In Duterte-land


THE man was obviously pissed, coming out in black, responding to the backlash that went down after his May 31 news conference. And rightfully so.

Yes, there is no excuse to condone the killing of anyone, and certainly his statements can
be used to justify the killing of any and all journalists—which is reason to be alarmed by what he said.

But this statement: “Kaya namamatay dahil karamihan ‘yan nabayaran na, they take sides, or sobrahan nila ang atake, getting into [the]personal. Hindi lahat ng tao … kaming mga pulitiko okay ‘yan, praktisado kami, pero ‘yung ibang tao you go private, tapos hiyain mo, ‘yung anak babuyin mo, papatayin ka talaga. Eh gano’n eh. … It’s not because you’re a journalist you’re exempted from assassination.”

That statement is not all that he said. But it is these soundbites that get the most mileage. It riles the public up, it puts the man’s intentions and character into question. Toward what end? Your guess is as good as mine.

Not just context

With a President-elect like Rodrigo Duterte, there is every reason to take things out of context, because even context is rendered different: it is not merely the question that gave rise to his answers, it’s also the way he speaks, how he speaks, the questions before it and after it, and how this one question changed his tone.

This context is about understanding the framework of his opinion, which is premised on the specificity of his experience that requires that we follow his thought process, looking at the way he answered a question versus just the answers that we get.

When that question about media killings came up, I quickly took offense at his statement: “Kasi hindi ka naman talaga papatayin diyan kung wala kang ginawa, eh.” I took offense because I know it’s not true. There are journalists who are doing their jobs so well, and fearlessly, that they ruffle the feathers of those who imagine themselves untouchable and who respond to journalist questions with a bullet.

What kept me from shooting from the hip, though, were the lines that followed that statement, where I realized that, in fact, the President-elect was talking about a specific kind of journalist, who accepts bribe money, and then decides to continue bashing the person who had paid for the journalist’s silence.

Soon enough the president-elect articulated context: “There is still corruption sa inyong side. Marami ‘yan. … ‘Yang si Pala, harap-harapan ‘yan sasabihin kumulekta kami. Tapos sa kabila babanatan mo. ‘Yun. That is the best example kung bakit namamatay itong mga journalist. Kaya prangka-prangka. Karamihan gano’n.”

This part also made me realize that he was talking about a specific experience with a particular kind of journalist, and in the case of the President-elect, it was about the kind of reporter that one Jun Pala was.

Tangents and bigger pictures

Once that specificity was established, one also sees that he was working with a far larger picture than the question that was asked of him. The question was “What is your policy on journalist killings?” And he went on this tangent, based on what to him was the bigger picture that (1) killings happen to everyone, not just journalists; and (2) some journalists bring it upon themselves.

“Kasi nagtatanong kayo kung bakit pinapatay … do not make it appear that they are clean. Most of you are clean, but do not ever expect na itong mga journalist are all clean. Kaya namamatay dahil karamihan ‘yan nabayaran na, they take sides, or sobrahan nila ang atake, getting into [the]personal. … It’s not because you’re a journalist you’re exempted from assassination. ‘Yung premise mo kasi journalist siya, bakit patayin siya? It’s all wrong.”

Obviously, Duterte heard that question about his policy on media killings, and what he responded to were the premises of that question. So he debunked the premise by going into this tangent which, to me at least, sounded like he was putting into question the idea that journalists are more special than the rest of us.

As far as the President-elect is concerned, journalists are just like everybody else—some of them who are corrupt, a majority are clean, but the former deserve what they get from the enemies they make.

We might not agree with this perspective, but certainly it is more logical than the soundbites that were given mileage in the aftermath of this news conference.

Media level-up

The incoming President requires all of us to watch at attention—not just listen to his words, but also look at how he’s saying it, wait for those gems that explain exactly where he’s coming from, latch on to those, and do some follow-up questions. The better to understand him.

For example, after hearing Duterte speak of corrupt journalists deserving to die, why didn’t anyone in the media ask him: what about journalists who are not corrupt but are killed anyway? Why didn’t anyone ask him about the case of Gerry Ortega, for example, or the case of the journalists who got killed in the Ampatuan massacre? What is his policy on journalists like them?

Certainly Duterte would then have had to take a step back, repeat what he said that “Most journalists are clean,” and that these clean journalists, yes, they would be protected by his administration. At the very least he would have had to make a distinction between the corrupt and the non-corrupt, and then it would be clear that the stand he was taking on media killings is only consistent with his stand on corruption in general.

But the journalists in that room missed this opportunity, and revealed they do not really want him to flesh out his answers, nor do they know how to handle the President-elect.
And no, I don’t think the media’s being kind. I think they really are just unprepared for this kind of unscripted, un-spun news conferences, and they do not know how to handle someone who obviously doesn’t care much for propaganda that makes him look and sound good.

Now the President-elect has decided no more news conferences. And good for him. Because we obviously don’t get it, and we latch onto nothing but the controversial bits and pieces, not at all the policy statements and the bigger picture he creates.

We also don’t have a sense of humor: after he spoke in straight English, with a mock accent, about a metamorphosis happening to him once he is President-in-fact, complete with caterpillars blossoming into butterflies, a reporter asked: Sir, are you serious or would this fall under preposterous?

Well, if we had to ask that.


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  1. To all Journalist
    Now being a Journalist is a boring career..nothing to write and also attracting assassination is double cross a villain. Job creation from du30 is now open..A very tough bounty hunter for the head of drug lord,corrupt politician,PNP, AFP,etc
    pera pera corruption in Judicial system is obsolete. Quick justice being serve

  2. it’s very simple: you have to listen, observe, be objective, rational and be RESPONSIBLE JOURNALIST…you don’t have to hate him or like him…JUST BE RESPONSIBLE AND OBJECTIVE. do not be fault finder of what he said. very good analysis Ms. Santiago, i hope all media people are like you.brilliant and charming.

  3. Excellent I.Q. + sufficient E.Q. – moral turpitude conduct. To be discerning and unbias. Must know how to read between the lines and not necessarily take his words literally. They must also be responsible to what they are telling the public and willing to take the consequences of their words. Ironically, this is what the president expect our media people to be. Unfortunately, under the guise of FOI, this will remain a fantasy. Unless maybe a sort of regulation, filtration, check and balance system is implemented. But then again, no news is ever printed nor aired without the management, publishers or editors’ consent. So is it fair to conclude that the bigger evil is in fact the media companies these journalists are representing? Take the case of Ron Gagalac and Doris Bigornia et al. Are we to assume that the ABS-CBN bigwigs have no influence over their bias reporting against Duterte? my ten cents.

  4. TAMA! bakit? Kapag media ka ba exempted ka na sa criminalidad na nangyayari sa lipunan? o kung hindi man ay sa batas na nagpapagana rito? Kung media ka man, at isang Pilipino,mamamayan ka pa rin at tao ka pa rin na pwedeng mangyari ang nangyayari sa mga biktima ng krimen! Esep Esep din mga MEDIA MEN and WOMEN!

    • Sa mga Journalist, Dapat may SALN din sila dahil tignan mo ang lifestyle puwera pa na maraming asawa at nagkalat na mga sasakyan sa bangketa

  5. Ms. Santiago, have you ever tried asking the pNOy admin how’s the case of the ampatuan and the SAF44.

  6. Ms. Santiago, You brought up the issue about the ampatuan case, have you tried asking the PNOY admin about that?

  7. Lemuel Capili on

    When President Duterte speaks we need to listen well, because the person is speaking intellectually with every issue. This therefore challenges all of us to be intellectual as well not just reacting to something that we thought he said.. He is a very intellectual President who is humble as well, that is what we need.. President Duterte challenges us to think and not just look at the “tip of the iceberg” so to say. Bravo Miss Katrina.. hoping that all of us Filipinos be like you, thinking with our heads and not just the burst of our emotional hearts… Truly reading even listening needs comprehension…

    • Bake,pag nanisi si pnoy ke GMA ay walang bumabatikos na dilawang Journalist,bagkus pumapalakpak pa.. sabi pa Haleluya sir [sir yun pong envelope ko,wag nyong kalimutan]

  8. Magellan G. Bagayao on

    To president -elect RRDuterte. This is the person (Katrina Stuart Santiago) you need as your Press Secretary. One who can read your mind. Suggest you reconsider your previous appointment for such position.

    • she can make you “say” things you didn’t say, and “repeal” things like your truly extraordinary and dumb vigilante “bounty” idea

      ‘iyo ‘to ‘pre

  9. The burden of clarity should be upon him. We can’t keep wracking our brains for the next six years trying to understand his pronouncements. It seemst to be a pathetic gesture of playing people which is a narcissistic thing. This mind game has to stop.

    • Bobby Aranas on

      Yeah! It hurts my brains too! This President is talking as if all of us are intelligent and lawyer like him! To much for me too! He should talk like Pnoy that it is plain and simple as simple like Pnoy almost Abnoy! hehe.

    • And the burden of analysing and understanding his syntax is on our shoulders. We are not 3 year old kids whose brains are yet under-developed so as to suffer from difficulty in analysing Duterte’s words. I sincerely believe that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to make sense of what Duterte says most of the time, unless he starts garblinf and eating his words, then we’ll definitely have to ask him to repeat his statements over again. But such is not the case.

      Is this controversy of not being on the same frequency and same page as the president, a product of this generation’s dismal lack of analytical skills? I mean, we all went to college and learned to analyse complicated math and scientific formulas, analyse complicated literature with it’s figures of speech. We even learned to get past Shakespeare’s almost toxic vocabulary and brain-racking works, and yet we couldn’t even get past Duterte’s “language”? Most learned writers went thru units in Philosophy and History, and yet we couldn’t even oblige Duterte with just a tiny bit of that learning?! How ridiculous is that?

      How hard is it for anyone who claims to be astute or truly endowed with intellect, to dig deep into the rhetorics of the man? How hard is that? Well, if you say it’s hard, I suppose you’re not really qualified to be doing the job you’re doing.

      I think that a clean-up of the journalistic industry isn’t the only thing they ought to do. I think they should also thresh out POSERS and those who clearly aren’t suited for that kind of job because it ruins the general reputation and integrity of the whole industry. “One rotten fruit ruins the whole bunch”, doesn’t it?

      And this is my honest opinion on the brouhaha. If two persons don’t meet eye to eye on certain matters, a misunderstanding could arise, for which the only remedy should be to help each other in clearing the bad air instead of AGGRAVIATING and EXACERBATING the otherwise potentially ballistic situation.

  10. So do we do this over and over for the next six years? Analyze, dissect, research on his controversial statements to gain a broader understanding of what he really means? And how sure are we that our findings are not merely an attempt to sugarcoat his glaring indiscretions? Do we analyze, dissect, research again to disprove this? The burden of clarity should be upon him. He has a lot of learning and unlearning to do within himself if he sincerely wants positive and lasting change for this country. And metamorphose after June 30? He can’t keep playing people all the time which is obviously a narcissistic thing. This mind game has to stop.

  11. I wish all the Journalists in the Philippines report like you do. Keep it up!

  12. Edwin B Pedroso on

    This reaction from the Media re “killing of media people ‘ from an answer by PRRD to a question from a member of media was bloated with emotions created by any one who holds or tasted power and was seemingly insulted by disfavor from a very plain reply. It is an expression of a reminder, “hey we were a powerful force during the EDSA revolt in 1986; we caused the destruction of a popularly elected President by using the Chavit expose’ of jueteng payola, his womanizing exploits and etc”. This small matter can be made into propaganda line to discredit the target, a parallel effort to attain the ultimate goal of a hatched plan. There could be a plan being nurtured by this group of media people who refuses to tone down the bloated line tantamount to agitation. We as a people are ready to shed blood for a cause. If this is the scenario then those who hold a stronger “cause” will prevail. We wanted a leader who can lead us to the fulfillment of our dream for ”Change” . The leader now comes from Mindanao. Discrediting him is a premature plan domed to fail because we needed change and it commands a strong cause for the people to be supportive of PRRD. If these Media people’s supported cause is not stronger than the majority, it would be like playing with another fire that becomes eternal just like the eternal flame in Heroshima reminding the world of the evils of war. Are we not tired of our own internal war? I am tired of this but not afraid to do it in my old age.

    • 61 % did not vote for this clown. he had the largest plurality, not a majority.

    • jenny
      This is better than tuwad na daan full of lies and corruption
      Journalist makes the people confused. pere pera lang yan at the end

  13. Reporters are not trained to interview a personality like Duterte. If you fail to analyse the things he said , you will certainly go crazy.

  14. This is true journalism. You are a fair journalist, Ms Katrina Santiago! Bow down po ako sa iyo. Thanks for the article.

  15. Exactly…your one of a kind..?..sana lahat ng journalist katulad mo ..malawaka ang pag unawa hindi nilalason ang isipan ng sambayanang pilipino .keep it belong to the crusader.????

  16. Russell Diona on

    sana lahat ng journalists ganyan kalawak..katalino ang pag iisip…mabuhay ka Ms. Katrina..totoong buhay pa ang pag-asa ng bansang Pilipinas hanggat may isang matino at mahusay na mamamahayag na tulad ng lahi mo!..Saludo ako sayu kabayan.

  17. Tino Guanlao on

    Hi! You are spot on Katrina and Bravo! Very well said.

    I want to share with you a collection of my post on FB media from then and now.
    It was at the height after the press conference of President Duterte.

    Lately, It has becoming malicious the way journalists and media reporters throw questions to the President. Duterte may or may not have given the right answer for the Press but, it was a horrible bad threatening question on their part. I’m not saying President Duterte made a perfectly good answer, but it was a very “bad question” putting the President on the spot. She asked: “They (UN) urged and file a suit against you” what’s your reaction sir?” This was an implied threat question against President Duterte. You don’t give threatening questions to a President, let alone feel lucky you have a President that talks to you with empathy. Focus on the corrupt enemy, and not vulture journal hunting the President.

    Dutertes words and actions might be revolting to a portion of the population.. But sadly. I believe that our country has fallen deep in pits of drugs, corruption, bad journalism as a result of corruption that Duterte is just the man we need.. Isang tao na makakapantay o hihigit pa sa mga kagagohan ng mga tao… It’s been proven na hindi kaya ng isang “saintly” “formal” “with good moral (daw)” na leaders in the past para bigyan solution ang ating mga problema….you can’t beat evil with good.. To defeat evil, you need a greater evil.. Yes! It’s not a case of how bad Duterte is, but its just that our country is that very bad and fucked up.

    And whistling can be interpreted in a lot of manner yet some people think it’s the end of the world (pathetic)! Why don’t this particular journalist(s) exert more efforts to let the public know how we can bring justice to an innocent 3 yo child murdered & raped?!!!??

    There is no one like DU30. Don’t shape him up like any President you want. Tanong ko lang, may nabago ba sa kanya since day 1 na nakilala nyo sya? wala naman di ba? consistent nga sya sa pagiging street smart talker eh. We may dislike his style and all pero isa syang totoong tao, walang kaplastikan. he isn’t even bothered if the whole world don’t like him. You have to live with a new president like ??? for 6 years. we have to respect the majority vote, kung di nyo kaya, pagpakalayo layo na lang kayo and don’t even bother to read/see any news about him dahil masisira lang ang araw nyo, ma-stress lang din kayo.

    We Filipinos and alike differs because of the demographic and allegiance. Saying “sorry” like GMA did is a sign of weakness in the highest form of governance. I may agree or disagree, but, i look at the Highest and Bigger level of interest of the country. And that is Not to become a NARCO country. And only President Duterte can deliver that. Saying “Sorry or Not” means nothing, it’s childish, a low cheap shot to asked the President. Did your President Pnoy ever say “Sorry”? Pinabababa nyo lang ang character ng Presidente Rody Duterte by asking to say “Sorry” and nothing more. And why do people asked for him to say “Sorry”? it’s simply because some people don’t liked him.

    Marami ang “Media Snipers” na nakatutok sa Presidente na magkamali ng sasabihin at gagawin. Bakit hindi na lang natin pagtuonan pansin na i-cover ng Media ang “Land Mining”, “Shabu Lab” Financier, Producers, at “Drug Pushers”. Dahil sa tutuo lang, mas malaking problema yan kaysa sa “Pagsipol” ng PresidenteRody Duterte. Magpaka tutuo po tayo dahil ang mga corrupt at mga unrehabitable na lulong na sa droga lamang ang apektado at pumupuna sa bagong papasok na administrasyon and that includes all walks of life and any form of “corruption”.

    Sipol lang pinalalaki pa issue… may mga tao nga na hindi man sumisipol ay nanghuhubad naman kung makatingin sa kalye, Kpag sinipulan ka, balikan mo na lang ng malanding kindat ! Mas malaki problema mo kpag hindi ka sinipulan dahil… pangit ka.

    Thank you and keep punching,
    Tino Guanlao

    • kaya ko rin mag-mura, at mas malaki ang t**i ko sa ‘yo, at ang p**p*k ng asawa mo, ang bantot, at mas malaki an t**i ko na sinipsip ng p*ri nung maliit ako habang nagkukumpisal. At bullsh**t an UN. At ganid and walang ti**ng journalist na busy pang mulalaplap sa pek*** ng drug lords.

      There, am just like Duterte (bow)

    • Galit lang ke Duterte ay yung mga tao na di bumoto sa kanya at hanggang ngayon ay di matanggap na good bye na sa one man president form of corruption…

  18. Katrina, I like what you said. “For example, after hearing Duterte speak of corrupt journalists deserving to die, why didn’t anyone in the media ask him: what about journalists who are not corrupt but are killed anyway?”.

    True enough because the audience (media) weren’t prepared to face him. We as a nation have lacked critical thinking in our culture, most observable in media. Contrast that to the interviews of prominent media personalities of the western world. The next logical question would be “How would your administration discern between the two and protect the free press as a whole? Protect the rights of the citizens, etc.”.

  19. Thank you for this well-thought out article, Ms Santiago. Wish all writers were like you.

    Amazing how the majority of journalists who barely said anything as criminality, lawlessness, and governmental incompetence started to engulf this country in 2010 could not seem to say enough about the President-Elect’s penchant for being politically incorrect.

  20. Man del villar on

    Finally, a true journalist with proper intelligence and comprehension. Others are nothing but PR men and women who happens to know how to write and compose sentences but with poor comprehension!

  21. Im sure Duterte is not at all ignorant of the English language for him not to be able to express himself, or to say something while he meant otherwise. Duterte exactly knew what he’s saying, and he meant what he is saying. He is not using technical English words or jargon for us to need interpretation in simpler or lay man’s term.

    Enough for acting as apologists or trying to explain what he said, by using words which he did not really mean. What the apologists are saying are at most what they wanted Duterte to say, but did not and will not.

    Those are Duterte’s words whether we like it or not those are his loud and clear words.

  22. Bulls Eye! Media people should learn that they are dealing with a very intelligent individual. He is a Master in the Art of War. They cant afford to even miss a single word of what he is saying.Or less, they will get lost. I, together with the other millions of supporters of the President-Mayor will continually support him. Thank you for a very well said article maa’m. Finally! A sensible mind.

  23. Carlo de Leon on

    Well written article. May I add that being bad to others regardless of profession will put your life in danger. Doctors, lawyers, engineers, accountants, policemen, businessmen, etc. put themselves in a precarious situation when they harm someone. It just so happen that Duterte was talking about journalist.

  24. Batang Frisco on

    Very well said Ms. Katrina. I watched his speech during the Thanksgiving party. People don’t need to be intelligent to fully understand President Duterte. Kailangan lang ay mag isip ng simple at tanggalin ang pagiging ipokrito para maintindihan ang sinasabi ni Digong. Yung iba kasi feeling mapagmataas, may breeding kuno at punong puno ng negativity sa katawan kaya kahit anong sabihin ni Digong, mali para sa kanila.

  25. If the president and his apologists does not get it yet, they will very, very soon once the president get to exercise diplomacy with leaders of other nations where every word, comma, puntuations, body language and yes even period is dissected by social scientist team of other nations. the words released from dignitaries are very measured with profound implications. Duterte needs to hone his skills to be effective speaker if he wants other leaders to understand his position in international issues. lest, his press secretary will be busy backtracking everyword that comes out of his mouth.


    HINDI kasi siya sweet talking na klaseng tao BUT he get things done and that what matter most.

      Pinagkaiba nila ni pnoy…si duterte di gumagamit ng TELEPROMPTER at hindi umuubo habang nagsasalita..Si pnoy ,di mawawala ang image ng magulang sa pagtatangol sa admin niya..Di rin nawawala ang sisihin ang nakalipas. At hindi tumatawa na parang baliw na di tulad ng Abnoy

  27. Everytime I listen to Duterte speaks, I never had any problem understanding what he’s saying knowing all along where he’s coming from, even the rape joke, because I know he was talking street cred and before that joke was his anecdote on putting his life being in place of hostages. His intent was clear at that moment, which was to make light of an already morbid story. Maybe he used the wrong phrase, but knowing what he does for women in his constituency, it never occured to me he meant disrespect for the dead Australian. I guess when one’s intention is to malign him, it’s so easy. Intention is everything even in journalism.

    • Makinig sa ABS CBN ang tunay na dapat paniwalaan,,walang bias ,basta sa mga Aquino interest..

  28. Carlos Guillermo Valdez on

    Keep it up you nailed it right. Please keep watch everytime our president make a presscon later. Your comments and observations deserves a commendations. Mabuhay ka!!

    • well done, madam! maybe you can teach these mainstream media people these lessons. they only get the rubbish and not all people deserve what they reported. it seem to appear they have tunnel vision they are missing the big picture.

    • ADELAIDA Padua on

      I agree….. onmy thise who understand and chose to understand our President elect can truky see and understamd his genius. I am in awe when he speaks bec one ca learn so much from him by his expereince and vast knowledge …. one can deduce he is a wide reader…. the junior reporters in their arrogance missed that opportunity but they have a chance to redeem themselves and LISTEN

  29. Thank you Ms. Katrina for being broadminded and analyzing correctly what a complex person President Duterte is. As I have said ang lalim ng tao. He means more than what he says. Many times he wants to challenge the mind of the person talking to him. Media should look at the President as a challenge to think more deeply rather than paying attention to the superficial.

  30. Amnata Pundit on

    The job of the Inquirer, Star, ABS-CBN and the foreign press is to manipulate public opinion, not to inform , so their treatment of Duterte is nothing new. They did that to Erap 15 years ago. But the times are now different, and after 30 years under EDSA, people now can spot a hypocrite a mile away, especially since these double-faced creatures love to wear yellow. Look how they are packaging Mrs. Robredo not so subtly as morally pure, just like their packaging of Cory and her son Boy Sayad. Since these three airheads have no real accomplishments their only recourse was to build a platform based on morality. Who is now going to resurrect the yellows fallen credibility, Mrs. Robredo? Even if she becomes president that is a miracle that is even harder to achieve than the parting of the Red Sea. The yellows are finished, its just a matter of time before all of them are hanged or gassed. My favorite is stoning, its slower and very painful.

    • Yo, you forgot rappler bro.Ever since pre-election, media has boycotted Diggy and now, that’s the threat they’re making and Pdiggy can only ask if there is something new.

    • Clive Pardoe on

      Your right about stoning, when I get stoned I wake up the next day with a huge hangover and wish I had never done it.

  31. Well to say the least, kailangan natin iangat ng antas ng pamamahayag. Mukhang masyadong nasanay kasi sa showbiz na mga sagot eh.

  32. George F Guillermo on

    Excellent analysis which is better understood in the context of a bigger picture and a vision to provide his readers the opportunity to think beyond personal biases to give more importance of much higher goal- the interest of Society as a whole, where the general public be empowered of wholistic view and better understanding of the issues raised by “indifferent” media which unfortunately wanted to “impose” their biased opinions to the public which is not the correct/true picture of the issue.

    The “harsh” idea, opinion or thinking of Mayor-President elect Duterte on the killings of corrupt media men is very consistent to his personal crusade to eradicate corruption. Accordingly based on his pronouncements, he will fight against corruption, criminality among others even it will costs him-his life, honor and the presidency since he knew that being a President is a “destiny” ordained by the GOD Almighty. It is a self sacrifice to provide the Filipino people the chance a better life which they actually deserve which have been long denied from them due to too much greed, corruption, criminality, illegal drugs, and combination of failure of spiritual leadership for moral recovery/christian teachings & righteousness and highly partisan & corrupt political leadership.

    This is the “bigger picture or context” of Duterte Presidency/administration that should be considered in interpreting whatever actions, opinion, idea that Mayor Duterte makes.

  33. It’s nothing new at all that some sectors of media are paid to foment controversy — and controversy skewed to the interest of the payor, of course. Especially towards the tail-end of the recent campaign period, this became very obvious to the general public.

    There is a need to better discern how journalists are different from PR people. PR firms are paid to craft image, but plenty of journalists moonlight as such. In effect, they compromise their professional ethic and mislead the public.

  34. you are right. anybody who is intelligent and watched the video would not think badly of du30. personally, i really dont see any wrong with his answer.its obvious, these reporters who blow this up are either lacking in comprehension and have their ulterior motive to make du30 look bad. add this to other columnists or personalities who picked up on these articles and bash away too. they are showing their ignorance or perhaps their bias

    • I totally agree with you. It could be pres. Duterte has hit them hard too with the truth as if they were slapped right on the face?

  35. lots of people, like the writer, get into contortions trying to “explain” what this guy meant vs what he said.

    In a country with the 2nd highest incidence of journalist killings, he basically said (ignoring for the moment his specific reference to Pala) that journalism is a dangerous line of work. What he didn’t say is that he would run after journalist killers with as much passion as he would drug pushers, leaving one with the impression that he’s not an equal opportunity law enforcer.

    On that score, why doesn’t he run after his own buddy, Bongbong, for holding on to billions stolen from the people (and shoot him, but only if he fires back)?

    Moving back to Pala, he did go at length about how rotten he was as a journalist. Well that’s like saying, the devil is bad. Really? Had not much to do about the original question. And in the same breath saying that many are clean, adds up to the confusion.

    Unfortunately, officials, especially a President, should be judged on what they actually do say, less so on what they, or their apologists say the “really mean”.

    These guy’s words too often seem to require too many logical contortions, and explaining them, as this writer (and Panelo, and Pernia, etc) tries–but fails– to do ends up sounding very close to what they wish he would have said, not what he said. Let him clarify.

  36. I clearly understand this piece of what a journalist should be.
    Smart and intelligent to keep abreast with the Duterte’s mind.
    He is not that bad after all. We shall wait for the time when he
    start his life as President. I hope all journalist would read and learn a lesson on this.

  37. BiggerPicture on

    Thank you for this very insightful view. The manila-based journalists should read this and learn from it. Perhaps, a small dose of sense of humor can also help them.

  38. were you physically at the May 31 news conference? when did you start writing this piece?

    • You don’t have to be physically there to analyze. You can watch the complete video not the spliced one online and do your analyzation. I watched the whole thing,me and the author are on the same page and I am not even a journalist. So some media,level up!

  39. Excellent take, if every journalist sees and writes through your lens and pen – the people will be enlightened and grow as a society.

  40. Excellent take, if every journalist see and write through your lens and pen – the people will be enlightened and grow as a society.

  41. This is what is clear, most criminals will be killed. It is already starting. Just this morning, 3 persons killed because of various crimes. There is no more justice system that is so corrupted and outdated. Criminals going in and out of prison. Look at Colonel Marcelino, he is granted bail and soon be free. Is there Justice ? Much that this President has a ver bad temper, the Pilipino people have been corrupted by the police and politicians.

  42. Media just has to work harder and more intelligently to fully and truly understand what Duterte says. As to how many in media would have this skill and capacity to ask questions and digest responses beyond merely capturing soundbite segments and indulge in knee-jerk responses, well, please step up.

    ## 25 more days until the end of Hypocrisy, Plunder and Incompetence ##

  43. the problem with journalists is that they take statements of Pres Duterte out of context just to get sympathy from the readers.

    i was watching the presscon of Pres Duterte and Pres Duterte was asked by a media practitioner on WHY journalists are being killed. Pres Duterte explained on why but what got out in their reports is that Pres Duterte is condoning the killings of media.

    Ms Santiago, tama and you explained it right about the action of Pres Duterte!

    • Man del villar on

      Sorry bro. Di naman kasi journalist talaga yung mga iba roon but PR man/woman who are paid to find fault.

  44. Brian Blackwell on

    A very sensible and important article and one which the international press would do well to study and understand if they truly wish to present a true and complete picture of the president elect. Much more careful thought and rational analysis is due when covering the Duterte phenomenon. This article paves the way for more serious and thoughtful reporting and analysis.

    • what are you on, international press to study this article, ha,ha, very funny. a child could have written this ha,ha

    • You seem to be as confused as the majority of Filipinos are by this clown and jackal Duterte, and if you imagine this article expressed anything really other than the confused thoughts of a professional journalist trying not to be killed by an itself corrupt and out-of-control administration…well, it “paves the way” by its very confusion.

      Duterte’s psychological projection is the only phenomenon of real interest here, leading many of us “outsiders” to wonder what really happened to this man, or what evil is he hiding in his soul, that would lead him to embrace the barbarity of his so-called enemies?

    • Kunta Kinte on

      Luke Carus, you miss the point because you(yellowtards) cannot move on! Be objective man…

  45. I guess because of the odd hours he keeps, the network, cheap as they are, sends their 2nd or 3rd stringers. You get what you pay for. Or are they really courting controversy ? Or have they actually taken sides and got paid for it ?

  46. abc-cbn reporters are adverse to duterte because their candidate lost! and lost badly even with the alleged padding of votes!

    • ABS CBN are part of Aquino, Lopes only pay gratitude of the return of the station to the Oligarch..Anything against Aquino are also their enemy
      So–don’t expect a good genuine outcome