• Illegal online ‘sabong’ betting now widespread


    “Sabong” or cockfighting has gone digital and a bunch of illegal gambling operators are cashing in on this “national pastime.”

    Amid a boom in “online casinos,” now a multimillion-dollar industry in the country, Internet-savvy gambling lords have hit a gold mine in offering live-streaming of actual cockfighting events.

    While cash bets and winnings in hundreds, thousands and millions of pesos actually change hands in the cockpit arena, wagers and winning bets in online “sabong” are transmitted through money transfer accounts, such as money express or “pera padala.”

    But, if you think that these fast-growing online “sabong” operations are benefiting Juan dela Cruz in terms of tax revenues, you’re mistaken.

    It came to my attention that most of these gambling websites are, in fact, not registered in any of the government agencies mandated to issue licenses and regulate gaming businesses, including Internet-based gambling.

    Literally, most of the “sabong” betting websites are illegal, no different from what we call “tupada” or illegal cockfighting events.

    They must be considered operating unlawfully without license or permit from the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp. (Pagcor), the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA) or the Aurora-Pacific Economic Zone and Freeport Authority (Apeco).

    My investigative team has come up with a partial list of websites engaged in illegal gambling operations, soliciting bets on scheduled “sultada” (cockfight matches) that aficionados watch through live-stream video.

    Among these websites are: sabongw.com, sabongn.com, sabongprince.com, newsabong5.com, sabongarena.com, sabongidol.com, sabongtayo.com, marangalsabungero.com, sabongpinaslive.com.ph, sabongkabayan.com, sabonggreat.net, sabongpoint.com and sabongbisaya.com.

    We are verifying claims of the operators of some “sabong” online sites that they do have some kind of “permit” issued by an agency called “FILKOR.”

    This FILKOR, which is not connected with Pagcor, CEZA or Apeco, has duly-licensed the operators of sabongworld.net, sabongtambayan.net, sabongch.com, e-sultada.com, sultadahan2.com and sabongquezon.com.

    But a further check on the legality or the authenticity of “FILKOR” to issue licenses or permits proved negative.

    FILKOR is a private company registered with the S ecurities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a “locator” or company inside the Morong Economic Free Port Zone, which is non-existent.

    And, it is just prudent to request the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) to look into the books of these online “sabong” betting sites that rake up millions of pesos in revenues.

    Ano bang klaseng sistema ito, ayaw babaan ng inutil na Pangulo ang income tax pero namamayagpag ang mga tax evaders dahil kulang sa law enforcement?

    Convicted LP crony eyes reelection
    We are seeking clarification on the controversy over the reported candidacy for reelection of Santa Cruz, Laguna Mayor Dennis Panganiban, who was convicted in 2013 for malversation of public funds.

    Panganiban, a Liberal Party (LP) crony, was never suspended until his conviction by the Sandiganbayan. He was sentenced from 10 to 18 years in prison for misusing P500,000 in local funds in 2007.

    For unclear reasons, this “mandarambong” still holds office and performs his official functions, as if nothing has happened.

    And now, he is running for reelection in the May 2016 elections, and the Commission on Elections (Comelec) has kept mum about it.

    Saan kumuha ng tigas ng mukha ang alkaldeng ito? E, di sa Pangulo!

    Tuwad na daan does go through Santa Cruz, Laguna… Twerk, twerk!

    Devil woman poses as ‘contractor’
    Contractors seeking public works projects are being cautioned against transacing with a swindler known as “Ellen Henriquez” who had duped a number of people.

    She preys on contractors interested in projects with the Department of Public Works and Highways, the Department of Health and the Department of Education.

    Ellen Henriquez, reportedly of Caloocan City (Metro Manila), has several outstanding warrants of arrest against her for multiple counts of estafa amounting to P1 million.

    This devil woman introduces herself as a contractor who can secure a multimillion peso project from one of the three agencies.

    In order for her prospect to cash in on the project, the latter has to put down an advance to coax officials to award them the contract.

    Once she gets hold of the cold cash, Henriquez disappears.

    She was described as in her 50s, about 5’,5” tall, of medium build and dark-brown complexion.

    Watch out!



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