• The importance of sound sleep


    Vitality Hero and Wellness coach Marco Escareal

    Sleep is the easiest thing to forego by hardworking individuals. They would work late hours to finish their tasks and miss on hours of sleep or any shuteye at all.

    Medical science points out that lack of sleep is detrimental to one’s health, as those who don’t get enough of it may suffer from stroke, heart failure, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and other illnesses.

    Meanwhile, those suffering from insomnia most likely manifest symptoms of anxiety and depression, which can ultimately affect their performance and their relationships.

    In short, in both cases, when sleep fails, one’s health declines along with the quality of life.

    These in mind, mattress maker Uratex joined the celebration of World Sleep Day (WSD) in March by spreading awareness that good, healthful and restful sleep is vital to physically recharge after a day full stress and strenuous activities.

    Spearheaded by the World Association of Sleep Medicine and World Sleep Federation, the celebration of WSD has been gaining some momentum around the world, reaching many people who are challenged with issues related to deprivation brought about by stressful habits and unhealthy work lifestyles.

    Its 10th-year theme is “Sleep Soundly, Nurture Life” focusing on how good sleep can give people and their bodies a chance to “nurture their lives.”

    In line with this theme, Uratex held a wellness event and invited The Manila Times, among other guests, to experience a good night’s sleep at Acacia Hotel in Alabang. With emphasis on the importance of good sleep, several wellness activities were also incorporated.

    As World Sleep Day spreads its reach across the country, sleep solutions are continuously being developed

    Explaining the importance of sleep or the lack of it, Vitality Hero, wellness coach and medical practitioner Marco Escareal said factors that affect chronic sleep insufficiency include family and social responsibilities, work demands, medical conditions, and sleep disorders which affect one’s well-being.

    “If a person suffers from chronic sleep insufficiency, it will result to reduced performance, a downturn in psychological and physical well-being, or worse, increased incidents of car accidents and deaths,” Escareal explained.

    The doctor also shared tips on how to attain better sleep.

    “Less than seven hours of sleep may result to cumulative deficit in behavioral alertness and vigilant attention. With that, people should sleep only as much as necessary to feel rested, and maintain a regular sleep schedule, but it is also suggested not to force sleep,” he noted.

    “People should avoid caffeinated beverages after lunch, avoid alcohol before bedtime, avoid smoking and going to bed hungry and most especially, they should exercise regularly,” Escareal ended.

    As WSD spreads its reach across the Philippines, sleep solutions are continuously at the forefront in the promotion of overall health and wellness, and more Filipinos would see the benefits of sleeping soundly in nurturing not just their own lives, but that of their families as well.


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