Ildefonso bags Player of the Week plum


Two-time Most Valuable Player (MVP) Danny Ildefonso bagged the Accel-Philippine Basketball Association Press Corps. Player of the Week distinction for the period of January 4 to 5.

The returning 6’5 veteran Ildefonso, now playing for a total of 16 seasons in the league, led his new team Meralco Bolts to a 92-88 overtime win over Air 21 Express ending the squad’s four-game losing skid on Saturday.

Emerging from an injury-riddled season and with just four days of practice with the Bolts, Ildefonso scored 14 points, six rebounds and five assists in his first game with Meralco. He provided set ups for crucial shots for gunners Gary David, Jared Dillinger and John Wilson.

Meralco coach Ryan Gregorio described the 37-year-old Ildefonso’s benefit to the team as “enormous,” saying all he wanted was to give the basketball to a players like Ildefonso who can make the “right decisions” in the end.

“He [Ildefonso] really believes he’s not done yet. And I’m giving him the opportunity and the stage to do it,” said Gregorio.


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  1. Raise the roof lakay ,,,your the best sana bigyan ka ng mas mahabang playing times,para maipakita mo na wlang nagbago sa galing mo,,ikaw parin ang nag iisang “Demolition Man”..walang kupas pwede pa sa 3years … :-)

  2. Demolition Man ,,Danny Ildefonso nasa PBL kapa lang idol na kita,,hanggat pagpasok mo ng PBA. kahit saan team ka mapunta doon ako kasi super idol kita. God Bless and gudluck sa bago mong team,,hurrah meralco gogogo…

  3. Danny “THE DEMOLITION MAN” Ildefonso can’t be a 2x PBA MVP for nothing… from humble beginning to big time respected professional basketball player… Kayang kaya pa ng IDOL ko yan … 2-3 years pa IDOL

  4. Idelfenso is like diamond gem that never rusty in making decisive plays and wise tactician in and out of court. His a mentor and a benefactor. Bolts have grizzled veteran to anchor plays when it matters most. Believing yourself and your teammate is one special thing when everything turns off.

    • SMB franchise Player on

      During my young age, I started to embrace PBA games after seeing El Presidente played for Manila Beer, Tanduay, Purefoods and SMB. Mon Fernandez stayed in my heart, far best, the greatest local player I have ever watched in PBA. From then on, I have also embraced SMB as my best team with Danny I as my fave player after the retirement of El Presidente. But sad to learned that SMB broke ties with DI after sticking for several years with the franchise. Nevertheless, I will continue following DI`s remaining years in his career and be proud to say that he is still my “best player” in the PBA.