‘Impeach me and I’ll shut down Congress’


Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has warned that he will close down Congress if he would face impeachment attempts as President.

Duterte gave the warning in reaction to Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th’s pronouncement that the tough-talking mayor could be impeached if he wins the presidency in the May 9 elections over allegations of hidden wealth.

“’Pag i-impeach ako, sabi ni Trillanes, eh ‘di isara ko ‘yang Congress. Eh ‘di wala nang mag-impeach sa akin [If I will be impeached as Trillanes says, I will shut down Congress. So no one will impeach me],” Duterte told reporters in Bataan province, north of Manila, on Thursday.

“The congressmen will ask ‘Why do you want us closed?’ I’d tell them ‘p–ina’ because you want me impeached,” he said.

“P–ina” is a contracted expletive in Filipino.

Duterte said Congress would have no say if he decided to form a “revolutionary government” if he becomes President.

“In every revolution that succeeds, siya ‘yung tigas [the President is in charge]. He now becomes the authority,” he added, before bringing up the case of late former president Ferdinand Marcos.

“Tingnan mo si Marcos. Pero kaniya, martial law, iba yun. Dictator? Ah, eh ‘di alangan.
Ako na ang Congress, ako na ang Presidente, dictator ka talaga [Look at Marcos. But it was martial law for him, that’s different. Dictator? It’s not unlikely. I am Congress. I am President, you are relly a dictator],” he added.

Trillanes, who alleged that Duterte has bank transactions amounting to P2.4 billion, has vowed to impeach the mayor right away if he wins in the May 9 polls.

While Duterte has admitted to owning some accounts as alleged by Trillanes, he said these only contained hundreds of thousands of pesos, savings from his previous stint as a congressman.

He told his supporters not to believe Trillanes, whom he dubbed as a “mercenary.”

The Davao City mayor said that if he truly had amassed hidden wealth, then he would not have to run for the presidency but could have used this money to enjoy a comfortable retirement.

Duterte led recent presidential preference surveys with barely more than a week before the elections.

He obtained a 35 percent preferential rating compared to second-placer Sen. Grace Poe, who got 23 percent.

Trillanes is lagging behind at fifth place in the vice presidential race, where Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. leads with 29 percent.


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  1. A note to Duterte, you can do whatever you want but the military and the people will remove you as president. Remember, you are an NPA sympathizer, we all know that.

  2. the saying only in the philippines springs to mind.
    Now i look at duerte & i see he has already told lies, he said he didnt have a dollar account. Now he says he has one but not a lot in it. Remember it has to be declared on your saln & being as he will dissolve congress if impeached tells me he is a best case of do as i say not as i do.
    Now don not be foolish & elect a president like that. If you filipinos select him for president then you fully deserve what you get.

  3. Shutting down Congress of the Crocodiles is the best idea I have heard so far!

    Will save government billions of taxpayers money.

    Then we can begin to usher a new form be it federal or parliamentary as long it is truly responsive to the concerns of the electorate it is suppose to serve.

  4. Duterte’s saying that he will abolish congress in not unprecedented. Cory did it without any protestations from any group. Recall Cory is not a ‘revolutionary president’ because she was allegedly the winner of the 1986 Snap Election vs. FM and in fact was sworn in before a SC Justice and there was no revolution at all. EDSA is not a national revolution/uprising because the Philippines EDSA is just a street in the Philippines. But then, out nowhere (at the advice of her Student Government led by Joker) she declared herself “revolutionary president”, dissolved parliament, supreme court, abolished the 1973 constitution, declared all position in government vacant, etc. If a lady non-lawyer Cory can do that, why not a barako-lawyer Digong? Easy… just declare that you are a revolutionary president and you can do whatever you want!

    • I hope you are wrong. Very scary scenario. All I mean all investors will leave the Philippines and we are going to be like Iraq, Iran and Syria. Is that what we want ?