Igniting creativity with e-Learning

With the help of online learning management systems, the level of interest and fun increases in the classroom experience

With the help of online learning management systems, the level of interest and fun increases in the classroom experience

A LOT of students find math difficult and frustrating. Just thinking about numbers is enough to make them cringe. At Paco Elementary School, however, math strikes interests and engagement among students. Thanks to its Grade 7 Math coordinator Catherine Miranda, who taps the benefits of visual and interactive multimedia tools, students find the subjectas something to look forward to.

Fun and enabling
Teaching a generation who grew up in a world that never knew a time without computers is becoming more and more a difficult task to an educator (even to the most seasoned ones),who refuses to go with the changing tide.

While textbooks still hold a solid place in the educational landscape, various kinds of e-learning resources, particularly online learning management systems, offer educators a way to make the learning experience more captivating for 21st century learners.

“To get my students excited, I divide them in groups and engage them in a quiz show-like competition,” Ms. Miranda said about how an online learning management system makes her quizzes a flight from the traditional kind.

And with the convenience of instant assessment in hand, she can spend less time doing administrative work and more time developing her creativity. This also allows her to deal with students who have difficulty understanding the lessons. “With fast feedback, I can repeat the lesson a particular student is having a hard time understanding. It’s re-teach, re-test, and re-assessment,” Ms. Miranda said. “And students who missed class need not fear of falling behind as e-learning makes it possible to send lessons and assignments remotely.”

Global standards
A teacher who taps the benefits of e-learning in her lessons can better create globally competitive citizens. Take for example English coordinator from University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos, Ma. Alon Song. She uses a unique feature of an online learning management system to improve her students’ command of the English language.

“The Writing Buddy” as what the feature is called, helps her students write more thoughtful and organized essays, short stories, and other literary pieces—as well as research papers. “Photo prompts and guide questions available in Writing Buddy inspire my students and help them keep their writing structured,” Song said. “Tracking the progress of their writing ability is way easier with e-learning.”

When it comes to training her students in debates and speeches, Ms. Song seeks the help of “The Oral Buddy”. The feature allows students to record their speeches for later self-review. Ms. Song will then check the performance and give her thoughts once they’ve uploaded their recorded speech. “The Oral Buddy provides ample space for students to improve themselves. It even brings out the confidence and fluency of shy students.”

Beyond the classroom
Grace Tulo, a Grade 7 Science Teacher at the Assumption College Davao, demonstrates how an online learning management system can benefit even school clubs. She uses its rich interactive content to engage members of “The Young Explorer,” a club dedicated for students who passionately love science, and build a community that deepens love and learning for the subject.

“I use it before to coach my students for quiz bees; now, I use it to create fun and innovative activities that will satisfy their thirst for science,” explained Tulo on how she uses the e-learning system to generate interest to her club.

Creativity is key
Although online learning management systems provide myriads of ways to meet the needs of 21st century learners, it wouldn’t serve its purpose unless placed in the hands of a creative and resourceful educator. And no one understands this more than Diwa Learning Systems Inc, the country’s leading provider of print and digital educational resources, and the one that introduced Genyo e-Learning to the Philippines. Genyo is the country’s first and only fully integrated online learning management system for basic education.

Since 2006, teachers from over 300 schools have enjoyed Genyo’s thousands of teaching resources for Science, English, Math, Filipino, Araling Panlipunan and HEKASI; resources that include lesson plans, test banks, quizzes, video and audio files, and interactive games. And since Genyo exemplify innovativeness, it can be customized to suit the needs of a school.

“Diwa answers the challenges presented in the 21st century educational landscape by consistently providing choices attuned to the needs and vision of the educational institution and the learners,” said Diwa Learning Systems vice president for e-Learning Ana Alipit. “We actively adapt to our partners’ innovation progressions.”

To become an innovative educator in this age when the interests of learners change as fast as technology may be a monumental challenge – but it’s not insurmountable. Genyo e-Learning is a potent tool to help school leaders and educators awaken and sharpen their skills in creating something new, surprising and radically useful for 21st century learners, which will ultimately create citizens who are lifelong learners, globally competitive and highly equipped to confront the challenges of tomorrow.
For more information, log on to www.diwa.ph.


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