SIX officials of the Bureau of Immigration assigned at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 are in a hot water following the escape of a Vietnamese under investigation for questionable documents. Spokesperson Atty. Elaine Tan said the immigration officials would be charged of misconduct or negligence or both and may be removed from their posts if found guilty. Vietnamese Phan Tan Loc arrived in the country on Saturday but was placed at the immigration exclusion area after failing to provide any detail on where he intends to stay in the Philippines. He also claimed to have a Filipina girlfriend but this was discovered to be false upon verification. “He was unable to convince the inspector that he was a legitimate tourist owing to inconsistencies in what he said, so the officer recommended him for exclusion so an exclusion order was issued,” Tan added. She said the Vietnamese was able to evade the authorities while the immigration officials were coordinating with the airline companies to fly him back to his point of origin, which is Saigon. When the officials went back to the exclusion area, the suspect was no longer there. However, Tan clarified that under Section 29(a)(5) of the Philippine Immigration Act, exclusion orders “may be reversed upon showing that subjects are capable of supporting their stay in the Philippines such as having a guarantor or any document to prove that he is a legitimate tourist.”
    Robertzon F. Ramirez


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