Impeaching President Aquino


In daring Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago and former senator Joker Arroyo to file impeachment proceedings against him, President Benigno Aquino 3rd knows that he is speaking from a position of strength.

Chances of the president being removed from office at this point are, to use an old phrase, slim and none.

Not only do his allies completely dominate the Senate—which would serve as his judges in the event the House actually impeaches Mr. Aquino – the chances of the lower house letting such a complaint progress are virtually non-existent.

Santiago and Arroyo had claimed that the releases of millions of pesos in public funds to senators after the removal of Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona was both illegal and unconstitutional.

Both should know of what they speak. Santiago and Arroyo are both noted legal luminaries. There may, therefore, be strong legal basis for impeaching President Aquino.

But this is easier said than done. Impeaching a president (as well as a chief justice) is not only a legal process, it is also a political process.

The difference between President Aquino and former chief justice Corona is that the former is still popular with the people while the latter never was. Any attempt to remove him would not receive the widespread support that the impeachment of Corona had.

Rightly or wrongly, Corona had been perceived as a midnight appointee to the post of chief justice by an unpopular, lameduck president, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. The very legitimacy of Corona’s appointment was in doubt.

It is no secret that President Aquino strongly supported the removal of Corona, and this alone made the chances of the chief justice retaining his post highly improbable.

By comparison, there is no massive call for the removal of Mr. Aquino except from a handful of his self-appointed political opponents, none of whom can claim widespread support from the public.

It is possible that some disgruntled parties will go through the motions of filing an impeachment case against Mr. Aquino, and the House leadership may go through the motions of reviewing the case and moving it forward to the proper committee, until it dies a natural death.

This is not to say that President Aquino can never be removed from office via impeachment. He still has three years left in his term, more or less, and while he remains a popular figure, that popularity can fade very quickly if it can be proven that he willingly engaged in serious wrongdoing.

He has committed many mistakes as president to be sure. Allowing suspected pork barrel scam mastermind Janet Lim Napoles to personally surrender to him left a bad taste in the mouth for countless Filipinos. Micromanaging the Zamboanga crisis – a job best left to the Armed Forces of the Phils. – likewise did not speak well of his judgment. He may be commander in chief of the AFP, but he is not an expert in either military tactics or strategies.

To repeat, chances of President Benigno Aquino 3rd being legally removed from office at this time is virtually impossible. If he keeps his nose clean, he can end his presidency in 2016 with head held high. Just like his mother, the late President Corazon Aquino.


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  1. Really Pecky isa ka pa sa hindi nagigising yes this writer or columnist is right at this time talaga hangang supported pa siya ng mga tuta o bayaran na mga Tongressmen walang uusad na impeachment pero huwag siya pakakasiguro dahil pag nagising na sng mga Boss niya mapapalayas din siya sana kapalaran niya hindi maging kagaya ni Erap remember he was popular too even more popular than him.Kailan kaya kikilos ang military 2 save the country na masyado na inaabuso.

  2. Pinoy’s presidency has been likened to leading a house in total mess, thanks to Arroyo plus the political system that had a face but no soul. Pinoy, at least, tried to rally the nation behind “Daang Matuwid,” a goal so lofty yet with road much studded with potholes and dangerous curves, meaning the endemic weaknesses of the very people working with him. At this stage of his leadership, Pinoy got his fingers scorched, issues of corruption being hurled at his administration by no less than the ever righteous and verbose lady senator. Still, I have my thumbs up for Pinoy. May he end his term to show to the people that Daan Matuwid is worth pursuing, even while he himself stumbles on some of the potholes along the way.

  3. Being rich doesn’t inhibit one from committing corruption, just like a priest from pedophile acts, maybe he lets or condone his friends that’s why he kept Biazon who is inutil at BOC, and others whom he tolerates and fast to clear them of any responsibility
    In any scams. The loop is getting tight, eventually more secrets would be spilled by guilty parties or defensive parties that the president won’t be spared of his involvement.No pass to him if he is guilty, hopefully he is not or else the legacy of his parents would be soiled.

  4. President Aquino doesn’t really need the headache of public position leading a nation with bunched of thieves especially those that hold public office jobs. He came from a well off family that his financial needs are already secured. That Miriam Santiago has nothing else better except sour griping in the senate. I will not be surprised if one will scrutinized her financial records she is also one of those that have amassed unexplainable wealth. Her style of sour griping and counterproductive is a way of hiding skeletons wherever they maybe hidden. It appears as if she is very unhappy person who has nothing else better than to see the negative side of the next person but failed to see her shortcomings.