One more time: LLAMANZARES IS NOT A NATURAL BORN PHILIPPINE CITIZEN. She is a foundling who doesn’t want to find her biological parents. She can very well afford the best Private Investigators (PI) to find her biological parents or even siblings if she wishes to but she doesn’t. She doesn’t want to find the truth because SHE CANNOT HANDLE THE TRUTH! Likewise, LLAMANZARES IS A FRAUD AND A CHEAT.

    • Ex tee, Grace Poe is a natural born Filipino based on the adoption law in the Philippines as explained by the Chief Justice herself. Ano ba ginawa sa yo ni Grace Poe? Nagnakaw ba sya sa kaban ng bayan? Pumatay ba sya ng kalaban? Inagrabyado nya ba ang mga Filipino para magkaganyan ka laban ssa kanya? O dahil matatalo ang kandiddato mo kung kandidato si Grace Poe?

    • Huwag na kasi ipilit. Masyado pa siyang HILAW. Wala pang napapatunayan. Besides gagamitin lang yan ng mga buwaya na nakapaligid sa kanya. HUWAG POE… HUWAG POE… PLEASE!