• IFAB plans more video trials as Italy joins in


    PARIS: The video refeering trials conducted in the United States for the month of July are set to continue for an extra month in the US third division, the International Football Association Board said on Saturday.

    The IFAB, which governs the game’s rules, also announced that Italy had volunteered to take part in further tests.

    “The MLS have offered The IFAB the opportunity for further trials in selected matches in the United Soccer League (USL),” the IFAB said in a statement.

    Five matches played in New Jersey between August 12 and September 17 will be subjected to the trials.

    The trials will allow referees to call on video assistance to help determine four categories of game-changing moments — goals scored, red cards, penalties and mistaken identity.

    “The IFAB will focus on ensuring the communication between match officials and the video assistant referee is clear, precise and efficient, with the aim of reducing any avoidable delays during the review process and to minimize the impact on the flow and excitement of the game,” the organization added.

    “These trials are an important element in the lead up to the future experiments in competitions in the seven countries which have confirmed their participation.”

    The IFAB confirmed Italy was the latest country to sign up for the trials, with Serie A added to the list of competitions where video refereeing can be tested.

    As well as the United States and Italy, Australia, Brazil, Germany, Netherlands and Portugal have also pledged their leagues to the trial process.

    The tests are scheduled to last for two years, but the IFAB have said that if results are positive then video refereeing could be used at the FIFA Club World Cup in Japan in December.

    “A decision is expected in 2018 at the earliest and 2019 at the latest as to whether or not video assistant referees should be introduced in football,” the IFAB concluded.



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