I’ll pray for Manny and Floyd


I SEE Manny Pacquiao pleading for Mary Jane Veloso. Way to go. I have long been philosophically opposed to the anti-poor death penalty which could not be restored in my time in the Senate because of my “filibuster,” with the help of JPE, Joey Lina and Mike Tamano. I credit GMA for working for its removal as a June 2006 gift to the Pope she was about to visit in Rome.

Otherwise, I cannot accept that mega-billionaire Manny supposedly owes the BIR P3.9B, lost in the pro-Pacman frenzy as if the Topnotcher Evader in the eyes of Kim Henares were a god. Bobby Ongpin is only No. 4 at P420M. Rene Corona is No. 7 at P120.5M. Please see the Manila Bulletin issue of April 20, 2015, p. C4, col. 1. No mention elsewhere? No. 1 taxpayer at P163M but No. 1 alleged Tax Evader at P3.9B.


The press is otherwise 99% for the man who has disgraced the House (competing for Top Absentee; Manong Ernie Maceda and I had 100% attendance in our time as lawmaking is serious business, not a sideline or hobby) and the PBA (competing for Worst Player Ever). And may threaten the Senate next year, as Veep Jojobama’s teammate. A guy with billions is a man of respect in our crassly materialistic society.

The one-sided reportage on Manny Pacquiao in our Wild Wild Press confirms what Rocky Bridges said, media is the plural of mediocre (which Guinness mistakenly attributes to me). I agree by and large with Arthur Hoppe that a columnist is one who reads the papers, finds something he does not understand, then proceeds to explain it. I admire the courage of many of our journalists.

I have no problem with Manny Pacquiao running for Guv of Sarangani, where he moved after getting knocked out for the full count by Cong. Darlene Antonino-Custodio. Both sides reportedly spent hundreds of millions in our scofflaw society. Manny then shamelessly district-shopped. If he neglects his duties as our hypothetical Guv in training and fighting, I can accept that reelection clears him. If the charge is criminal, reelection is not in the Penal Code (Art. 89) as a mode of extinguishing criminal liability. Reelection did not help Romy Jalosjos, in the end.

A lawyer who argues on the basis of precedent should not be scolded by the Supreme Court. That is what I teach my class. Cite case law to support an argument. If the jurassic point or doctrine a current highest court now rejects and abandons, which it can do, it should politely do so, acknowledge respect for predecessors, and invoke the wisdom of a new day.

Lo cortes no quita lo valiente. Courtesy does not detract from valor.

* * *

Oh, for our simpler times. But, may I applaud Manny Pacquiao again for joining the clamor for Mary Jane Veloso. No one should be named Mary Jane hereafter; it is another monicker for marijuana. (My August 31, 1963 article in Mr. & Ms. was “Who’s Afraid of Mary Jane?”)

Bob Arum now claims it was Manny who got her execution stayed. Aaay naku. Bob’s the same guy who asserted in November 2013 that US Internal Revenue Service documents for Manny had been sent here. By snail mail? Or in a bottle thrown in the Pacific? He’s a Harvard Law alum, cum laude, which may explain why he is such a charming bullshitter. We can do so much more if no one cares who gets the credit.
Meantime, let’s pray for Manny. Let’s pray for Floyd too. I cannot understand Manny’s pastors allegedly praying for him to knock out Floyd in the Manly Art of Modified Murder. It is hard for me to accept a man of God praying for his boxer to win at the expense of another human being. A Pinoy boxer, John Vincent Moralde, killed an Aussie boxer, Braydon Smith, a law senior, last month, Down Under. Boxing helps in a population control or reduction program in a manner the trying-hard Christian in me cannot accept. And the law profession deserves better.

I cannot join the mob the Roman Colosseum hearing the gladiators tell the Emperor, “ave, imperator, morituri te salutant, we, who are about to die, salute you!”

On May 3, our time, when the bell rings, I will find better things to do, even as I pray for Manny and Floyd, while they hurt, maim or knock out each other. Sana po, not too badly. Much less kill, in the Manly Art of Modified Murder on the installment plan.


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  1. Sir Rene,

    Is it better to sleep in the session hall than to be absent like your idol erap? As long as he serve his constituents is better than being in the house but hard to find in your represented area. Willy

  2. Justaskingseriously on

    Sticking with the English translation would have shielded you from making a mistake in Latin. In Spanish, “we salute you” is “saludamos”. Similarly in Latin, “salutamus”. “Salutant” in Latin is “saludan” in Spanish.

    I’ll refrain from the sensitive topic of “money talks”. Anyhow everybody knows it.

  3. Edgar G. Festin on

    Thank you for your interesting, entertaining and morally loaded stream-of-conciousness wekly mini memoir, former senator Saguisag.
    God bless you.

  4. rene, it has become your passion to discredit manny pacquiao at every turn and it’s getting personal. what’s your beef with the pacman? if its his absences in the HOR, you should know that many others have been absentee lawmakers and yet you do not mention them in your column. At least, he’s not a crook greedy kleptomaniac representative that most of the members of that crocodile farm are! are you envy of his accomplishments?