IMMIGRATION denies entry to 9,000 foreigners


CHINESE and Indian nationals top the list of the more than 9,000 undesirable aliens that were barred entry by the Bureau of Immigration (BI) last year. BI records showed 9,738 aliens or 45 percent more from 2015, were turned away and immediately boarded on the next available flight back to their country of origin. Of the number, the 2,034 Chinese topped the list of excluded aliens while 269 Indians, 179 Vietnamese, 163 Americans and 119 Indonesians were intercepted at the NAIA terminals. The others were Koreans, Taiwanese, Cameroonians, Uzbeks and Nigerians. Others were also barred in Mactan, Clark, Kalibo, Iloilo and Davao international airports. The record does not include the Chinese who are detained for illegal drugs and other criminal activities.



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