• Illegal: Charter protects the zygote’


    I am pro-life but pro-RH towards responsible parenthood. Reproductive health is more of an educative endeavor, rather than the myopic view of abortion. In RH law, abortion is not allowed. Abortion persists because of human behavior…they do not respect life: killings, murder, and suicides. I hate abortion and will not support it. I support a healthy family…meaning responsible parents who can provide their children with food, health, education and good values. It is not a matter of law, it is a matter of education…right health and reproductive education.

    How about these “street-dwellers” procreating children with uncertain future? How about poor folks in the villages? They cannot afford to rear a family but they can afford the luxury of sex…uncontrolled sexual intercourses…and then they bore children…and then they blame the government? They grow like rats in metropolis as squatters living on squalid conditions…their mental states? Culture of poverty…a damaged culture…and they do not mind if they procreate children with no future?

    Yes, once zygote is formed, life begins. Terminating this life form is abortion. Is preventing fertilization abortion? I do not think so. For as long as there is no fertilization, there is no zygote formation…there is no abortion…hence, the couple will enjoy their carnal desires through appropriate methods of their choice…and that is reproductive sexual health.
    Bob Fort


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