• I’m not giving up, says Poe


    Senator Grace Poe

    LUCENA City, Quezon: Senator Grace Poe’s determination to win the presidential race remains strong despite the huge lead of Davao City mayor Rodrigo Duterte in a recent pre-election survey.

    “Hindi ako sumusuko sa gitna ng lahat ng mga pagsubok, at higit sa lahat, hindi ko kinakalimutan bakit ako tumatakbo. Kailangan natin ng makataong pagbabago [I’m not giving up amid the challenges but most of all I will not forget the reason why I am running. We need a civilized change],” Poe said.

    She reiterated that she respects the surveys because it gives her the energy and resolve to work harder and match the machinery of her rivals.

    What is important, the senator said, is that she is running her campaign without defaming or discrediting the other presidential aspirants.

    “I have never been involved in black propaganda against my opponents and just focused my energy in reaching out to the people,” she added.

    Po, however, said surveys do not necessarily reflect results of elections.

    She cited the 2004 balloting wherein exit polls conducted on the day of the elections showed that her father, Fernando Poe Jr., lost in the National Capital Region (NCR or Metro Manila) but after the votes were counted, it turned out that he won by a huge margin against his opponent, then-President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

    In the 2010 national elections, the senator noted that then-Makati City (Metro Manila) Mayor Jejomar Binay was 10 points behind then-Sen. Manuel Roxas 2nd in the vice presidential survey several days before the polls but, in the end, Roxas was defeated by Binay.

    “This only shows that we can’t say who will win until the day of the elections,” Poe said.

    The senator admitted that she has been receiving information about the efforts of one of her opponents to manipulate the surveys to condition the minds of voters and make it appear that he has a big chance of winning.

    She said the candidate even commissioned a survey showing that he is leading.


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    1. Never mind the citizenship, inexperienced issues hounding her those are negative things on gp side but the important thing she has other plus factors on her side besides choosing between many evils, ill choose the lesser evil.

    2. Kung tama ang pinaglalaban, makatao at ang plano ay paangatin ang lahat ng Pilipino ng sama-sama…. Kung ang bayan at Pilipino ang pinaglalaban… Hindi susuko! #POE2016

    3. Go for it Grace Poe don’t get carried away by FLIPS who tried to discourage you at last you will prevail the presidency, not Binay not Duterte who are both Nog-Nog, and dark skins as caused by their wrong doings! Inspite of the heavy fire and attacked to your good spirit and noble intention for the nation our flag is still flying there vigilantly!

    4. She tried to fool the people but, the people saw through those cobweb of lies and deception. Sorry to have to say this but I think she will also be ousted from the Senate. Too bad also for those SC justices who sacrificed the Constitution just to enable her to run. Sorry for Sereno her staunch defender. “What you sow, you will reap.”

    5. Para sakin Sen.Grace Poe ikaw ang nararapat na maging pangulo ng ating bansa. Sapagkat sa una pa lamang ay nakikitaan kana tapang at tatag na kayang mong lagpasan ang mga pagsubok na pinukol sa iyo. Kaya para sa bayan ikaw ay ang gugustuhin namin.

      • Tama ka sister Lorie Grace Poe is the best fitted for the Presidency, not both Nog-Nog Binay & Duterte they are not qualified and least fitted for the position.

      • mikhail hieronymus on

        Hanggang ngayon hindi pa ba ninyo alam na subrang sinungalin si grace llamanzares.

        alam naman niyang hindi siya “natural born” ngunit ipinilit niyang natural born niya sa kanyang affidavit. Sabi pa niya sa affidavit niya na si Fernando Poe at Susan Roces ang magulang niya. Kulang sa 10 years ang residency niya, ngunit nasinungaling nanaman. Ang asawa niya nag-renounce ng American citizenship, pero sa barangay captain ng quezon city, hindi sa u.s. consulate. Niloloko niya ang taong bayan. E ‘di kung president na siya, lolokuhin lang niya ang mga taon, tulad ni Pnoy.

    6. Rodan Guerrero on

      You will soon REAP THE FRUITS OF YOUR LIES! We all know how this woman fooled the Filipino People. Are we going to install a former American with an American family as our President? Fellow voters , please think twice before writing your vote for president in the ballot…

    7. Sen. Mary Grace Natividad Sonora Poe Llamanzares, you need not give up, Panday never did. Anyway, it’s your own fault, you did not accept Bong-Bong Marcos offer that you two have a DNA test. Now you are never been a candidate as you have not probe that you are a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN AS DEFINED BY THE 1987 CORY CONSTITUTION. And if you will not be removed from office, work hard for the amendment of the 1987 Constitution that all FOUNDLINGS WILL BE A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN.

      • APO3KR, pinaka-in ka lang ng chicharon ni Binay kumanta ka na, sana sumakit yong tiyan mo, dahil patay na ng dalawang araw yong baboy na ginawang chicharon UNGAS!

    8. Pierre Noel Raspeguy on

      “I’m not giving up, says Poe” — Mrs. Llamanzares is referring to her U.S. citizenship which she will reacquire after 09 May 2016.

      • Indeed shw will. But first her american born husband will have to sponsor her again or one of her kids.

    9. Yan ang magandang katangian ng isang Pangulo ang hindi sumusuko at handang ipaglaban ang lahat upang makatulong. Kaya kami ay bilib sayo Sen Grace Poe dahil sa determinasyon mo. Mabuhay ka! Go Sen Grace Poe!