Impeachment complaint filed vs Duterte


An impeachment complaint against President Rodrigo Duterte was filed at the House of Representatives on Thursday, less than a year into his presidency.

Rep. Gary Alejano of Magdalo party-list filed the complaint, accusing the President of high crimes such as killing suspected criminals and graft and corruption.

“We believe that President Duterte is unfit to serve as highest elected public official. The state policy of killing drug offenders is already alarming,” Alejano said.

The lawmaker accused Duterte of ordering the execution of 1,400 people when he was mayor of Davao City, hiding wealth as much as P2.2 billion and hiring 11,000 ghost employees.

“The President should be impeached due to culpable violation of the Constitution, bribery, and betrayal of public trust,” Alejano added.

Malacañang shrugged off the complaint.
Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez also dismissed the move to unseat the President.
“We are entitled to our stupidity,” Alvarez said in a text message. LLANESCA T. PANTI


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  1. Carlotta Fuentes on

    How could you come to that horrible conclusion Gary Alejano of Magdalo party-list? You sound so naiv..and ignorant.
    You seem so easy to be used and fooled by others with strong wicked immoral opinion political convictions against Duterte. You should have knowledge that as long as you have the freedom to file complain about your accusations, you should start producing evidence and bring your case to the court. You still exist, do you? And so the neutral bodies e.g. Supreme Court or RTC, Ombudsman, etc to begin with! and not skip to House of Rep. for another waste of time and money from the government. Your actions is a signal of getting media attention locally and internationally and of course, you were also convinced that if your party is the one taking that action you will be known to people, I didn’t know or heard about your party…now I know who you are…you see, be fair and do your own investigations and not be influenced by those strong evil party’s like LP’s who are so expert in impeaching, treason the sitting government. And one more thing, do not involve church, religion, and schools as your people because they are not! Be fair and be wise!

  2. The exercise is futile & will not prosper. The accusation has no basis, no documentary evidence, it’s just all talks no substance. The intention is purely destabilization, power grabbing nothing else. The accusers should remember they are fighting a very popular president, the outcome of this would be a bloody one.We don’t want this but if it is necessary we would rally around the duly elected president. We have to defend the country, constitution, democracy and the beloved president.Put these at the back of your mind Magdalo group. We can’t allow people who are power grabber to rule the country.

  3. Of course ,another Magdalo member will try very hard to impeach the President, because his compadre Trillanes failed on his plot (backed by the yellow-Aquino) to oust the President elected by the (majority voice) people of the Republic of the Philippines.Now, that their corruption practices are being checked , they are doing everything to avoid and escape punishment, due under the law .May the Lord save and protect the Philippines from those evils.

  4. John Chameleon on

    Good that Magdalo representative filed the impeachment case so that Congress can junk it immediately making another impeachment plan to be impossible. Then succeeding disturbances or destruction will be stopped. Now, that would leave them the putsch where Trillanes and Alejano will give the government the chance to kill them legally.

  5. on

    mga ka kosang mercenary ni Trilliones. ang iingay nila parang mga langaw sarap tirisin sa 2019.

  6. Sir!

    If something appears completely stupid, there might be a second thought.

    Congressman Harry Roque had shown, that the direct appeal to the International Criminal Court will not prosper, because the ICC will only exercise jurisdiction when Philippine courts are unable to do so. If Alejano and the opposition fail with the impeachment, what everyone expects, they can go to The Hague and tell that an investigation in the country is impossible – help us!
    The opposition is in urgent need of help from abroad, as they themselves are not capable to defeat Duterte.

    Yours sincerely
    Heiko Eckard, GenSan

  7. I don’t understand this people that we voted to legislate laws beneficial to our country, instead of supporting the present administration their doing other way around. What a waste of time and money. In fact party lists does not make major impact to our society in terms of development programs and poverty alleviations, we dont feel their presents. Do we really need these posts in the congress?

  8. Seems like he’s the counterpart to the Senate’s distasteful resident troublemaker, Trillanes. Looks like they are ramping up the attacks on the president, with the VP being the latest to run to the U.N. and Time Magazine. Will we ever have any peace from these people?

  9. And who is this Tongrisman Alin Ano of Magdacoup with Trililing Please Mr. Alvarez remove this idiot and stupid tongrisman now na and also call Senate pres. gamitin mo naman ang pa cute mo sa senado alisin na yang si Trililing by hook or by crook please lang. walang ibubungang maganda ang mga animal na yan and by the way calling Pres. Digong Palitan mo na ang fake na VP mo pwede ba kami ang nahihirapan kababasa ng pananakot ng mga hayop na mga dilawang ito and lastly paki lang ikulong na si Abnoy wag kang maniwal kay Kris Tulo action naman Pres. Digong.

  10. Yes we are entitled to our stupidity but imposing the desire or penchant for pushing a cause conceived and based on such stupidity on others (such as the members of the House of Reps) is something extremely detestable.