Ignore global peace index report – Honasan


The government should ignore the Philippines’ latest tag as one of the “least peaceful” countries and instead focus on its peace efforts, Sen. Gregorio Honasan said on Sunday.

Honasan said that, official would just be wasting time trying to contradict the Global Peace Index 2013 report and that the best thing to do for government is to concentrate on the various efforts being exerted by the government toward peace.

He said those who made the report are not that familiar with the true situation of the country and the only people that can truly gauge the real peace and order situation in the country are those involved in the ongoing peace negotiations.

Based on the latest peace index, the Philippines ranked 129th out of 162 countries and one of the lowest in Asia in terms of peacefulness.

The country’s current ranking, however, is considered as an improvement compared to last year wherein the Philippines was at the 133rd position and this positive development can be attributed to the signing of the framework agreement between the Philippine government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF)

Honasan expressed belief that the government is on the right track in achieving peace particularly in Mindanao.

“Peace process is not an easy undertaking it takes time, effort and patience that is why we should not be distracted,” he added.

But the peace negotiations with the MILF is currently experiencing issues about the supposed flip-flopping of government negotiators with regard to the terms which are causing delays in the finalization of the talks.

The recent arrests of four MILF men also dampened the erstwhile warm relations between the two camps.

Frustration on the part of the MILF is now growing because of incidents of backtracking on the part of government negotiators, while the arrests of MILF fighters raised doubts on the sincerity of the government because it was made despite the existence of a ceasefire.


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