An immature president


Some say being vengeful is a sign of immaturity since one can’t simply forgive and forget what others have done.

Worse, some of these unforgiving individuals, though not directly at the receiving end of such transgressions, never cease in persecuting those individuals or groups at fault.

PNoy, is a prime example of that unforgiving human being, who does not know when to stop, even though the offending party is already languishing in jail or in the process of paying for his or her sins, like former President Arroyo.

I am not a friend of Mrs. Arroyo, and I believe she deserves to be punished for her indiscretions while chief executive of the land.


However, I totally disagree with PNoy on his continued attacks on his predecessor, particularly in front of foreign leaders.

Blaming Arroyo and the former officials of the past administration seems to be a common ingredient in almost all of President Aqiuno’s speeches here and abroad.

But hitting the former administration repeatedly will never bring back the loss precious time and billions of pesos that were stolen or squandered.

One wonders if Aquino gets any personal sense of fulfillment from endlessly lambasting the former President who is currently under hospital arrest?

Our 50 something year old President… has yet to grow up.

* * *

No emergency powers for PNoy
Finally, both houses of Congress have agreed on something so quickly…no emergency powers for PNoy, not just yet.

The Department of Energy (DOE) failed to convince the House of Representatives that Pres. Aquino needs such an authority to address the impending power crisis.

Even some of his allies in Congress believe he may abuse this power to solve the energy problem but at a very costly price.

Both the Senate majority and the opposition block in Congress have earlier expressed unwillingness to grant Aquino emergency power.

They fear that Pres. Aquino might do a Pres. Ramos, purchasing expensive power barges to temporarily solve the rotating brownouts then at the huge expense of the peoples money. The barges were of no use.

Aquino and his sidekick at DOE should just drop the idea of having emergency powers

It was abused before, and it might be abused again. This administration has a record of abusing what it has in its hands, like the Disbursement Acceleration Program(DAP).

Tsk, tsk, tsk…


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  1. Ganyan din ang style ng Ama at Ina ni abnoy…..ultimo lolo nyan…yung unang unang Benigno Aquino….TINRAYDOR TAYO !!! at ganoon din ang style….bintang sa iba,habang pinagnanakawan tayo……

    Noynoy Aquino and his family are Biggest PLUNDERER in the history of the philippines…

  2. what do we expect from him??he keep blaming marcos sa pagkamatay ng ama niya…inihalal siya at pinagkatiwalaan ng taong bayan dahil naniniwala sila sknya pero anu ginawa niya wala kahit isa dahil ang nasa isip pala niya ay maghiganti….masyado siyang nagtanim ng galit which is we do understand naman dahil ama niya ang pinatay pero calling the former president rapid dogs infront of foreigh leader is an act of immaturity…..andun siya para promote ang bansa hindi para magbalik tanaw sa nakaraan…..ama siya ng bansa pero wala siyang kapasidad na pamunuhan ang kanyang bansang sinilangan dahil nabubuhay siya sa galit at sa nakaraan…

    • bakit blame nang blame those past presidents….natural lang na magcriticize sa trabaho ng iba.. .sa term nila yon lang naabot ng kaya nila….sa panahon mo do what you have to do….stop making excuses…lahat naman at the start of their terms, they did good pero seguro natalo lang good intentions nila sa mga evil doers sa paligid nila…it’s commendable to go after suspects of wrongdoing….pero di na kailangan hiya-in yong tao di pa naman proven ang kaso…puro ingay lang yata….para kayong di mga Kristiyano…baka kayo sa lakas ng ingay nyo walang mangyayari….let PGMA go home and let her do her job as representative of her region.

  3. charlie santos on

    ganyan talaga ang taong wlang utak,if you have no idea on how to resolve things or say anything good about yourself it is easier to put the blame on others.I agree on your position on this sir erwin this is what childish people do,wla na masabing maganda at di alam ang gagawin so put the blame on others kung alam pala niya na dami problema ang bansa at wla siyang idea on how to resolve them bakit siya tumakbo dahil lang namatay ang nanay niya at nakita niya ang oportunidad dyan natin makikita ang ugaling opotunista sa pamilya nila tumakbo nanay niya dahil namatay si ninoy di naman alam ano gagawin tapos siya tumakbo din dahil namatay nanay niya di rin alam ang gagawin ? kaya nagkaletche letche buhay ng mga pilipino ang yumaman lang ang mga nakapaligid sa kanila sana maging leksyon na ito sa atin mga pilipino ilboto natin ang may kakayanan paunlarin ang ating bayan at di mga oportunista o mga sikat lamang dapat yung alam talaga paano resolbahin ang ating mga problema

  4. My views, we cant blame Pnoy on whatever he wants to say, who would want to inherit garbage and problems left behind by his predecessors? Just remember, the Filipino people call for him to lead our country from devastation of corruption, political patronage, political enrichment and such other crime committed of those in power… think anybody else can do what is being done by Pnoy to cleanse and redirect our country towards this much needed change? Give me a name pls…..

    • Darewin Ocampo on

      Cleansing? Cleansing of opponents maybe. Oh and the people who voted for him want solutions but Pnoy is too busy looking back to move forward.

    • Nol Reyes – what the hell are you talking about?? Our government has been rubbish since the Marcos era but none of the previous Presidents blamed their predecessors. Instead, they took action and did what they had to do as Presidents despite any criticisms thrown their way. Noynoy is the only one (aside from cory) who has not done anything but blame others… that’s what he has been doing for 4 years now. If you are happy with the traffic situation, the corruption, the missing DAP, the high crime rate, etc then your standards must be really low.

    • i guess no ones blaming him for what he wants to say, the issue however is he wouldnt stop lambasting his predecessors even if the situation no longer calls for it. to me this is not a characteristic of a strong and matured leader. besides, it is not common for a man who talks too much especially if he is obsessed with audience who are willing to listen to his verbal attacks on his poltical adversaries, more particularly a woman. this odd behavior is probably a manifestation of a psychological defense mechanism to temporary cover up an unresolved internal conflict such as identity crisis in terms of gender preference

  5. tama ..ang ating Presidente ay dakilang isip bata.di ko lubos maisip na ,kahit sa ibang bansa sinabihan nya ng RABID dogs ang kanyang mga kalaban sa politika….It was an immatured act ang lahat ng kanyang sinabi na paghihiganti sa mga nagdaang Presidente sa ating bansa..Hindi sya magiging matinong Presidente ng ating inang bayan….kilangan muna nyang disiplinahin ang kanyang sarili at family….sa panahon ng mga AQUINO maraming massacre ang naganap sa ating inang bayan..parami ng parami ang mga rape cases,patuloy na pagtaas ng bayad sa koryente,patuloy na pina privatize ang lahat ng pag aari ng gobyerno……AQUINO COJUANCO clan na ang may ari sa ating bansa

    • kadalasan ang taong mahilig kuno sa baril at target shooting pero ubod naman ng daldal lalo na kung ang kalaban ay babae eh talagang me malaking problema

  6. PGMA had a heart, she has proven by appealing for reconciliation, and like Marcos she went out of her way to visit Erap when he was in jail, Lest he forget! This beast pretending to run the country has none. Genghis Khan was a noble man, compared to this poor excuse of a human being.

  7. This retard president will stay for as long as he has got in his pocket the money hungry representathieves and SENATONGS who are a majority in congress. No amount of virulent attacks will move him. Because he is mentally deficient, not to mention a face as thick as a rhinoceros hide like both his opportunistic parents, he will carry on his ways with the concurrence of congress and the SIPSIP MAGNANAKAW cabinet he commands. Hyat 10 mahiya kayo, nag malinis kayo noon yon pala talimak na KAWATAN kayo, wala ba kayong conciencia mg animal kayo. Sana tubuan kayo ng mga bukol sa Katawan pati na ang mga pinalalamon nyong kamaganak .

  8. Aquino has nothing positive to say about his administration and thinks that by attacking Arroyo would boast his capacity as president. if pinoy is a common employee, he is a classic example of those who are sipsip and love to put down other people to elevate himself. Such a disgusting act especially or a president!!

  9. Mr. Tulfo, you are right on the target. An immature person tends to blame, and repeatedly blames others because he does not have any alternative solutions. Blaming is a form of self congratulatory becuase he has not have any significant accomplishments he can call his own.

    Abetting and enabling plunders and bribery are blemishes to the character.

    It will be difficult to change inborn mental challenges. His psychological counselor in Ateneo recorded more revealing negative mental status.

    His inabilty to take criticisms is another sign of immaturity.

    His vindictiveness is another.

    His inability and lack of will to quit smoking are signs of immaturity self discipkine.

    Hunger for power and control is another immaturity sign.

    His facial expressions (many photos) show a typical inbirn mentally challenged person.

    His indecisive and changeable attitude is immaturity.

    Knows it all behavior again is juvenile and typical ummaturity.

    Etc., etc. etc, ad lib.

  10. Horacio B. Freires on

    Vindictivenes or mapaghigante bordering to the point of injustce. . is the pleasure of spiritually undeveloped elite. . .languishing in jail. . .I have read a number of acquittals. . but yet never on any guilty verdict. . .HUMAN RIGHTS violations?. . .

  11. In my opinion Pres.Aquino was using Pres. Arroyo so that the Filipino people will not see his incompetence. He has been in power since 2010 but nothing has changed. Someone has to remind the President that when he is abroad he should avoid attacking his political opponents because he was not invited there to knock down his opponents but rather He was there to represent our country encourage investor to invest in our country. I think this tuwid na daan is just like any poltical slogan used during election campaign……it’s like a baloon with an empty air….The president needs to grow up and let the court decide on the cases filed against PGMA…..Another point He always steals the credit that was due for PGMA….

  12. Definitely, it will be abused. As a matter of fact, its more than a done deal for “money making” activity for this administration. The emergency power would justify the suspension of Procurement Law on Bidding. It will allow them to buy-rent without bidding but only through a “negotiated transaction.

    GE Australia will actually provide the emergency power plant to be rented out to the Philippine government. This plant is the same plant that was used in Fukushima, Japan
    recently. This can be move in 3 months time. This is a reliable information from DOE Secretary Petilla’s office.

  13. While I agree with you regarding your comments about Pnoy, the 2nd worst president this country ever had, I suggest you schedule a meeting with Mr. Tiglao regarding the cases against GMA. You will certainly learn from him as a columnist. What separates you from him? He bothers to cite data upon which to base his opinions. You don’t. What a lazy way of earning a living!

  14. Chief Executive on

    Ano naman ang aasahan mo sa tangang presidente (dapat bang presidente yan?)?
    O tignan mo ito Mr. Tulfo ha? Si Purisima at si Abaya, patuloy daw ang trust ng presidente sa kanila eh akala ko ba ang bayan ang boss niya, ang mga boss niya di pinagkakatiwalaan si Purisima (si Purisimang walang Puri) siya may tiwala at may ginagawa naman daw mabuti si Puri! Aba, puwede naman palang magnakaw basta gawin mo lang ang trabaho mo, kaya ang mga nasa gobyerno, magnakaw kayo basta magtrabaho lang ng mabuti.
    At ang presidente natin (ay ninyo) ay talagang abnoy na di mature walang maturity, di marunong magpatawad! Siguro walang kasalanan itong taong ito ano? Siguro sobra ang linis niya. Pero ang di marunong magpatawad, may kasalanan na.

  15. Balikan natin yung sinabi ni Aquino noon sa tiga-Mindanao. Noong kalakasan ng power crisis doon sabi nya, kung gusto nyo nang sufficient power, kailangan magbayad kayo ng mas mahal na kuryente. Dapat sana umandar kaagad ang foresight at good planning nila noong unang araw pa lang ng pag-upo nila sa Malakanyang. Hindi nila ginawa yuon, bagkus lahat na lang ng kapalpakan nila ay mga tao ang magbabayad. Gusto yata gayahin ang style noon ni Cory at Ramos during power crisis years to make contracts with unscrupulous power companies to corner huge kickbacks. Ang resulta, we are second in the most expensive power rates in Asia after Japan.

  16. Yes. It is never good no give people a taste of their own medicine even if they commit genocide of your family. Return a stone thrown at you with a piece of bread complete with butter or cheese.

  17. Emiiano F. Dacayanan on

    Our being a very forgiving nation is both admirable and lamentable. We forgave the Marcoses and the Estradas, so easily. Now they are back not only in the mainstream but more so in power with their grand loot. With PNoy in the historic service continuum of his illustrious parents, he has made “war against corruption the lynchpin of his administration..” Incidentally, his crusade against corruption calls for some reference, not necessarily vengeance as Mr. Erwin Tulfo says…… .