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Efren Danao

Efren Danao

IF only President Benigno Simeon (BS) Aquino had been as quick in giving relief to victims of super typhoon Yolanda as in ordering the relief of the police officer who predicted that typhoon casualties would reach 10,000, the plight of the hungry, sick and dying victims would have been less severe.

IF only he had accepted the report that 95 percent of Tacloban City had been devastated instead of pointing to the relatively unscathed city jail as proof of a minor devastation, he would have acted with more urgency.

There is a saying “He who knows not and knows he knows not is simple. Teach him. He who knows not and knows not he knows not is a fool. Shun him.”

The president should allow himself to be fully briefed by those already on the ground instead of giving what he “knows” and speaking ex cathedra like the Pope at that, when he had just arrived on the scene. His personal views prevail over the truth, and woe to those who disagree with him. Buhay ka pa, di ba?

Where’s the claimed preparedness?
IF only BS Aquino had truly prepared for Yolanda as he so grandly announced earlier, then he would have negated any criticism of an administration incapable of responding effectively to a calamity; there would have been no need for him and his subalterns to give lame excuses that only the ever-faithful Yellows could accept.

A day before Yolanda struck land, he was reassuring the nation that 32 planes and helicopters from the Air Force along with Philippine Navy’s 20 ships are positioned in Cebu, Bicol, Cavite and Zamboanga. He said that relief goods are already prepositioned in areas expected to be affected by the super typhoon and that the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Mitigation Council, both local and national, had been activated to mitigate the effects of the typhoon. Where were the planes, helicopters, ships and relief goods in the crucial initial days of the calamity?

IF only BS Aquino could be like former Prime Minister Naoto Kan of Japan, he could prevent the disaster from defining his presidency.

Kan was prime minister when an earthquake and tsunami hit Japan on March 11, 2011, leaving behind according to the Japanese \o “National Police Agency (Japan)” \t “_blank” National Police Agency, 15,883 deaths. 6,150 injured and 2,651 people missing, as well as 129,225 buildings totally collapsed. The approval rating of Kan went on a freefall amid a perceived lack of leadership after the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis and resigned as prime minister on August 26, 2011, or five months after the disaster.

President Aquino showed lack of leadership in the aftermath of Yolanda even if he has been claiming everything was already under control, even if he is saying that the local government unit of Tacloban was to blame for the high degree of death and destruction in the city. His approval rating is down despite claims of a survey firm. If only he’s like Kan, he should also resign.

More power makes the incompetent more incompetent
The late Rep Sonny Escudero of Sorsogon once predicted after the House approval of the Local Government Code: “Giving more power to competent officials will make them more competent but giving more power to the incompetent will make them more incompetent.” I’m reminded of this quote from Sonny because of the performance of BS Aquino. After 12 unremarkable years as a legislator, he was suddenly given more powers as president. His incompetence as lawmaker was magnified by his lack of performance in Malacanang.

If he were in a private corporation, his bosses would have fired him years ago. But as president, he could thumb his nose at his supposed bosses. In three years after the presidential election, he still prefers the yellow pin over the national flag pin. This shows that he considers himself the commander-in chief of the Yellow Army and the president only of the Yellows. In three years, he has failed to unite the people behind him, banging away at his political enemies and giving a cold shoulder even to well-meaning critics.

Incompetence and uselessness are not enough to exculpate the Aquino administration from its agonizingly slow, seemingly unsympathetic response to the tragedy spawned by Typhoon Yolanda. Neither will finger-pointing by the administration be accepted by the people. The blood of the typhoon victims is in the hand of the administration even if the President refuses to admit any responsibility.



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  1. Pnoy will remain to be the best Philippine president. He is not concerned with popularity. It just comes naturally. What he is concerned more is to do his job seriously without fanfare.mas gusto kasi natin yung inuuto tayo at niloloko. sori, di po ganun si Pnoy.

    Iba ang brand of politics nya. It’s a no non-sense in real sense.

  2. jose b. taganahan on

    Pres. BS (boy sisi) Aquino lll will not resign just as Pres. Marcos, Cory Aquino, Erap Estrada and GMAdid not resign during their time despite calls by the people for them to resign.

    Boy Sisi should at least fire the DND Secretary and the DILG Secretary for their below par performance of their duties as chair and co-chair of the NDRRMC as evidence by the result of the slow start of the search, rescue, retrival and rehabilitation of the victims of the devastated areas of typhoon Yolanda. CNN even observed that their appears no real search rescue efforts after typhoon Yolanda struck.

  3. .. magre-resign ni PNoy? No way! Hindi nga marunong mag-sorry sa mga maling decisions, eh, aalis pa sa Malacanang? At saka, hindi papayag si Kris at mga members ng Cabinet, lalo na mga KKKK ni PNoy. Ano, bale?

  4. Kayo Ang Boss Ko! on

    The writer in this column is excellent….you hit the mark! Tama lahat ang sinabi mo sa incompetent na presidente (kuno) ng Pilipinas.

  5. Aquino could have taken advantage of this calamitous situation to define his presidency and arrest his sagging popularity (which seems to be the only thing that matters to him). But he squandered everything because of his arrogance.

  6. If Pnoy resigns, what then…The government officials of Japan can resign because they know that their bureaucracy is strong. Here, if there is a new president the whole government is in holdover capacity until the president appoints his people. If Pnoy resign now things will go for the worst.

  7. ThunderousCloud on

    in our government, there are only 2 rules to follow….Rule #1, the boss (Pnoy) is always right….Rule #2, if the boss (Pnoy) is wrong, follow Rule #1.

  8. He will NEVER apologize for his administration’s epic shortcomings. It’s just not in his DNA. Why would he when he can pin the blame on everybody else except himself and his KKK?

    The man who treads the supposed “straight path” can never do wrong. Everyone else can, but not him.

    Still surprised he won’t say he’s sorry? Consider this. He was aiming for zero casualties before Yolanda hit. Where are we now in terms of death count? Have you heard any word from him that can be remotely considered as an apology? He won’t even apologize to HongKong victims of the botched rescue of Luneta hostages. That was a direct result of his inept leadership, You expect him to say sorry for Mother Nature’s wrath?.

  9. Do you expect President BS Aquino to resign? No way.

    Do you expect Secretary Abad and/or Senate President Drilon, etc. over the unconstitutionality PDAF? No way.

    It is not in our culture just to resign. They cling to their job like “Teka” come, Hell on High Water.

    They will cling on until hell freezes over – that is our culture. Is it not?

  10. There must be something mysterious in the atmosphere in the Phils because just about everybody seem to know the problems besetting the nation and in the same vein, the same group of everybody seem to know the answers to those problems. However over the course of almost 3 decades (or the equivalent of 5 presidents since Marcos was deposed) the nation still has the same set of problems only now they are worse. And yet Pinoy expats living/working in other nations all seem to be very good and upright and, for the most part productive, citizens of their adopted nations. Go figure …

    • IF, what you have stated are true, di bale, buhay pa naman tayo, di ba? Better luck next time for us, IF the Filipino people will vote “intelligently” rather than “emotionally”.

  11. An honorable man would resign. BSAquino does not have a shred of decency in him. What do you expect of a retard? His yellow cabinet is equally tainted. Roxas for president? Tell that to the thousands dead.

    • but he is good in accusing and blaming others. he don’t make any mistake ask drilon, abad, roxas and his paid minions in congress and senate.