• How to improve timing upon impact


    Most of us will wonder why touring professionals hit their shots far and straight. Well, definitely it is a combination of good fundamentals, mechanics and mental awareness and aptitude. But there is one key that is most important – timing.

    Great timing is the key to straight shots and maximum distance. It is the very main aspect of the swing mechanism. The point of impact must be done with exact timing, to allow a straight shot to transpire. Without it, it will always be a challenge to achieve better ball striking and scoring capabilities.

    There have been plenty of perceptions and interpretations based on various golf methodologies, in order to strike the ball better. It does not really matter whether you have a shaft plane, elbow plane or a shoulder plane. Or whether you initiate with the lower, upper, whole body or for that matter, any particular part of the body. Each and every method works for as long as you trust the system and practice diligently.

    World No.1 Jordan Spieth prepares to execute a perfect golf swing. AFP PHOTO

    It really boils down to hitting the ball straight and solid. This absolutely requires perfect timing. The clubface must be squared to your intended target accompanied by the correct swing path upon impact. This transpires in a split of a second, so Timing is vital! To achieve this, the golf club and the body must synchronize in one unified motion that seems effortless, during the entire swing. Upon striking the ball, the club goes back almost to its original position as it was from address.

    One of the best ways to drill impact is to acquire an impact bag. If not possible, you can also use an old tire that you can set on the ground, just like the impact bag. A bigger tire will work better so that it will not move excessively upon striking with the club.

    To practice the drill, place the impact bag or car tire on the ground where you can do a back swing. Do your standard address position and set the club head against the impact bag or tire. Take note of the angle of the shaft from your hands to the club head against the impact bag or tire. Because when you swing forward, you need to get back to where you started. You can allow the clearing of your lower body more if it wants to. Choose any swing length when you swing backward.

    It is not necessary to swing forward fast. But if you decide to do so, make sure to hold on the club more. It is more important to watch out for the correct angles of the club and your body at impact, then feel it, and recheck the angle of the club against the impact bag or tire. Again, make certain that you feel the impact together with a visual check. The more speed you apply, the more intense the feeling will be. So choose the correct speed comfortable for you.

    Do this impact drill at least five minutes a day for thirty days. You will develop a certain feel, a mindset and the confidence to perform the same motion each time you swing. When you sense that the ball flight does not go straight, continue to work on this drill, until such time you believe your shots are more consistent.

    Focus on timing, it will generate ideal results.


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