• Imelda, Bongbong plot to reclaim presidency

    Well wishers greet Rep. Imelda Marcos as she arrives at a church to attend mass to celebrate her 85th birthday in Batac, Ilocos Norte, on Wednesday. The former first lady threw a birthday party at the family's stronghold. AFP PHOTO

    Well wishers greet Rep. Imelda Marcos as she arrives at a church to attend mass to celebrate her 85th birthday in Batac, Ilocos Norte, on Wednesday. The former first lady threw a birthday party at the family’s stronghold. AFP PHOTO

    BATAC, Ilocos Norte: Imelda Marcos, the Philippines’ most famous political survivor, toasted her 85th birthday on Wednesday as the former First Lady made plans for a triumphal return to Malacañang.

    Wearing a flowing red gown and diamond rings, the self-declared “poverty-stricken” Marcos was serenaded by throngs of supporters as she emerged from her private chambers in the family mansion in their northern stronghold of Batac.

    “My only wish is for God to give me a little more strength to prolong my life,” she told reporters who asked about her birthday wish.

    Marcos said she had seen “the best, best, best and the worst, worst, worst” in life, but insisted she has no plans to ride into the sunset just yet.

    “I still have a vision and hope to bring more help to the Filipino people,” she noted in a free-wheeling, often rambling, interview.

    Marcos insisted that Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., her oldest child, was “qualified” to contest the presidency in May 2016 when President Benigno Aquino 3rd, son of the Marcoses’ top political foes, ends his six-year term.

    “[Returning to] Malacañang would be a great help,” in implementing her projects, she said.

    The flamboyant matriarch became the symbol of excess during the brutal 20-year regime of her late husband, who was also accused of looting state coffers and whose martial law rule was marked by human rights abuses.

    While the rest of the country wallowed in poverty and thousands of activists were killed or went missing, Imelda Marcos and her children enjoyed a jet-setting lifestyle.

    She amassed a jewellery collection valued in the tens of millions of dollars and acquired hundreds of paintings by international masters, including Monets and Picassos.

    The government conservatively estimates that Marcos plundered government coffers of about $10 billion.

    A military-backed “People Power” revolt in 1986 chased Marcos and his family into exile in Hawaii, where the strongman died three years later.

    As the public stormed the abandoned Malacañang Palace, they discovered Imelda’s 3,000 pairs of shoes that came to symbolize the extent of her extravagance.

    Imelda Marcos and her three children were subsequently allowed to return home, and have since regained significant political clout in the late strongman’s northern home province of Ilocos Norte. She won a second term as congresswoman representing Ilocos Norte last year, the same year her son was elected senator. He has hinted at joining the presidential race in 2016.

    Her eldest daughter, Imee, is the provincial governor.

    On Wednesday, a regal but tired-looking Imelda dramatically planted a kiss on her husband’s glass coffin as photographers jostled for position.

    His wax-like remains are kept in an air-conditioned crypt at the family compound that has become a tourist attraction.

    Declaring herself the “mother of world peace,” Imelda then hit out at plans by the Aquino government to auction off her jewellery collection.

    She accused Aquino’s mother, the late democracy hero Corazon Aquino who was installed as President after the Marcos family fled, of persecution.

    “Her first act was to confiscate and sequester all Marcos wealth even before we were tried, and that was illegal,” Marcos said.

    She added that she would prefer to have the jewels put on public display “because I want the Filipinos to know what is world-class and see that.”

    Marcos did not discuss her fragile health. She was rushed to hospital last year for extreme fatigue but later recovered.



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    1. eltee mulawin on

      >>> Most (if not all) Filipino voters especially from 18 years to 20s are imature when it comes Politics because of Politicians also. Its like selling a newspaper… if there’s a shocking headlines, hot issues, expose’, scandals most people will buy it, but if none such a headlines…sorry a very few will buy a newspaper. Similarly to television…most people are regularly watching tv programs ….. chismiss talk shows, scandal news etc.

      >>>Who will say this nation can be great again ???
      >>>Still believe in the phrase….”Nasa kabataan ang Pag-asa ng Bayan “. ???!!!! Well laganap na ang tag-bulag at tag-bingi sa Lipunan ng Pilipinas.

    2. Hilario Martinez on

      somebody should really investigate what was went on in the premises of the former NMYC (now TESDA) during the famous snap election count of February 1986. you will be surprise to know who was there taking charge of a critical operation via the comet system of Philcomsat

    3. It shows how dumb filipinos can be. Imelda has no conscience, she cares about herself & her family, she pleads poverty but didnt her saln say she had almost 1 billion pesos. Why isnt she audited by the powers that be to see where she acquired that money from. Its very simple she has to explain her wealth she cant then its ill gotten. How people could be so stupid as then to elect her & her son into political power. Sometimes the stupidity of the filipinos makes me ever wonder if they will ever see a fair just country.

    4. Naku, huwag naman Madam Imelda, baka mag rally uli sa Makati at sumigaw kami uli at sila BINAY, LINA, TANADA, SAGUISAG, etc., ng ” IBAGSAK ANG CONJUGAL DICTATORSHIP AT MARCOS DYNASTY”, BAKA KASI MAWALAN SILA NG TRABAHO. DI BA MASTER BOY SCOUT RALLY ULI?

    5. Manny F. Reyes on

      That will be nice. I like to see how the Filipinos will vote this time around and how the Marcoses and their patronizers will rig the electronic tabulating machines.

      • And you think the last Presidential election was not rig, You are so naïve, atypical of who you are. The PCOS machine was sold to the highest bidder. and for our country to have a transparent election, it should have a very solid accountability and honest neutral COMELEC , otherwise it’s another bought ridden election results That how Philippine politics is, dirty ,dirty, dirty.

    6. This woman must have a lot of sins for prolonging her life. Time for repentance, Madam, for you are nearing to salvation due to age.

      • And you say that all those grandparents who live to reach 100 yrs old , are full of sins . We are children of God brought to this world with different purpose and how they will be while living on earth.And for Imelda who are we to judge what other purpose the Lord has for her, and others. Think of JPE, who was a known confidant of Pres marcos, what has he done , the worst he deceived the countryin 1986 for his personal gain.

      • Imelda Marcos will live and see for herself what JPE, and those who are still doing the same thing they have been in 1986 ,Corruption and the master of corruption are now being tried and this is called bigtime, Karma in the works.

      • please search for the dubbed “trial of the century” between ph gov and the marcoses, in the US court. ph gov lost in this case. hear what gerry spence, lawyer of imelda, said. go figure it out. lies upon lies about marcos have gotten us all. after almost three decades of edsa 1, where are we now? are we not curious yet about the daily dose of lies in front of our nose?