Imbibing, Distilling


“… Get up, girl! The tent won’t fold itself back into your pack! I move slowly, desperately trying to be the tropical creature at home in the cold. Then, a few paces from where I am, like clockwork, these two sit by the fire and talk a great deal about what I’d deem to be ‘the essentials.’ The shared bits and pieces of well-lived lives and the accompanying wisdom they don’t realize they’re distilling makes for great dreams in the evenings and is like washing one’s face in cool, sweet water in the morning. Many ask why I love walking with these two so much and I can only shrug my shoulders thinking of how many journals I’d fill up if I lived and walked with them a bit longer.” ~ Nash Tysmans

in your walk that has taken on epic proportions
in the number of social media followers, they
whose envy is as green as the tallest forest guardian’s
leaves, you have brought thoreau’s pared-down
solitude closer to heart and our grimy hearths.
our complex lives, our even more complicated relationships
are dwarfish compared to the simplicity
you are teaching us with each step, each stop

girl, continue to teach us
to drink from the cup
of unvarnished truth
with only your clear seer’s eye
reflected, beautiful in its changing hues
of sky blue and ash gray


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