Illegal drugs now a P200-B ‘industry’ in PH


THIS is alarming: Illegal drug trade in the Philippines is now a P200-billion “industry.”

Jonathan Morales, a former agent of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), said no less than the Anti-Money Laundering Council had confirmed that drug lords operating in the country recently sent more than P100 billion to China.

“These drug lords are based in Binondo, Manila,” Morales told a radio interview yesterday over dzMM.

He revealed that PDEA people know the Chinese drug lords.

Morales had once accused PDEA chief Arturo Cacdac Jr. of “not doing enough” in the fight against illegal drugs, particularly in going after Chinese drug lords based in Manila.

The PDEA website has identified the 10 most wanted drug traffickers, who are indeed Chinese nationals.

They are Wang Ya Shi, Qui Yun Hai, Henry Tan, Jackson Uy, Ong Shin Pin, Wen Jin Cai, Juanito Lee Ty, Deng Xiao Li, Ding Cai Hui and Ong Kim Tie.

Meanwhile, five Chinese had been arrested and are now facing charges. They are Benito Sze, Lin Taung Huan, Ronald Yao, Randy Chua and Chua Lin Ye . Yao and Yen are out on bail.

Interestingly, as early as 2004, the Department of Interior and Local Government already identified these Chinese drug lords. It was former Interior Secretary Joey Lina who disclosed the names of Shi, et. al. in a press conference.

Aside from those mentioned above, two more Chinese nationals are reportedly engaged in drug trafficking, namely Xiao Ya Li and Chen Jian Long. They are still in the country and are notoriously peddling illegal drugs.

These Chinese drug traffickers are based in Binondo and they operate all over the country.

One of the recent big PDEA anti-drugs operations was last February’s raid in Masbate where two former municipal mayors were among those arrested.


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  1. ricelander on

    It’s the Law of Supply and Demand. Try to beat it at your own peril.

  2. Larry Ebersole on

    the Chinese triad bring in or manufacture the stuff inside the country; who watch out for these factories and who distribute the stuff around. Big police and military are on the watch and the local LGU on the distribution. Have any one wondered where these people get their money after the lucrative jueteng was minimized?and what is the present preferred means to transport this stuff that is not hindered by traffic and checkpoints; the barangay or municipal AMBULANCE of course.

  3. Maria Stevens on

    Time to bring back the death penalty for scum like this..and stop.complaining about other countries use of THE ULTIMATE DETTERENT.. A dead drug dealer is no longer a danger to innocent people…problem solved.

  4. Ibalik na ang Death Penalty tulad ng Indonesia! Habang Wala pa di salvage na muna ang mga yan at malaking perwisyo na sa atin bansa.