• If I were Aquino…


    FOR all the many bad things people say of President Benigno C. Aquino, he cannot be so dull-witted and moronic as not to realize that he’s got in his hands an enormous power by which to prevent himself from getting the terrible fate he dumped upon his predecessor, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. The lady president, so robust and energetic at the forefront of the world war on terrorism in the heyday of her administration, now languishes in detention, albeit in a hospital, all of this Aquino’s making. So Aquino knows all too well that you don’t have to be found guilty of plunder to be jailed; all it takes to do so is a ruling by the Ombudsman of probable cause of the plunder charges against you. This was the case with Senators Bong Revilla, Jinggoy Estrada and Juan Ponce Enrile, no matter that the octogenarian former Senate President has been freed from detention on bail. The point here is that Aquino’s Administration has not been exactly simon pure. In fact to the contrary, and under a hostile next president, he appears headed for exactly the same fate that has befallen GMA and a host of other Aquino political enemies.

    Would the Napoles pork barrel scam have materialized without concurrence from the Chief Executive? The huge fund releases executed in the gargantuan graft scheme was undertaken through nothing else than the Department of Budget and Management (DBM), and it was very highly probable that those fund releases could not have taken place if Aquino had not agreed to them. And then again when finally Napoles decided to surrender after a time of being a fugitive, who did she give herself up to but President Benigno C. Aquino? Why Aquino? She was a grand scammer, all right, but still a criminal whose pettiness of character just didn’t deserve such grand presidential attention. Unless there was something truly grand indeed that could be talked about just between her and the President of the Republic of the Philippines. What that something was would be up for the next president to uncover – not for anything less than a patriotic duty to see justice through for all.

    And yet the Napoles pork barrel scam is just one among many offenses for which Aquino must make retribution. To wit, his bribery of the members of the impeachment trial court in order to get a verdict  of conviction for Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato C. Corona; his virtual act of treason by attempting to sell out Mindanao to the Muslim Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) through the BBL; his utter dereliction of duty in the face of the Yolanda rampage that wrecked death and destruction on Samar and Leyte; and his all too unconscionable inattention while 44 members of the police Special Action Force were being massacred in Mamasapano, Maguindanao.

    If I were Aquino, I certainly must be chilling now from the prospect of getting incarcerated along with those I had consigned to jail in my term. But certainly such eventuality is preventable. One means of doing it is getting Mar Roxas elected president. That’s his best assurance against facing charges and being arrested. In fact, this  is a popular perception not only among political analysts but also by gutter people.

    My problem in this regard is that Mar has consistently been faring badly in poll surveys, making it highly doubtful if he could even land second to Vice President Jejomar C. Binay in the presidential contest. In the latest Pulse Asia survey, he landed the fourth slot, behind Duterte and Llamanzares, topping only the perennial loser Santiago.

    Certainly I have the Comelec at my beck and call. I have the entire election mechanism to manipulate election results in order to turn the tide in Mar’s favor. In addition, I have the entire resources of government to use in Mar’s campaign so that thereby cheating is made less rampant.

    But then there’s this disturbing performance by Binay that increasingly propels him to the top of the contest. Quite pestering is Binay’s history of doubling up in the last stretch – which is beginning February, the start of the campaign period. Now that Binay scores 33 percent, come election time he shall have scored 66 percent, or a conversion to votes of roughly 15 million, a comfortable win by any reckoning.

    According to my asset in the Binay camp, the vice president has enjoined his supporters to pile up their lead in the race so that even if I (Aquino) cheat, he will still emerge winner.
    Binay, according to my asset, has said, “Even if they cheat and yet we still win, then that’s okay with us. But if they cheat and we lose, then I swear I will fight it out with them to the death.”

    The gall of that Nognog. Forgetting that he is just a handiwork of Mommy to whom he should swear eternal loyalty. Or is he doing a Quezon already: “My loyalty to my party ends where my loyalty to my country begins.” Hey, the guy’s telling the truth, I mean Nognog.

    The gall, indeed.

    Can he be greater than his Creator Cory? Certainly not. So, can he not also be greater than his Creator’s son.

    I am the president. I can do everything to prevent his nascent pretention to own greatness.

    I don’t even have to cheat to beat him. Cheating by a president is a most cheap enterprise.

    Look at GMA. She and her Garci did her in. No, I won’t be done in that way. I’m much too brilliant for that. How do I hope to stop the Binay blitzkrieg? Implement the law. Simple as that.

    The Ombudsman has ruled probable cause in graft charges against him at the Sandiganbayan. All the court has to do is act on the Ombudsman ruling of probable cause, get Binay arrested and detained. That’d be the spark to start a prairie fire. And when upheaval and chaos break out, that’s one good, legal reason for me to pull the last card up my sleeve: martial law.

    The constitution provides I can declare martial law unilaterally in sixty days. If I declare martial  law in, say, April, sixty days from April is June. Between April and June is May, the month of the election. Can you have election under martial law?

    See how cool that is? Mar Roxas need not win to save my neck from the next hostile president. Best is to get me stayed put in power.

    So to those who endlessly slam me for being an idiot, moron, and the most corrupt and worst president the Philippines has ever had, fuck you all!


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    1. The Ombudsman has already stated in public that VP Binay is immune from suit and arrest until such time his term as VP ends. If he becomes president then he will again have immunity until his term ends. So this imagined martial law cannot be predicated on Binay’s arrest.

    2. If i were Aquino, i will pull a rope around my neck, tie the other end to my office table and out if my window. I see an inevitable jail term ahead.

    3. The only way for Pinoy to avoid jail time is for Mar Roxas to win period.

      Declaring Martial Law is impossible to do. Not at this time of peace.

      30 percent of voters will pick Binay. These are the die hard supporters with all the corruption created by the Binay Family. Binay can also be the savior of Pinoy. Birds of the same feather flock together. Remember they are close friens before.

      Senator Poe will put Pinoy in hot seat. By now , Poe knows that Pinoy is trying to disqualify her. That is why she agreed to open the Mamasapano case. This will put pressure on Pinoy to let her run.

      Politics is a very dirty job. People kill each other for even a barangay captain position. I am really having a hard time looking for a reason why it is so appealing. It is not for the money. Mar Roxas is a multi millionaire and he still wants the position.

    4. i have read this thing of boy sisi declaring martial law if he is pushed into a corner just to protect himself and maybe perpetuate himself in power. i think this was once a subject of kit tatad’s column or jojo robles’ column at the standard way back then. with the state of mind of boy sisi, no one can predict what he would do. maybe the thing that would push him is when the tanda can produce evidence that he ordered the army to stand down in rescuing the saf when the probe of mamasapano massacre opens at the senate

    5. Matthew Parkes on

      The third-generation Aquino traitor is also a party to the Napoles scam. It’s time more people in the media did some digging as the truth is quite easy to find….

    6. The pork barrel were the very source of corruption! Why has it tripled over the years when you are pursuing “Daan Matuwid”? Why hasn’t the COA come up to speed in auditing the say first three years (2011-2014) of the pork barrel!….

    7. Ruel Bautista on

      Many would take ur opinion as a joke but which deep in ur heart you don’t & I strongly believe is very possible.

    8. The best thing Pnoy should do before the may 9,2016 election is to resign and let Binay take over as president afterwards all the blame to Pnoy will be diverted to Binay and that’s it mar will say blame Binay for all “Kapalpakan and nakawan”by government.But the problem is, will the electorate believe this scenario? I think this suggestion will be the laughing stock of the politicians. Also the problem was, Mar can’t be trusted if he cannot be trusted he is not mean to be the president of this country.

    9. We all know that Annoy is the most ignorant president we ever had so using the powers at his disposal is out of his retarded mind. Talking about incarceration….he is just about 6 mos. away from being put in isolation inside NBP on a straight jacket..and for his faggot friend Roxas to win in may is just to incomprehensible to even think of..he may even join him as kakosa at NBP together with his bald mate abad for that DAP history in the making robbery of the treasury…. may they all rot in jail together with GMA…

    10. Indeed, benigno wants to declare martial law but he has to find a very credible reason to do so and that reason can not be anchored on the present political squabbles. His predicament is the patriotic elements in the police and military establishment who will never allow the repeat of a past. Surely, even the comrades of the Mamasapano Heroes might do him in should he try to play games. Hence, he can either inflame more the ISIS/Abu Sayaf bogey or magnify the tsaynis incursions. Or he can increase street violence like kidnapping, carnapping, riots and assassination of public figures. Whatever it is, he can never turn back the tide of history – unless Jojo is his real secret weapon (dahil may pinagsamahan). Even Chiz may just be a smokescreen who will ultimately dump Grace as what he did when he suddenly made a noybi.

    11. Noynoy wants to get out of Malacanang soon. He was just prodded by his relatives to run for president when his mother Cory died months before the 2010 election. But he dreads also the plunder charges that he will face once he is not president anymore, because he will definitely go into jail.

      Then he would realize that all his former cabinet secretaries and politician friends he tried to shield from going to jail just abandoned him.