• Illegal gambling back in Metro Manila once again


    After few months of laying low, illegal gambling operations in Metro Manila is in full swing once more, as almost every city and town in the National Capital Region (NCR) have various forms of gambling to offer these days to its usually poor patrons.

    An official of the PNP Intelligence Group, who asked not to be identified, said illegal betting stations for horse racing (“bookis” in Tagalog) and “loteng” (a combination of lotto result and the illegal numbers game or “jueteng”) are rampant in Manila.

    Alias “Pacia” and “Paknoy” are said to own several dozen “bookis” stations in Manila, while a “Boy Abang” controls all the “loteng” games in the same area, the PNP official said.

    Over in Quezon City, a certain “Ver Bikol” operates all the illegal betting stations for horse racing, and one “Pinong” runs the “loteng” games of the city.

    Another form of illegal gambling in Quezon City is the so called “saklang patay” (a form of gambling during wakes permitted to raise money for the burial expenses of the family of the deceased).

    However, alias “Lucy” and “Dakne” came up with a bright idea of renting cadavers from funeral parlors to make it appear there is a wake so a “saklang patay” can operate, said my source.

    One wonders where are the cops, and why do these illegal gambling activities continue to exist despite PNP Chief Gen. Allan Purisima’s strict “no gambling” policy?

    The answer can be found from an alias “Lito Agua,” who reportedly introduces himself as the collector for the PNP National Capital Regional Command (NCRPO) and does the weekly rounds collecting protection money from all the gambling operators in Metro Manila.

    I am pretty sure, PNP-NCR Chief Gen. Carmelo Valmoria has nothing to do with all these crap. I know the man to be a straight -forward guy.

    But it behooves Valmoria to act at once and close down all these illegal gambling operations in his jurisdiction before the public starts thinking he is on the take too.

    Paging Gen. Valmoria!!!

    * * *

    Nothing wrong in using funds for anti-crime work
    A group of petitioners, who lost during the last elections in Quezon City, is now questioning Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista how and where did he spend his discretionary and intelligence funds?

    Johnny Chang, who lost to Bautista in 2010 and 2013 elections, and Rodrigo Kapunan, who lost to Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte, has asked the Supreme Court to issue an injunction preventing the use of discretionary fund and intelligence fund by the said local government unit.

    Bautista explained that the money was used to go after carnap gangs, which resulted in the arrest of several suspects, and to pay for the policemen guarding former President Gloria Arroyo who is at the Veterans Hospital in Quezon City.

    The local chief executive claims he is ready to face any inquiry and the documents or records of the said expenses are available anytime for scrutiny by any investigating body, including the SC.

    Why can’t some people accept their fate as losers?



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