• The importance of restful sleep


    Most people consider sleep only as a means to rest. Some would give it up in order to stretch the day. The most underestimated activity, sleep is actually vital in achieving good health.

    Understanding the importance of sleep, LifeScience Center for Health and Wellness introduces its signature Sleep Analysis and Consultation, geared towards helping individuals sleep their way to good health.

    “Most of us take sleep for granted and don’t fully realize how sleep impact our well-being,” said Dr. Denise Lavilles of LifeScience Center for Health and Wellness.

    “Beyond getting our body to rest and regain physical strength, quality sleep supports mental and physical health, and affects quality of life. How we feel and perform throughout the day is affected by how well we slept. It is during sleep when our body is working to support vital functions of the brain and organs. Sleep also helps cells regenerate,” added Lavilles.

    Sleep deprivation affects people physically and mentally. Physically, deprivation can cause constant tiredness, less productivity, mood swings, slower reaction time, and increase chances of making mistakes and accidents. Mentally, it affects cognitive function, making individuals unable to properly focus and retain information. The risk for chronic disease also increases with chronic sleep deprivation.

    “Because of being constantly sleep deprived, having a restful sleep eventually becomes a challenge and may lead to unhealthy habits and dependency on sleeping pills. But sleep issues can be addressed,” said Lavilles.

    The LifeScience Center for Health and Wellness Consultation tackles sleeps issues through a multi-disciplinary, scientific and proactive approach.

    “It is vital to recognize the basic underlying factors affecting and causing sleep problems, in order to determine the appropriate steps needed to sleep better. We cannot just keep treating the symptoms. Sleeping pills, for example, may help for a brief period of time and under a doctor’s supervision. However, insomnia cannot be cured by sleeping pills alone. They can actually make insomnia worse in the long run. Sleep is such a dynamic and relational process – it has to be understood in relation to everything else,” she explained.

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