• Illegal loggers denuding third-highest mountain in PH


    BAYOMBONG, Nueva Vizcaya: Illegal logging activities in the country’s third-highest peak are at their worst, according to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and government executives in Benguet.

    DENR officials said illegal cutting of trees continued to haunt Mount Pulag, which was declared a protected national park under Proclamation 75 in 1987 and as a cultural treasure under Presidential Decree 374.

    Mount Pulag’s highest peak is 2,924 meters above sea level and spans three provinces: Nueva Vizcaya in the south, Ifugao in the east and Benguet in the west where its summit stands in Kabayan town.

    It was Rep. Ronald Cosalan of Benguet who revealed the continued “rape” by illegal loggers at a special meeting with Benguet DENR Director Clarence Baguilat and Department of Public Works and Highways Director Edilberto Carabbacan.

    “Illegal logging activities are getting worse in Mount Pulag area, especially at the Tawangan-Lusod side,” the government executives said.

    Cosalan said that besides timber poaching, the conversion of its area to agricultural land is also threatening Mount Pulag. “Over the years, encroachers have even used heavy equipment in their farming activities as well as hunting.”

    Playing host to large diversity of flora and fauna species, Mount Pulag is also known for its centuries-old mummies and series of crystal-clear rivers and waterfalls as well as for its lush green foliage that attract thousands of tourists and mountain climbers.

    Meanwhile, the DPWH has belied reports that the continuing “rape” of Mount Pulag has something to do with the construction and improvement of roads leading to the area.


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    1. Now that these illegal loggers have been known to be operating…… hey police , afp and ngo’s what is next? do we just watch and listen?!? I guess this is needed since the elections are up and coming soon?! Siguro we should ask Mayor Duterte to lead the DENR?!

    2. Helloooooo, this is the Philippines where every Government agencies are in cahoots with all ILLEGALITIES you find in the Books of the Crooks and Corrupt Practices.

      This would constitute a totally true news item if these crooks turned in their cohorts in cahoots, turned down the bribe money, etc, etc, etc….ONLI IN DA PILIPINZ.

    3. Rosauro Feliciano on

      Illegal loggers denuded Mount Pulag and ironically this is reported by DENR when it has the power to go after these Illegal loggers. So the people behind DENR are receiving their salary for looking-busy but doing-nothing; or possibly they are in association with the criminals. Okay, let’s say that these criminals are caught and brought to court. They will just be set free because our justice system recognizes anyone who has money.

    4. Rolando Nolasco on

      These illegal loggers may be connected with higher officials who help them commit this abuse. They have no regard to the stability of small upland farmers. The recent damage brought about by soil erosion is the result of wanton forest destruction through illegal logging and indiscriminate mining. Only the powerful can commit these abuses for their personal gain. Farmers and the poor families in the affected areas suffer the consequences of the greed of the mighty.